NASA's Origins & the Dawn of the Space Age

Monographs in Aerospace History # 10

Document 1 ( PDF file, 448K)
United States Information Agency, "World Opinion and the Soviet Satellite: A Preliminary Evaluation," October 17, 1957

Document 2 ( PDF file, 160K)
James R. Killian, Jr., "Memorandum on Organizational Alternatives for Space Research and Development," December 30, 1957

Document 3 ( PDF file, 96K)
L.A. Minnich, Jr., "Legislative Leadership Meeting, Supplementary Notes," February 4, 1958

Document 4 ( PDF file, 512K)
S. Paul Johnston, Memorandum for Dr. J. R. Killian, Jr., "Activities," February 21, 1958, with attached: Memorandum for Dr. J. R. Killian, Jr., "Preliminary Observations on the Organization for the Exploitation of Outer Space," February 21, 1958

Document 5 ( PDF file, 576K)
James R. Killian, Jr., Special Assistant for Science and Technology; Percival Brundage, Director, Bureau of the Budget; and Nelson A. Rockefeller, Chairman, President's Advisory Committee on Government Organization, Memorandum for the President, "Organization for Civil Space Programs," March 5, 1958, with attached: "Summary of Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Organizational Arrangements"

Document 6 ( PDF file, 800K)
The President's Science Advisory Committee, "Introduction to Outer Space," March 26, 1958

Document 7 ( PDF file, 128K)
"Main Problems in the Senate Bill Establishing a Federal Space Agency," July 7, 1958

Document 8 ( PDF file, 608K)
"National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958," Public Law 85–568, 72 Stat. 426, signed by President Eisenhower on July 29, 1958

Document 9 ( PDF file, 672K)
Special Committee on Space Technology, "Recommendations to the NASA Regarding a National Civil Space Program," October 28, 1958