X-34 Press Releases

2000 July 26: NASA’s X-34 Experimental Rocket Plane Begins New Pre-flight Test Series

1999 December 29: Second NASA X-34 Rocket Plane Reaches Assembly Milestone

1999 August 27: NASA Readies Environmental Impact Study on X-34 Testing in New Mexico, California, and Florida

1999 August 24: Experimental X-34 Rocket Plane to Begin Extensive Testing

1999 June 29: Dryden Status Report #1: X-34 Captive Carry Flight #1

1999 June 25: X-34 Rocket Plane Takes to the Sky as Part of Safety Check

1999 April 22: New X-34 Spaceplane to be Unveiled at Dryden

1999 February 26: X-34 Arrives at Dryden for Tests

1998 December 18: NASA Exercises X-34 Contract Option For 25 Test Flights

1998 July 29: X-34 Completes Critical Milestone

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