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Article Name/Subject Issue Number Page Number Author/Center
Choosing the Right Contract Type 135 1 Bill McNally, Assistant Administrator for Procurement, HQ
About this Issue 135 1 Not Given
The End of an Era 135 2 Susie Marucci, HQ
People on the Move 135 3 various centers
Front Office Changes 135 3 various centers
Improving Cost and Pricing Skills within NASA 135 4 Not Given
A Closer Look: Marie S. Dorish 135 5 Not Given
What’s it All About? Solving an Age-Old Problem 135 6 Not Given
A Closer Look: Rebecca Wilkinson 135 7 Not Given
Lessons in Contract Management
135 10 Bradley Niese and Lara Procknow, JSC
Ground Control 135 11 Steve Elsner, JSC
ISS Contract Strategy Changes and Challenges 135 12 Katherine Autry, JSC
ISS Commercial Resupply Services 135 13 Sheela Logan, JSC
International Contracting in the ISS Program 135 14 Aaron Olmsted and Katherine Autry, JSC
Match the Procurement Officers 135 16 Not Given
The New Guy: Bill McNally, the New Assistant Administrator for Procurement 134 1 not given
Thank You, Sheryl 134 3 not given
People on the Move 134 3 various centers
Foundations of Aerospace — Foundations for Success 134 6 Ron Backes and Don Moses, HQ
My Move to the Big City
134 8 Ann Sharpe, HQ
What’s It All About: A New Position Leads to Positive Results 134 9 Deborah Ford, LaRC
Getting the Job Done: The NASA Management Office Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the NMO but Were Afraid to Ask… 134 10 not given
The NSSC’s Grants Process – Striving to Provide Unparalleled Services
134 12 Cassandra Williams, NSSC
A Unique Form of Contract Incentive: Award Term
134 14 Laurie K. DeClaire, JSC
Procurement Conference Charts 134 14 not given
Continuous Learning
134 16 Mary Petkoff, HQ
Sweeping Changes at Headquarters: Tom Luedtke Leaves Procurement 133 1 Susie Marucci, HQ
**Every other article in this issue is about the December Training Conference**
A Message from the Editor: What’s in a Name? 133 2 Susie Marucci, HQ
The Whole Thing 133 3 Suzanne Honeycutt, NSSC
Contingency Contracting - Hurricane Katrina 133 4 Christopher J. Grubbe, KSC
Compliant Source Selection Statements and Effective Debriefings 133 5 Vanessa R. Beene, JSC
CMM: The Long and Winding Road 133 6 Jeff Lupis, HQ
Technical Evaluations and Surveillance Plans 133 8 Audrey A. Guerra, ARC
Award Term Panel Discussions 133 9 Kari Alvarado, DFRC
Strategic Sourcing - From the Team 133 10 Monica Manning, HQ; Teri Osabutey, NSSC; and Ron Sepesi, GRC
Strategic Sourcing - An Attendee’s View 133 11 Donna Santos, GSFC
Contractor Performance Evaluations 133 12 Janice Stewart, MSFC
Two Weeks Before Christmas 133 13 Sharon A. Harper, LaRC
GS-1102 Contracting Series Education and Certification Requirements 133 14 Betty Jo Spiering, SSC
2006 Procurement Award Winners 133 19 not given
The View from Москва 132 1 Karl Beisel, Space Station Office, Russia
A Message from the Editor: We're Back! 132 2 Susie Marucci, HQ
People on the Move 132 3 various centers
Reflections of a Congressional Fellow 132 6 Steve Parker, KSC
Orion: The Next Big Step 132 8 Keith Hutto, JSC
Working Together to Support Orion TPS 132 10 Ronnee Gonzalez, Rachel Khattab, and Marianne Shelley; ARC
A Closer Look: Stennis’s Procurement Officer: Sue Dupuis 132 11 not given
What’s it all about: Teambuilding: Creating the Office WE Wanted 132 12 The NASA Management Office
Getting the Job Done: Sean Howe: Have Warrant Will Travel 132 14 David Reeves, KSC
Commercial Orbital Transportation Services 132 15 James W. Bailey, HQ/JSC
An (Almost) Excellent Adventure 132 16 Dave Jones, LaRC
Thriving in the Midst of Change 132 18 Olivia T. Gunter, GSFC
NSSC Transitions Grants for All NASA Centers 132 20 Tina Landes, NSSC
The Challenge of a Post-Katrina FEMA Detail 132 22 Rex Elliott, GSFC
3…2…1…Lift Off! 132 24 The CMM Project Team
Project Columbia: NASA’s Newest Supercomputer 131 1 Marie Dorish, ARC
What's it all About: A Dream Come True (or Contracting Officer Training/Mentoring Initiative) 131 2 Lisa Phillips and Roberta Beckman, JSC
People on the Move 131 3 various centers
Keep Contractors Informed of Schedule Slips 131 4 Anne Guenther, HQ
Getting the Job Done: New Opportunity in Procurement 131 5 Kari Alvarado, DFRC
The Times (and Courses) They are a Changin’ 131 7 Deborah O’Neill, HQ
Is It Who You Know! 130 1 Karen Congiu Dempster, LaRC
A Tribute to Rita J. Mason and Peggy L. Williams
130 2 Efrem J. Hanson, MSFC
People on the Move 130 3 various centers
Paying Winning Protester’s Attorneys’ Fees 130 6 By Eve Lyon, HQ Office of the General Counsel (edited by Anne Guenther, HQ)
Oops -- Incorrect writer's name given in previous issue 130 8 not given
Apollo 11 35th Anniversary: July 20, 2004 130 9 Michael Kaszyca, LaRC
A Closer Look: Sam Haddad: The New Guy in KSC Procurement 130 10 Timothy W. Pugh, KSC
Getting the Job Done: Making Collaboration Work 130 12 Gail Skowron, JSC; Jeff Lupis, NMO; Roberta Beckman, JSC
What's It All About: It’s a One-Stop Shop 130 14 Doris Wood, GSFC
The Big Picture -- The NASA Procurement Conference 2003 129 1 Kathleen J. Huddleston, NMO
Conference Comments
129 2 Kathleen J. Huddleston, NMO
People on the Move 129 3 various centers
A Fresh Perspective 129 4 David Vance, GRC
The Real Value 129 5 Ron Sepesi, GRC
A Closer Look: Life as an NCIP Intern 129 6 Tasha Davis, MSFC
What's It All About: The Stennis Acquisition Management Office 129 7 not given
Enjoying the Conference 129 8 Claudia Womble, GSFC (incorrectly identified in the hard copy)
Department of Labor Unveils New Wage Site
129 9 not given
Buying “Green” For The Government: The Affirmative Procurement (AP) Workshop 129 10 Chris Pino, KSC
Participating in the NCIP Functional Breakout Session 129 11 Christopher J. Grubbe, KSC
A Great Conference, A Great Place 129 12 Lisa Rea Phillips, JSC
So You’re Going To Orlando 129 13 Pam Taylor, WFF
GRC’s 2003 Procurement Award Winners 129 15 not given
Award Dinner 129 16 Kathleen J. Huddleston, NMO
NASA Awards the Follow-on JPL Contract 128 1 Suzan Moody, NMO
Robert A. Greco, September 8, 2003 128 2 not given
People on the Move 128 3 various centers
Transitions 128 6 Michal K. Malik, JSC
What Does NNG04AA01C Really Mean? GSA’s New Numbering Scheme 128 7 Bill Childs, HQ
NASTRAN Reloaded 128 8 Linda Marie Kendrick, GRC
Shop Less, Buy More 128 10 Roberta Ross, DFRC
A Closer Look: Langley Branch Head Receives Exceptional Service Medal 128 12 not given
What's It All About: Get Them to the Desks on Time 128 13 Jill Willard, ARC
Contractor Initiated Acceleration 128 14 William G. Brandweiner, DFRC
Contractors Meet Senior NASA Managers at Open Forum 128 16 not given
Procurement’s Loss is Center’s Gain 128 18 excerpt from a KSC press release
My Experience…Supporting The Columbia Recovery 127 1 Vann R. Jones, MSFC
People on the Move 127 3 various centers
Proper Use Of A Combination Synopsis/Solicitation 127 4 George Huff, JSC
Procurement IFM Issues Group Formed 127 5 not given
Finding the Right Person in the IG’s Office 127 5 not given
NASA Contracting Intern Program (NCIP) 127 6 Yolande Harden, HQ
Procurement Countdown Points of Contact 127 6 not given
Current Interns 127 7 Yolande Harden, HQ
A Closer Look: Simone Rollings: Making a Difference 127 8 Doris Wood, GSFC
Document Generation 127 10 Ken Stepka, HQ
A Good Idea: Patent Pending 127 10 not given
What's It All About: A Blessing in Disguise 127 11 Joy Garnett, JSC
A Farewell Message From Connie Poole 127 12 Connie Poole, JSC
A Message from the Assistant Administrator 126 1 Tom Luedtke, AA for Procurement
Two from Ames Get Kaufhardt Peer Awards 126 2 Joanne Comstock, ARC
People on the Move 126 3 various centers
From the Editor 126 3 Susie Marucci, HQ
Boy Are We Glad to See You! 126 4 Carolyn S. La Follette, ARC
2002 Procurement Award Winners 126 4 not given
HS Analyst Sends Flat Stanley to the ISS 126 5 not given
A Closer Look: Chuck Duff: To California and Back 126 6 Susie Marucci, HQ
Getting the Job Done: The Construction Guru – Richard C. Shisler 126 8 Tim Stubbs, LaRC
What's It All About: Implementing IFM Core Financial at GRC 126 9 Doreen Medzi, GRC
Check out the IFMP Website 126 11 not given
Managing Task Order Contracts Just Got Easier 126 12 Dennis Vano, GRC
A Time Of Change At Ames 126 15 Carolyn S. La Follette, ARC
Michael J. Ladomirak Retires 126 16 not given
International Space Station Contract Strategy 125 1 Robert Kolb, JSC
People on the Move 125 3 various centers
Meet NASA’s Inspector General: Robert W. Cobb 125 6 Theresa Becker, OIG
So Long Connie, a Farewell 125 7 Connie Stott, LaRC
Slicing The Pie, getting Small Businesses the piece they deserve 125 8 Greg Della Longa, JSC
Langley PO and Deputy Get Supervisory Awards 125 9 not given
A View from the Pentagon 125 10 Rex Elliott, GSFC
A Closer Look: Captain Frank, a profile of Frank Goldston 125 12 Diana Gomez, JSC
Getting the Job Done: The Multifaceted Career (and Life) of Ann Sharpe 125 14 David Keith, SSC
What's It All About: Launch Service Contracting: Hauling Mass at KSC 125 15 Thomas D. Tokmenko
IT: Improving Internal Efficiency and Effectiveness 125 18 The Office of Procurement E-Gov Team
The New Past Performance Retrieval System 125 21 Yolande Harden, HQ
SPICE 125 22 Wayne C. Buckley, JSC
Marshall Awards 125 23 not given
A New Contract Specialist's View of the Procurement 2002 Conference 124 1 Jason Edge, SSC
An Insider's Perspective 124 2 Yolande Harden, HQ
The Conference from a New Viewpoint 124 3 Jennifer Krause, JSC
Competitive Sourcing: The Presentation and It's Implications 124 4 Deborah O'Neill, HQ
The JPL (not NMO) View 124 6 Geoff Pomeroy, JPL
Participating in the Policy Functional Area Breakout 124 7 Mike McCarty, KSC
Learning the Lingo 124 8 Rhoda G. Parker, DFRC
Giving the UARC Presentation 124 9 Rachel Khattab, ARC
Life at the Grants Workshop 124 10 Ron Everett, GRC
A Side Trip to Headquarters 124 11 Lynn Rafford, KSC
A First-Timer's View of Competitive Sourcing 124 12 Mozetta A. Edwards, LaRC
Strategies in Competition 124 13 Stephanie Hunter, JSC
IFMP: An Idea that is Fast Approaching Reality 124 14 Bill Childs, HQ
My Day-By-Day Look at the Conference 124 16 Jamala A. Jones, GSFC
Competitive Sourcing and Consolidated Business Services 124 18 Carlos Smiley, MSFC
From Industry to NASA to the Conference 124 19 Don Bosse, GSFC
Reflections 124 19 Rex Elliott, GSFC
Change and Change Again 124 21 Dan Burk, LaRC
Bridging the GAP 124 22 Ceasar Gooden, GSFC
Comments - We Get Comments 124 24 Susie Marucci, HQ
Procurement's Most Wanted -- The Case of the Slim Trimmer 123 1 Diane Frazier and Donna Triplett
2001 Procurement Award Winners 123 2 not given
Previous Articles Right at Your Fingertips 123 2 not given
Check It Out - Now On The Web 123 2 not given
People on the Move 123 3 various centers
Our Team Lead Rides a Suzuki -- Delene Sedillo 123 4 Katherine Autry, JSC
IFM and the Future of Purchase Cards 123 5 Doreen Medzi, GRC
Have You Overloaded a COTR Today? 123 6 L. David Wall, Jr., LaRC
Core Financial Is Coming - Is Your Center Ready? 123 7 Jane Maples, MSFC
A Closer Look: A Quick Look at the Information Technology Procurement Manager at GSFC 123 8 Patrick Logan, GSFC
Getting the Job Done: The Cleveland Federal Executive Board Honors Tom Spicer 123 9 Virginia A. Bittinger, GRC
What's It All About: Who Will Buy? The Purchase Card Program at Dryden 123 10 Roberta Ross, DFRC
ODIN Isn't Truly a 4-Letter Word 123 11 Doris Wood, GSFC
A Lift for Your Career 123 12 not given
A New Point of View -- AIA Rotational Assignment 122 1 Donna Fortunat, HQ
Intern Update: Class of 2001 122 2 Valerie Stucky, HQ
Procurement Manager Retires From ARC -- Earl LeMar 122 2 Carolyn S. La Follette, ARC
Rotational Opportunities In Other Agencies 122 2 not given
People on the Move 122 3 various centers
Keeping It Simple -- Groundbreaking ISO procurement 122 4 Teresa Monaco, GRC
Good IDEAS begin at Ames --1 year residential training 122 5 not given
Procuring It Through GSA 122 6 Lisa M. Harvey, LaRC
Inside the Beltway 122 7 Becky Barth, GSFC at HQ
Follow the Leader -- Becky Dubuisson 122 8 Ann Sharpe, SSC
Life & The Learning Curve: Jacklyn Norman 122 9 David Culp, KSC
The NASA Management Office at JPL 122 10 Suzan Moody, NMO
Integrated Financial Management Program and the Procurement Professional 122 12 Michael McCarty, KSC
HQ Review and Approval of Foreign Suppliers 122 15 not given
Oops!!! 122 18 not given
Safety: It's Up to You 121 1 Tom Luedtke, AA for Procurement, HQ
Recent Changes to Education Requirements for DoD 1102s 121 2 Anne Guenther, HQ
Two Former Ames Procurement Officers Retire -- Jana Coleman and Dennis Brown 121 2 Carolyn S. La Follette, ARC
People on the Move 121 3 not given
Little Arrivals -- GSFC and LaRC 121 3 not given
My Detail to the GSFC 121 4 Kenneth A. Sateriale, HQ
NASA Holds Open Forum at Goddard 121 5 Sherry Pollock and Debbie Hollebeke, GSFC
Space Station On-Orbit Award Fee 121 6 J. R. Carpentier, JSC
A Closer Look: The Ames Acquisition Management Team 121 8 Carolyn S. La Follette, ARC
Getting the Job Done: This Woman Does it All: Becky Brewer 121 10 Susie Marucci, HQ
What's It All About: Peers Recognized at MSFC 121 11 Wayne Harmon
2000 Procurement Award Winners 121 12 not given
Agency-wide Use of Support Service Contractors 121 12 Jack Horvath, HQ
A Heartfelt Thanks -- a Good-bye from Wilma Mooney 121 13 Wilma Mooney, GSFC
SBA Associate Administrator Visits Ames 121 13 Tom Kolis, ARC
Center Procurement Awards 121 18 not given
Web-Based IDGS Coming Soon 121 18 Steve Miley, HQ
JSC's Space Operations Procurement Office Operates Like Corporate Office 120 1 Vann R. Jones, C. Root, etc., JSC
Changes in DAWIA: How Far Will They Spread 120 2 not given
My Weirdest Procurement -- Goose herding services 120 2 Gary Cox, GSFC
People on the Move 120 3 not given
What's All this Business about Commercialization? 120 4 Michelle Isermann, JSC
A Clear Advantage -- GSA's Advantage website 120 6 Ron Crider, HQ
The NCIProgam - An Update -- Intern program 120 9 Valerie Stucky, HQ
A Closer Look: GRC's Procurement Officer -- Brad Baker 120 10 Virginia Bittinger, GRC
Getting the Job Done: DFRC Contracting Officer Gets Involved with Environmental Issues -- Rhoda Parker 120 12 not given
Get Involved 120 13

not given

What's It All About: Mentor Program at Langley 120 14 Nancy Sessoms and Terry Cobb, LaRC
Web-Based Master Buy Plan Database 120 15 Bill Childs, HQ
A Second Year Perspective -- Procurement Management Surveys 120 16 Tom Baugh, HQ
Will Reverse Auctions go Forward at NASA? 120 18 Ron Crider, HQ
Procurement 2000 Conference - Highlights 119 1 Donna Blanding Settles, LaRC
Doris & Simone's Big Adventure -- Career Day 119 2 Simone Rollings, GSFC
New Procurement Officer Comes to NMO 119 2 not given
Stennis Gets a New Deputy 119 2 not given
People on the Move 119 3 not given
Making NASA Safe -- Fred Gregory 119 4 Jim Dolvin, HQ
Front Line Forum -- working level procurement people impact issues 119 4 Rex Elliott, GSFC
The IG at the Procurement 2000 Conference 119 5 Jack Horvath, HQ
Gas, At Last! -- the Landfill Gas Project 119 6 Gary Cox, GSFC
An Old Friend in a New Place -- Dee Lee 119 7 Anne Guenther, HQ
A Congressman's View of NASA -- Rep. Kevin Brady 119 8 William Childs, HQ
View from the Other Side: Peter DeMayo 119 9 Kimberly Dalgleish, on detail to HQ
Mal Peterson Talks Dollars and Sense 119 9 Dean Patterson, GSFC
A Closer Look: KSC's Procurement Officer: Jim Hattaway 119 10 Dan Lewis, KSC
Getting the Job Done: Angel A. Castillo: Broad Experience in a Little Office 119 12 Suzan P. Moody, NMO
What's It All About: The POES/GOES Procurement Office 119 13 Kellie Murray and Doris Wood, GSFC
Commercialization and the Conference 119 14 Patrick Flynn, HQ
Reaching Out from the Office of Space Science 119 14 Kimberly Dalgleish, on detail to HQ
Good-Bye to Leif Grotos 119 17 Kellie Murray, GSFC
Brave New World - Fixed Price Maintenance 118 1 Tracy Spruill and Tim Marshall, LaRC
A Message from the Associate Administrator 118 2 Tom Luedtke
Performance Based Contracting: Boom or Bust 118 2 Dean Patterson, on detail to HQ
People on the Move 118 3 not given
A Closer Look: Ginger Darnell - Procurement Supervisor of the Year 118 6 not given
Getting the Job Done: Contract Specialist Or Millionaire? 118 8 Rebecca LaRue, MSFC
What's It All About: SSC's Procurement and Business Management Office -- A Synergistic Cross-Utilization of Skills and Knowledge 118 10 SSC's Procurement and Business Management Office - a coordinated submission
Procurement Award Winners for 1999 118 10 not given
An Acquisition Strategy that Supports our Customer's Mission 118 12 Byron Butler, MSFC
Foreign Participation under NRAs 118 14 Nancy M. Sessoms, LaRC
Goddard FY 99 Procurement Award Winners 118 16 not given
What Happened at the Fall Procurement Officers' Conference? 117 1 Rebekah Brewer and Susie Marucci, HQ
The Virtual Procurement Office 117 2 Tom Deback, HQ
Acquisition Standdown Day At SSC 117 2 not given
People on the Move 117 3 not given
In Memoriam -- John W. Viger 117 3 not given
The Purchase Card Contract: A Challenge 117 4 Connie Stott, LaRC
EPRO's Next Steps Are Here 117 5 Gene Moses, ARC
Make a Difference: Participate! -- the EPRO pilot 117 5 not given
Good! - Not So Good! -- Procurement Surveys 117 6 Tom Baugh, HQ
Ready For Flight: International Space Station Hardware And Software Acceptance Process 117 8 Kelly Rubio, JSC
SBA News Release: Certification of Small Disadvantaged Businesses 117 9 not given
8(a) Program Sole Source Award to a Native American Tribally Owned Firm 117 10 Linda Kendrick, GRC
It's Official: Tom Luedtke Named Associate Administrator 116 1 Susie Marucci, HQ
Daniel H. Cathcart - A Personal View 116 2 Michelé Hull, on detail to HQ
In Memoriam -- Daniel H. Cathcart 116 2 not given
People on the Move 116 3 not given
Training Travel: A Difficult Issue - Some Possible Solutions 116 4 Anne Guenther, HQ
Stone Makes a Boulder-Sized Impact at Stennis 116 6 Rebecca S. Dubuisson, SSC
KSC Center Director Hands Out Gold 116 6 not given
New and Improved Contractor Open Forums 116 7 not given
Feet on the Ground, Head in the Stars: One Intern's Experience at NASA 116 8 Julie Davis, NASA Contracting Intern, ARC
Contracting Interns Travel to KSC 116 9 Valerie Stucky, HQ
Close-Up: Industry Assistance Office at Goddard Space Flight Center 116 10 not given
Survey Manager Gives Procurement Good Grade 115 1 Don Abrams, HQ
Introduction to the NMO at JPL 115 2 Rita Svarcas, Procurement Officer, NMO
People on the Move 115 3 not given
Students Chosen for First Intern Class 115 3 not given
SBIR Procurements: Why Phase IIIs Are a Good Value 115 4 Karin Huth, GRC
Non-Procurement Training for Acquisition Personnel 115 5 Barbara Cephas, HQ


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