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Aeronautics and Space Report Department of State

Working closely with NASA, DoS completed negotiations with Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada on a multilateral agreement integrating Russia into the ISS partnership. DoS also consulted with Japan, the European Union, and Russia on issues related to GPS. DoD took the lead on an interagency process to prepare for participation by the United States in a major United Nations conference on "Space Benefits for Humanity" in the 21st century, known as "Unispace III," which will be held in Vienna, Austria, in 1999. DoS was instrumental in organizing the first U.S.-Argentina Joint Conference on Space, Science and Technology for Society, which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 22­23, 1997. In addition, DoS served as the lead agency for U.S. delegations to meetings of the INTELSAT and INMARSAT member countries and provided relevant policy guidance to Comsat, the U.S. signatory organization. DoS officials also promoted access to overseas markets for commercial satellite companies and worked to resolve complex problems of orbit and spectrum availability.

International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) presents the opportunity for several nations to work together toward a singular goal.

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