PART 1804


(Revised September 13, 2016)





SUBPART      1804.1             CONTRACT EXECUTION

1804.103                                 Contract clause.

1804.170                                 Contract effective date.

1804.171                                 Contract Management Module.



1804.202                                 Agency distribution requirements.

1804.203                                 Taxpayer identification information.



                                                  WITHIN INDUSTRY

1804.402                                 General.

1804.404-70                            Contract clause.

1804.470                                 Security requirements for unclassified information technology

                                                  (IT) resources.

1804.470-1                              Scope.

1804.470-2                              Policy.

1804.470-3                              IT Security Requirements.

1804.470-4                              Contract clauses.



1804.570                                 NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS).

1804.570-1                              General.


SUBPART      1804.6             CONTRACT REPORTING

1804.601                                 Record requirements.

1804.604                                 Responsibilities.



1804.802-70                            Handling of classified material.

1804.803                                 Contents of contract files.

1804.803-70                            Checklist.

1804.804                                 Closeout of contract files.

1804.804-2                              Closeout of the contracting office files if another office administers

                                                  the contract.

1804.804-5                              Procedures for closing out contract files.

1804.805                                 Storage, handling, and disposal of contract files.

1804.805-70                            Review, separation, and retirement of contract files.



1804.904                                 Reporting payment information to the IRS.




1804.7000                               Scope of subpart.

1804.7001                               Definition.

1804.7002                               Approval of Transfer Requests.

1804.7003                               Responsibilities of the contracting officer of the transferring


1804.7003-1                            Coordinations.

1804.7003-2                            File inventory.

1804.7003-3                            Notifications.

1804.7003-4                           Transfer.

1804.7003-5                            Retention documentation.

1804.7004                               Responsibilities of the contracting officer of the receiving


1804.7004-1                            Pre-transfer file review.

1804.7004-2                            Post-transfer actions.




1804.7100                               Scope of subpart.

1804.7101                               Policy.

1804.7102                               Numbering scheme for solicitations.

1804.7103                               Numbering scheme for contracts.

1804.7104                               Modifications of contracts or agreements.




1804.7200                               Contract review by Headquarters.



1804.7301                               General.

PART 1804



Subpart 1804.1—Contract Execution


1804.103  Contract clause.

The contracting officer shall include the clause at FAR 52.204-1, Approval of Contract, in solicitations, contracts, and supplemental agreements that require higher level approval.  For actions requiring Headquarters approval, insert "NASA Assistant Administrator for Procurement" in the clause's blank space.


1804.170  Contract effective date.


      (a)  "Contract effective date" means the date agreed upon by the parties for beginning the period of performance under the contract.  In no case shall the effective date precede the date on which the contracting officer or designated higher approval authority signs the document.


      (b)  Costs incurred before the contract effective date are unallowable unless they qualify as precontract costs (see FAR 31.205-32) and the clause prescribed at 1831.205-70 is used.


1804.171  Contract Management Module.


      (a)  The Contract Management Module (CMM) is NASA’s comprehensive Agency tool that supports contract/grant writing and administration, workload management and data reporting. CMM and associated templates are mandatory for all procurement actions, except: (1) BPA call orders and purchase orders where purchase card is the paying mechanism, (2) training expenditures made using Standard Form 182, and (3) Emergency Acquisitions in accordance with FAR Part 18.


      (b)  In order to improve total processing time within CMM and associated interfaces for contracts (to include contracts that issue task or delivery orders) Contracting Officers shall—

            (1)  Select the “OPTIN” contract structure in CMM and not use the selection of “OPTOUT”; and

            (2)  Review contracts not currently using the OPTIN structure to determine which contracts would benefit from a migration to the OPTIN structure at the next major contract action such as renewal or re-competition.


Subpart 1804.2—Contract Distribution


1804.202  Agency distribution requirements.

In addition to the requirements in FAR 4.201, the contracting officer shall distribute one copy of each R&D contract, including the Statement of Work, to the NASA Center for AeroSpace Information (CASI), Attention: Acquisitions Collections Development Specialist, 7115 Standard Drive, Hanover, MD  21076-1320.


1804.203  Taxpayer identification information.

Instead of using the last page of the contract to provide the information listed in FAR 4.203, NASA installations may allow contracting officers to use a different distribution method, such as annotating the cover page of the payment office copy of the contract.


Subpart 1804.4—Safeguarding Classified Information Within Industry


1804.402  General.


      (b)  NASA security policies and procedures are prescribed in NPD 1600.2, NASA Security Policy; NPR 1620.2, Physical Security Vulnerability Risk Assessments; NPR 2810.1 Security of Information Technology; and NPD 2810.1, NASA Information Security Policy.


1804.404-70  Contract clause.

The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1852.204-75, Security Classification Requirements, in solicitations and contracts if work to be performed will require security clearances.  This clause may be modified to add instructions for obtaining security clearances and access to security areas that are applicable to the particular acquisition and installation.


1804.470  Security requirements for unclassified information technology (IT) resources.


1804.470-1  Scope.

This section implements NASA's acquisition requirements pertaining to Federal policies for the security of unclassified information and information systems.  Federal policies include the Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) of 2002, Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12, Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 (40 U.S.C. 1401 et seq.), OMB Circular A-130, Management of Federal Information Resources, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security requirements and standards.  These requirements safeguard IT services provided to NASA such as the management, operation, maintenance, development, and administration of hardware, software, firmware, computer systems, networks, and telecommunications systems.


1804.470-2  Policy.

NASA IT security policies and procedures for unclassified information and IT are prescribed in NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 2810, Security of Information Technology; NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 2810, Security of Information Technology; and interim policy updates in the form of NASA Information Technology Requirements (NITR).  IT services must be performed in accordance with these policies and procedures.


1804.470-3  IT security requirements.


      (a)  These IT security requirements cover all NASA awards in which IT plays a role in the provisioning of services or products (e.g., research and development, engineering, manufacturing, IT outsourcing, human resources, and finance) that support NASA in meeting its

institutional and mission objectives.  These requirements are applicable when a contractor or subcontractor must obtain physical or electronic access beyond that granted the general public to NASA's computer systems, networks, or IT infrastructure.  These requirements are applicable when NASA information is generated, stored, processed, or exchanged with NASA or on behalf of NASA by a contractor or subcontractor, regardless of whether the information resides on a NASA or a contractor/subcontractor's information system.


      (b)  The Applicable Documents List (ADL) should consist of all NASA Agency-level IT Security and Center IT Security Policies applicable to the contract.  Documents listed in the ADL as well as applicable Federal IT Security Policies are available at the NASA IT Security Policy Web site at:


1804.470-4  Contract clause.


      (a)  Insert the clause at 1852.204-76, Security Requirements for Unclassified Information Technology Resources, in all solicitations and awards when contract performance requires contractors to—

            (1)  Have physical or electronic access to NASA's computer systems, networks, or IT infrastructure; or

            (2)  Use information systems to generate, store, process, or exchange data with NASA or on behalf of NASA, regardless of whether the data resides on a NASA or a contractor's information system.


      (b)  Parts of the clause and referenced ADL may be waived by the contracting officer if the contractor's ongoing IT security program meets or exceeds the requirements of NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 2810.1 in effect at time of award.  The current version of NPR 2810.1 is referenced in the ADL.  The contractor shall submit a written waiver request to the Contracting Officer within 30 days of award.  The waiver request will be reviewed by the Center IT Security Manager.  If approved, the Contractor Officer will notify the contractor, by contract modification, which parts of the clause or provisions of the ADL are waived.


Subpart 1804.5—Electronic Commerce in Contracting


1804.570  NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS).


1804.570-1  General.

The NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) is used to broadcast NASA’s procurement regulations and associated information.


Subpart 1804.6—Contract Reporting


1804.604  Responsibilities.


      (c)  Centers shall perform statistically-valid comparisons of FPDS data to contract files.  The Procurement Officer Certification of Procurement Data Submissions to FPDS, the FPDS Data Element Template Accuracy Rate Results and the FY FPDS Data Quality Report Details shall be submitted to the Office of Procurement, Analysis Division, by December 15th of each year.  On or about April 15th, the Analysis Division will provide the Centers with the templates for their certification documents.

            (ii)  Policy:

                  (A)  All reportable Center actions must be entered into FPDS.  The HQ Office of Procurement will randomly select actions (excluding grants) for data validation and verification from records in the system and provide a list of actions to each Center on or about April 15th and October 15th.  Each center shall identify a primary focal point and one alternate for FPDS data verification and validation responsibility.  The focal point is responsible for establishing and coordinating the center’s review process and ensuring that reviews comply with the requirements of this section and the OFPP mandate for independent review of contract actions against the contract file.  The focal point shall also ensure that certifications are provided to the Office of Procurement, Analysis Division on or before the December 15th due date each year.  Focal point and/or alternate changes shall be promptly provided to the Analysis Division.

                  (B)  Each center shall develop and maintain an FPDS Data Quality Plan.  The template for the plan is available at:  The focal point shall ensure that the most current copy/version of the Center’s Data Quality Plan is provided to the Office of Procurement, Analysis Division.  For definitions and procedures for the verification and validation of FPDS data as well further information regarding Center Data Quality Plans, refer to the NASA FPDS Guide.  The NASA FPDS Guide provides agency-wide guidance for NASA-specific data reporting in FPDS and is available at


Subpart 1804.8—Government Contract Files


1804.802-70  Handling of classified material.

When a contract is unclassified, classified material relating to that contract shall be maintained in a separate file folder and container, and the unclassified folder shall be marked to indicate the location of the classified material.  The front and back of each folder containing classified material shall be marked with the highest classification assigned to any document in the folder.


1804.803  Contents of contract files.


1804.803-70  Checklist.

NASA Form 1098, Checklist for Contract Award File Content, shall be used as the "top page" in contract files.


1804.804  Closeout of contract files.


1804.804-2  Closeout of the contracting office files if another office administers the contract.


      (b)  Upon receiving  the NASA Form 1611 or DD Form 1594, Contract Completion Statement, from the contract administration office and complying with FAR 4.804-2(b), the contracting officer shall complete the form.


1804.804-5  Procedures for closing out contract files.


      (a)  When the contracting office retains contract administration (excluding acquisitions under the simplified acquisition threshold), the contracting officer must comply with FAR 4.804-5(a) by completing NASA Form 1612, Contract Closeout Checklist, and DD Form 1593, Contract Administration Completion Record.


      (b)  To comply with FAR 4.804-5(b), the contracting officer must complete NASA Form 1611 or DD Form 1594, Contract Completion Statement, except for acquisitions under the simplified acquisition threshold.


1804.805  Storage, handling, and disposal of contract files.


      (a)  For additional information and procedures for handling, storing, and disposing of contract files see NPR 1441.1, NASA Records Management Program Requirements and NRRS 1441.1, NASA Records Retention Schedules.


1804.805-70  Review, separation, and retirement of contract files.


      (a)  Upon determination of contract completion under the procedures outlined in 1804.804, each office shall remove the official contract files from the active file series, mark each file folder with "Completed (Date)", and place the folder in a completed (inactive) contract file series.  Separate series should be established for contracts of $25,000 or less and for contracts of more than $25,000, to facilitate later disposal.  Any original or official file copies of documents contained in duplicate or "working" contract files shall be removed and placed in the appropriate official file; any remaining material in the duplicate or "working" file shall be destroyed immediately or segregated and marked for early disposal.


      (b)  Each office shall review contractor "general" files (i.e., a file containing documents relating generally to a contractor rather than a specific contract) at least once annually and remove documents that—

                        (1)  Are obsolete or superseded documents relating generally to the contractor (e.g., documents no longer pertinent to any aspect of a contractor's current or future capability, performance, or programs, and documents relating to a contractor that is no longer a possible source of supplies, services, or technical assistance) and dispose of the documents as authorized in 1804.805; or

                        (2)  Pertain only to completed contracts.  Place those files that are not routine in nature in inactive files for later disposal, and immediately dispose of routine documents as authorized in NPR 1441.1, NASA Records Retention Schedules.


Subpart 1804.9—Taxpayer Identification Number Information


1804.904  Reporting payment information to the IRS.

Each NASA installation, that has its own employer identification number, may elect to report to the IRS payments under purchase orders and contracts for merchandise and other exempt bills.


Subpart 1804.70—Transfer of Contracting Office Responsibility


1804.7000  Scope of subpart.

This subpart contains policies and procedures applicable to the transfer of contracts between NASA installations.


1804.7001  Definition.

"Transfer of a contract," as used in this subpart, means that process whereby a contract and all future responsibility for a contract held by one installation are transferred or reassigned in writing to another installation.


1804.7002  Approval of Transfer Requests.


      (a)  The approval authority for requests to transfer a contract is the official in charge of the cognizant Headquarters program office or designee.  Requests for approval shall be submitted by the director of the transferring installation after receiving the concurrence of the director of the receiving installation.  Concurrence of the Associate Deputy Administrator (Code AI) is also required for a transfer where an installation's roles and missions may be affected.


      (b)  Approval of a program transfer by the cognizant Headquarters official constitutes approval to transfer program-related contracts.


1804.7003  Responsibilities of the contracting officer of the transferring installation.


1804.7003-1  Coordinations.

The contracting officer of the transferring installation shall take the following steps before transferring the contract:


      (a)  Agree on a plan and schedule with the contracting officer of the receiving installation for transferring contract responsibility and contract files.


      (b)  Coordinate with the following offices:

            (1)  Financial Management Office, to determine the contract financial records to be transferred and the method, timing, and dollar amount of such transfers.

            (2)  Technical (Engineering and Project) Office, to determine the status of any outstanding engineering changes.

            (3)  Reliability and Quality Assurance Office, to determine status and  method of transferring the reliability and quality assurance functions.

            (4)  Industrial Property and Facilities Office, to determine the method of transferring the Government property records.

            (5)  Transportation Office, to determine the status of bills of lading furnished the contractor.

            (6)  Security Office, to determine whether any classified material is outstanding and whether special precautions are necessary during the transfer process.

            (7)  Other organizational elements, to determine the status of any other actions such as new technology, materials reports, PERT, and safety.


1804.7003-2  File inventory.

The contracting officer of the transferring installation shall prepare an inventory of the contract file.  This inventory shall also include a separate listing of all outstanding requests for contract administration assistance issued to other Government agencies, indicating the name and address of the agency office, functions requested to be performed, estimated cost of the services, and estimated reimbursement due the administration agency for the services yet to be performed for each requested function.  Copies of this inventory shall be provided to the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


1804.7003-3  Notifications.

The contracting officer of the transferring installation shall provide written notification of the planned transfer to the contractor and all agencies performing or requested to perform administration services.


1804.7003-4  Transfer.


      (a)  Upon completion of the actions described in 1804.7003-1 through 1804.7003-3, the contracting officer of the transferring installation shall issue a letter to the contractor, agencies performing contract administration functions, contracting officer representatives, and the contracting officer of the receiving installation.  This letter shall provide notification of the transfer date, termination of appointment of the contracting officer's representatives, and the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


      (b)  After issuing the letters described in 1804.7003-4(a), the contracting officer of the transferring installation shall send the contract file to the contracting officer of the receiving installation with a letter transferring contract responsibility.  This letter shall contain a provision for acceptance of the responsibility for the contract and its related files by the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


1804.7003-5  Retention documentation.

The contracting officer of the transferring installation shall retain for permanent file a copy of the approvals and concurrences required by 1804.7002, the transfer acceptance letter of the contracting officer of the receiving installation, and any additional documents necessary for a complete summary of the transfer action.


1804.7004  Responsibilities of the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


1804.7004-1  Pre-transfer file review.

The contracting officer of the receiving installation shall review the contract, letters of request, actions in process, and other related files and to request corrective action, if necessary, before the official transfer of the contract.  This review may be waived by written notification to the contracting officer of the transferring installation.


1804.7004-2  Post-transfer actions.

The contracting officer of the receiving installation shall—


      (a)  Provide the contracting officer of the transferring installation written acceptance of contract responsibility and receipt of the contract files;


      (b)  Inform all offices affected within the installation of the receipt of the contract;


      (c)  Appoint new contracting officer's technical representatives, as necessary;


      (d)  Issue a contract modification to provide for the administrative changes resulting from the transfer action (e.g., identifying offices responsible for performing contract administration and making payment and the office to which vouchers, reports, and data are to be submitted);


      (e)  Provide copies of the contract documents to affected installation offices; and


      (f)  If appropriate, supplement the letter of request to the Government agency providing contract administration services to reflect the changes resulting from the transfer action.  The supplement may terminate or amend an existing contract administration support arrangement or may request support in additional areas.


Subpart 1804.71—Uniform Acquisition Instrument Identification


1804.7100  Scope of subpart.

This subpart contains the procedures for uniform numbering of NASA solicitations, contracts (including letter contracts), purchase orders (including requests to other Government agencies), basic ordering agreements, other agreements between the parties involving the payment of appropriated funds or collection of funds for credit to the Treasury of the United States, and modifications or supplements to these instruments.


1804.7101  Policy.

Contractual documents shall be numbered with approved prefixes, suffixes, and serial numbers as prescribed in this subpart.  If other identification is required for center purposes, it shall be placed on the document in such a location as to clearly separate it from the identification number.


1804.7102  Numbering scheme for solicitations.


      (a)  Solicitations shall use the following twelve character alpha-numeric numbering scheme.  For the purposes of this section, solicitations include RFPS, IFBs, RFQs, RFIs, BAAs, NRAs, AOs, and cooperative agreement notices (CANs).

            (1)  The first two characters shall be NN.

            (2)  The third character shall designate the Center/Installation issuing the solicitation as follows: A=ARC, C=GRC, D=DFRC, G=GSFC, H=HQ, J=JSC, K=KSC, L=LaRC, M=MSFC, N=NMO-JPL, P=NMO-APL, S=SSC, and X=NSSC.

            (3)  The fourth and fifth characters shall be two numeric characters for the FY in which the solicitation is expected to be issued.

            (4)  The sixth through eleventh characters shall be the last six digits of the purchase request (PR) number except for cases where the solicitation is to be issued without an assigned PR number, for example NASA Research Announcements (NRAs) and Announcements of Opportunity (AOs).  In those cases: the sixth character shall be the letter Z; the seventh and eighth characters shall represent the issuing organization’s code; and the ninth through eleventh characters shall be an action number (001-999), assigned sequentially by the issuing organization.

            (5)  The twelfth character shall be one alpha character for type of solicitation, as follows:

                  C= CAN

                  E = IFB

                  K = BAA (other than AOs or NRAs) or other grant announcements

                  L = RFI

                  N = NRA

                  O = AO

                  Q = RFQ

                  R= RFP


1804.7103  Numbering scheme for awards.


      (a)  The identification number for awards shall consist of exactly ten alpha-numeric characters.  Identification numbers shall be serially assigned to the extent feasible.  Installations may designate blocks of numbers to offices for future use.


      (b)  The identification number shall consist of the following:

            (1)  The first two characters shall be NN.

            (2)  The third character shall be as set forth in 1804.7102(a)(2).

            (3)  The fourth and fifth characters shall be two numeric characters for the FY in which the award is expected to be signed by the Government.

            (4)  The sixth through ninth characters shall be four digits for action number; two alphas, two numbers (AA01, AA02 ... AA99, AB01, AB02, … AZ99, BA01, BA02, etc. through ZZ99)

            (5)  The tenth character shall be an alpha character for type of action, as follows:

                  A - Cooperative agreement.

                  B - BOA, GWAC, or other indefinite delivery type contract.

                  C - Contract (except Facilities or indefinite delivery type).

                  D - Delivery order or call against a supply contract (BOA, FSS, or other indefinite delivery contract or BPA).

                  F - Facilities contract.

                  G - Grant (other than training).

                  H - Training grant.

                  I - Intragovernmental transaction, i.e., request to another Government agency to furnish supplies or services.  It does not include an award by NASA to fulfill a request from another agency.

                  P - Purchase order.  (This does not include a call or task or delivery order, regardless of whether it is issued on a purchase order form.  It also does not include other types of actions listed in this paragraph, notwithstanding that they are referred to as purchase orders in IEM.)

                  S - Space Act agreement.

                  T - Task order or call against a service (including R&D) contract (BOA, FSS, or other indefinite delivery contract or BPA).

                  W – Purchase card transaction over the micro-purchase threshold.

                  Z - BPA.


      (b)  Sample.

NNG04AA01C would be a GSFC action issued in FY04.  It would be the first one issued at the Center (or the first of its type), and the action type would be a contract:

     NN        G             04          AA01             C

  NASA   GSFC      FY04    Serial No. 1    Contract


1804.7104  Modifications of contracts or agreements.


      (a)  Modifications of definitive or letter contracts or agreements shall (1) bear the same identification as the contract or agreement being modified and (2) be numbered consecutively for each contract or agreement, beginning with Modification Number 1, regardless of whether the modification is accomplished by unilateral or bilateral action. Except for termination notices, modifications shall be effected by the use of Standard Form 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract.


      (b)  Definitive contracts superseding letter contracts shall retain the same contract number as that originally assigned to the letter contract.  Actions definitizing letter contracts are considered modifications and shall be assigned modification numbers in accordance with paragraph (a) of this subsection.


Subpart 1804.72—Review and Approval of Contractual Instruments


1804.7200  Contract review by Headquarters.


      (a)  Requests for approval of contracts and supplemental agreements by the Assistant Administrator for Procurement shall be submitted to the Headquarters Office of Procurement in sufficient time to allow a minimum of 15 days for review.


      (b)  Each request for approval shall be accompanied by (1) five copies of the contractual document, one of which has been executed by the contractor and contracting officer, and (2) the official contract file containing the appropriate documentation as set forth in FAR 4.803(a).  However, for the items specified in FAR 4.803(a)10, (11), and (12), the contracting officer shall provide documentation pertaining only to the successful offeror; and, in lieu of the items specified in FAR 4.803(a)(26)(ii) and (iii), the contracting officer shall provide an index briefly describing the content of all previous modifications.


      (c)  The approval required under this section shall be made by signature of the Assistant Administrator for Procurement on the contract/supplemental agreement.


Subpart 1804.73—Procurement Requests


1804.7301  General.


      (a)  The procurement request (PR) is known as a “purchase requisition” (requisition) and is developed in NASA’s Integrated Enterprise Management Program/Core Financial Module (CF).  In order for a requisition to be sent forward for action, CF requires that several coordinations be obtained first.  However, there are additional required coordinations at the Agency level and sometimes at the Center level.  The initiator of the requisition is responsible for obtaining those additional coordinations.  A NASA Form (NF) 1707, Special Approvals and Affirmations for Requisitions, must be used to document additional coordinations.  The form can be obtained at  The completed NF 1707 and any additional special approvals or affirmations required must be electronically attached to the requisition in CF and must include the name of the approver and date approved.  The contracting officer must include a hard copy in the contract file, or a link to the electronic copy.  The procurement office must not accept a requisition until all required coordinations have been documented.  The NF 1707 is not required for within scope actions for which special approvals and affirmations have previously been obtained.  In addition, the NF 1707 is not required for grants, cooperative agreements, and space act agreements.


      (b)  Except in unusual circumstances, the contracting office shall not issue solicitations until an approved procurement request (PR), containing a certification that funds are available, has been received.  However, the contracting office may take necessary actions, up to the point of obligation of funds, before the acceptance of the requisition certifying that funds are available only when—

            1.  Such action is necessary to meet critical program schedules;

            2.  Program authority has been issued and funds to cover the acquisition will be available prior to the date set for contract award or contract modification;

            3.  The Procurement Officer authorizes such action in writing before solicitation issuance; and

            4.  The solicitation includes the clause at FAR 52.232-18, Availability of Funds.  The clause shall be deleted from the resultant contract.