PART 1808





1808.003                                Use of other Government supply sources.

1808.003-70                          Acquisition of radioisotopes.

1808.003-71                          Acquisition of liquid hydrogen.

1808.003-72                          Acquisition of propellants.

1808.003-73                          Acquisition of mercury.



1808.103                                 Information on available excess personal property.



1808.404                                 Using schedules.

1808.404-3                             Requests for waivers.

1808.405                                  Ordering Procedures for Federal Supply Schedules.

1808.405-3                              Blanket purchase agreements (BPAs)





1808.605                                 Clearances.



                                                   SEVERELY DISABLED

1808.705                                 Procedures.

1808.705-1                             General.



1808.802                                 Policy.

1808.870                                 Contract clause.



1808.1100                            Scope of subpart.



PART 1808



1808.003  Use of other Government supply sources.


1808.003-70  Acquisition of radioisotopes.

   (a)  U.S. Department of Energy Isotope and Technical Service Order Form CA-10-90.COM, and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Application for Material License, NRC Form 313, shall be used to acquire radioisotopes.

   (b)  NRC Form 313 shall be filed with the Chief, Radioisotopes Licensing Branch, Division of Fuel Cycle and Material Safety, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555. If the application meets all regulatory requirements and applicable standards, the Radioisotopes Licensing Branch, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will issue a license to the applicant. After receipt of the license, a completed DOE Form CA-10-90.COM (in duplicate, if the contracting office wants an accepted copy of the form back from the supplier), the license, and a Government bill of lading shall be sent to the appropriate DOE laboratory. If a bill of lading is not furnished, shipment shall be made collect on a commercial bill of lading, to be converted at destination.

   (c)  NRC Form 313 and DOE Form CA-10-90.COM may be requisitioned directly from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Attn: Radioisotopes Licensing Branch, Division of Fuel Cycle and Material Safety, Washington, DC 20555.

   (d)  Guidance is available from DOE at URL


1808.003-71  Acquisition of liquid hydrogen.

   Requests for liquid hydrogen shall be submitted to the John F. Kennedy Space Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Kennedy Space Center, FL  32899, Attn:  Director of Logistics Operations.


1808.003-72  Acquisition of propellants.

   (a)  General.  NASA (and its contractors when authorized in accordance with 1851.1) may acquire the items listed in paragraph (j) of this section (except for liquid hydrogen; see 1808.003-71) on a reimbursable basis from the San Antonio Air Logistics Center (SA-ALC), Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, under the Air Force Missile Procurement Fund (MPF). The Air Force MPF shall be used as a supply source for propellants whenever there are economic or other advantages to the Government. Field installations and offices obtaining supplies from the MPF shall comply with the reporting requirements of paragraph (f) of this section.

   (b)  Requests for acquisition. To obtain the materials listed in paragraph (j) of this section from the Air Force MPF, NASA contracting offices will execute a NASA-Interagency Purchase Request (NASA Form 523) and forward it to Headquarters, SA-ALC, Kelly Air Force Base, TX  78241, Attention: SFS.  The following additional information should be provided on the form:

         (1)  Contract number (when material is required for use by a NASA contractor).

         (2)  Delivery address.

         (3)  Mode of transportation (rail, trailer, barge, etc.). When the procurement request covers requirements for materials not previously forecasted or covers significant changes to previously reported requirements, SA-ALC should be notified immediately of such requirements.

   (c)  Delivery requests.

         (1)  A delivery request is a call on the Air Force, made against a NASA-Interagency Purchase Request (NASA Form 523), specifying the time and place of delivery.  On the basis of the estimated requirements, the Air Force will notify NASA field installations and contractors of the name and address of the Air Force office or producing contractor's plant to which requests for delivery of materials shall be made.  Delivery requests may be placed by any means of communication that time justifies; however, all verbal requests for delivery must be confirmed in writing within 24 hours. The delivery request, whether oral or written, must cite the NASA-Interagency Purchase Request number under which the material is being ordered and contain the following information:

             (i) Nomenclature and National Stock Number.

             (ii) Quantity.

             (iii) Program, project, and task.

             (iv) Contract number (when material is required for use by a NASA contractor).

             (v) Delivery address.

             (vi) Dates of delivery.

             (vii) Mode of transportation.

               (viii) Location of weighing stations and scales (if weighing of the products before delivery is required).     

         (2)  Each delivery request shall be numbered as follows to simplify identification and control:  the last two digits of the calendar year; a dash; and a consecutive number beginning with 1 to run throughout the year (e.g., 89-5, for the fifth request made in 1989).  Changes to a request are identified by adding an alphabetical designator beginning with (A) to the number.  

   (d)  Receiving procedures.     

         (1)  Receiving documents.  Receipt of materials shall be evidenced on the receiving document received with the shipment by the signature of an individual authorized by NASA to receive materials from the Air Force.  Every effort should be made to ensure that the NASA-Interagency Purchase Request number is recorded on the receiving document before signing.

         (2)  Weighing facilities.  Local weighing facilities (NASA-owned, contractor-owned, commercial, or State-operated) may be used to determine quantities of product received.  If a discrepancy exists between the quantities shown on receiving documents and the quantities actually received --         

               (i)   A certified weighing ticket evidencing actual weight at destination shall be obtained; and

               (ii)  A copy of the receiving document (AF Form 857 or DD Form 250) and the original weighing ticket shall be forwarded to Headquarters, SA-ALC, Kelly Air Force Base, TX  78241, Attention:  ACFOM, identifying the discrepancy.    

         (3)  Distribution of receipts.  Copies of all receiving documents except the AF Form 857 shall be transmitted to the Headquarters, SA-ALC, Kelly Air Force Base, TX  78241, Attention:  SACAOM.  Receiving documents may be accumulated and submitted on the 10th, 20th, and last day of each month. 

   (e)  Billing.  The costs of materials obtained through the MPF are reimbursable. After delivery, a Standard Form 1080 (Voucher for Transfers Between Appropriations and/or Funds (Disbursement)), supported by documentary evidence of delivery, will be submitted by Headquarters, SA-ALC to the NASA installation designated in the NASA Form 523.

   (f)   Reporting requirements.

         (1)  Field installations shall submit periodic estimates of requirements for materials listed in paragraph (j) of this section for all programs under their cognizance, including in-house contractor requirements.  Reports shall be submitted in duplicate on AF Form 858, Forecast of Propellant Requirements.

         (2)  The reports shall be forwarded no later than June 1 and December 1 to reach Headquarters, SA-ALC, Kelly AFB, TX 78241, Attn:  SFS.  Supplemental reports advising of additions to or significant changes in previous reports may be submitted at any time.  The reports, covering all materials listed in paragraph (j) of this section, due in June and December, shall begin with requirements as of the following July 1 and January 1, respectively, and shall cover a 3-year period.  Requirements shall be shown by month for the first 6 months, and by quarters for the remaining 2-1/2-year period.

         (3)  Estimated requirements and other pertinent data required from contractors shall be obtained on Air Force Form 858. 

   (g)  Report content.  Reports shall be made using a separate report form for each material and shall provide, for each item of material, the --     

         (1)  Contract number;

         (2)  Program and/or project;

         (3)  Specific task within the project;

         (4)  End use when not associated with the named program or project;

         (5)  Contractor's name;

         (6)  Specific location of use (shipping destination); and

         (7)  Planned source of supply.

   (h)  Basis for developing materials requirements.  In computing requirements, consideration shall be given to such elements as lead time, waste factors, transfer, and storage losses so that phased requirements reflect the total gross quantities required to be delivered to the use or storage site.  Since the requirements estimates are being used by other Government agencies acting as supply sources to contract for materials, estimates must be as accurate as possible.

   (i)   NASA coordination.  The Kennedy Space Center shall coordinate the review of all data and establish NASA policy and procedures. The data shall be used as the basis for NASA requirements reports to various Government agencies for planning and supply support.

   (j)   Table of reportable materials.

   Ammonia, Technical (Anhydrous) (Low Oil Content) 99.97 percent purity, Spec 0-A- 445

   Argon Gas, 6000 PSI, AFPID 6830-5

   Propellant, Ammonia, Liquid, Anhydrous 99.5 percent purity, Spec MIL-P-27406

   Propellant, Chlorine Trifluoride, Spec MIL-P-81399

   Propellant, Deuterium, Gaseous, AFPID 9135-20

   Propellant, Fluorine, Gaseous, Spec MIL-P-27405

   Propellant, Fluorine, Liquid, Spec MIL-P-27405

   Helium, Technical Grade A, Spec BB-H-1168

   Propellant, Isopropyl Alcohol, AFPID 9135-18

   Propellant, Hydrazine, Standard Grade, Spec MIL-P-26536

   Propellant, Hydrazine, Monopropellant Grade, Spec MIL-P-26536

   Propellant, Hydrazine/Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine, Spec MIL-P-27402

   Propellant, Hydrogen, Gaseous, Type I, Spec MIL-P-27201

   Propellant, Hydrogen, Liquid, Type II, Spec MIL-P-27201

   Propellant, Hydrogen Peroxide, Spec MIL-P-16005

   Propellant, Hydrogen Peroxide, Electrolytic Process, Spec MIL-P-16005

   Propellant, Jet Fuel, Grade RJ-1, Spec MIL-F-25558

   Propellant, JPX, 50 percent UDMH-50 percent JP-4, Spec MIL-P-26694

   Propellant, JPX, 17 percent UDMH-83 percent JP-4, Spec MIL-P-26694

   Propellant, Kerosene, Grade RP-1, Spec MIL-P-25576

   Propellant, Monomethyl Hydrazine, Spec MIL-P-27404

   Propellant, Neon, Liquid, AFPID 9135-16

   Propellant, Nitric Acid, Type IIIB, Spec MIL-P-7254

   Propellant, Nitric Acid, Type III LS, Spec MIL-P-7254

   Propellant, Nitric Acid, Type IV (High Density Acid), Spec MIL-P-7254

   Propellant, Nitrogen Tetroxide (NTO)  (MON-1) (MON-3), Spec MIL-P-26539

   Propellant, Nitrogen Tetroxide (NTO), MIL-P-26539

   Propellant, Nitrogen Tetroxide (MON-1), Spec MIL-P-26539

   Propellant, Nitrogen Tetroxide (MON-3), Spec MIL-P-26539

   Propellant, Oxygen, Grade B, Spec MIL-P-25508

   Propellant, Oxygen, Grade A, Spec MIL-P-25508

   Propellant, Oxygen, Grade F, Spec MIL-P-25508

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Helium, Spec MIL-P-27407, 99.995 pct min assay

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Nitrogen, Type II, Liquid Grade C, Spec MIL-P-27401

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Nitrogen, Type I, Gaseous Grade A, Spec MIL-P-27401

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Nitrogen, Type I, Grade B, Spec MIL-P-27401

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Nitrogen, Type II, Grade A, Spec MIL-P-27401

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Nitrogen, Type II, Grade B, Spec MIL-P-27401

   Propellant, Unsymmetrical Dimethyl-hydrazine, Spec MIL-P-25604

   Propellant, Nitrogen Trifluoride Spec MIL-P-87896

   Propellant Pressurizing Agent, Argon, Liquid, AFPID 9135-19


1808.003-73  Acquisition of mercury.

   (a)  Requests for mercury by NASA installations for their use or for use by their cost-reimbursement type contractors shall be made to the Mercury Contract Specialist, Directorate of Stockpile Contracts, DLA, Defense National Stockpile Center, 8725 John J. Kingman Rd., #3339, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060-6223.  DLA will furnish the current fair market value to NASA.  The unit of issue is a 76-pound flask.

   (b)  Requests for clearance to purchase quantities of 76 pounds or more from sources other than DLA shall be submitted to the office in paragraph (a) of this section and must be accompanied by a statement of reasons why the available excess mercury is unsuitable for use by the requesting field installation.


Subpart 1808.1--Excess Personal Property


1808.103  Information on available excess personal property.

   In addition to the sources identified in FAR 8.103, information on availability of NASA excess property is maintained by the Installation Property Disposal Officer and the NASA Equipment Management System (NEMS) Coordinator.          


Subpart 1808.4--Federal Supply Schedules


1808.404  Using schedules.


1808.404-3  Requests for waivers.

   (a)  The head of the NASA office initiating the procurement request or a designated representative shall furnish the NASA contracting office a signed statement identifying the supplies or services to be purchased and explaining why similar items listed in the applicable schedule will not meet the requirement.

   (b)  If a waiver is not granted, the case shall be referred to the Assistant Administrator for Procurement (Code HS) for a final decision as to whether the non-schedule item will be purchased. The Assistant Administrator for Procurement shall promptly notify the Commissioner, Federal Supply Service, GSA, and the contracting office of the decision.


1808.405 Ordering Procedures for Federal Supply Schedules.


1808.405-3 Blanket purchase agreements (BPAs)

   The limitations in 1813.303(a)(4) on the individuals authorized to purchase under a BPA apply to BPAs established under Federal Supply Schedule contracts.



Subpart 1808.6--Acquisition from  Federal Prison Industries, Inc.


1808.602 Policy.

  (e) When disputes occur, the contracting officer shall refer the matter to the Assistant Administrator for Procurement (Code HS) for review and any further action. Such referrals shall include a complete statement of the attempts made to resolve the matter.


1808.604  Waivers.

   (a)  NASA purchase orders or contracts written pursuant to a general or blanket waiver need not be supported by a copy of the waiver, but the waiver number must be cited on the purchase order or contract as well as on the initial voucher.  A copy of the waiver certificate must be attached to the initial voucher.


Subpart 1808.7--Acquisition from Nonprofit Agencies Employing

People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled


1808.705  Procedures.


1808.705-1  General.

   The Federal Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure (Federal Property Management Regulation, Subpart 101-26.2) shall be used to obtain nonprofit agency-produced supplies from GSA supply distribution facilities.


Subpart 1808.8--Acquisition of Printing and Related Supplies


1808.802  Policy.

   (b)(i) The Headquarters Chief Information Officer (Code AO) is the NASA central printing authority. 

         (ii) Requests for approval to contract for printing supplies or services shall be addressed to Code AO.  Approval to contract for such supplies or services is restricted to those requirements meeting the following conditions:

             (A) An individual order is under $1,000;

             (B) The order is not of a continuing or repetitive nature; and,

             (C) The Public Printer certifies it cannot be provided more economically through the GPO.


1808.870  Contract clause.

   The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1852.208-81, Restrictions on Printing and Duplicating, in solicitations and contracts where there is a requirement for any printing, and/or any duplicating/copying in excess of that described in paragraph (c) of the clause.

Subpart 1808.11--Leasing of Motor Vehicles


1808.1100  Scope of subpart.

   NASA procedures for leasing motor vehicles from GSA or commercial sources are contained in NPD 6000.1, Transportation Management.