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As part of its mission to bring significant American achievement to foreign audiences, USIA presented NASA's activities in a variety of formats and languages. It provided regular coverage of NASA-related events in its news services, the print-based Washington File, the Voice of America's (VOA) news broadcasts, and WORLDNET Television's Newsfile. Other feature stories and thematic programs, often presented in local languages, carried accounts of NASA's work and related topics to all regions of the world. For instance, the Ukrainian-language program "Window on America," a joint VOA and WORLDNET project, offered approximately 30 stories on NASA, with special emphasis on the Mars probe and Space Shuttle missions, especially those dealing with the Mir space station.

NASA officials and astronauts made themselves available for a number of USIA programs. VOA's "Talk to America," an international call-in show heard around the world, featured several NASA representatives, including Dr. Robert Parker, Director of Space Operations, and Stephen Garber, from the NASA History Office, discussing the space program. Other cooperative programs involved visits by astronauts and NASA scientists to Mali, Slovenia, and Chile.

Two other USIA-sponsored astronaut visits were prominent. One was Winston Scott's trip to five cities in South Africa in November 1996. Scott discussed U.S. accomplishments in space technology, promoted science education, and presented a South African flag, flown in space on the Space Shuttle Endeavour, to the deputy president as a symbol of the close relationship between South Africa and the United States. In addition, USIA arranged an August 1997 visit to Peruvian-born astronaut Carlos Noriega's native country, during which he met with Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori and taped 13 antidrug abuse television spots.

USIA's World Wide Web site carried extensive information on NASA activities. Its international home page carried the daily Washington File news service with regular NASA coverage. In addition, the site maintained links to NASA's home page and its daily space photograph.

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