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X-34 Images

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March 1997 pictures of X-34 wind tunnel tests at Langley Research Center

X-34 X-34 X-34 X-34

Hypersonic wind tunnel testing at Langley Research Center


Late 1995 wind tunnel tests at Langley Research Center of earlier version of the X-34


Diagram showing X-34 test flight profile

Picture of X-34

Early images of the current X-34 design

X-34 X-34X-34

Images of the original Orbital Sciences X-34 design riding on the NASA 747 and placing a payload into orbit.


The original X-34 logo

X-34 logo

Photographs of the X-34 under construction (early August 1998)

Wing assembly being mated to the test article

X-34 X-34 X-34

First of two flight vehicles under construction


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