PART 1811




1811.002                                 Policy.




1811.101                               Order of precedence for requirements documents.  

1811.107                              Solicitation provisions.



1811.403                             Supplies or services.

1811.403-70                        Packaging, handling, and transportation

1811.404                             Contract clauses.

1811.404-70                        NASA contract clauses


SUBPART      1811.5           LIQUIDATED DAMAGES

1811.501                                Policy.



1811.600                                 Scope of subpart.

1811.602                                General.

1811.603                                Procedures.



PART 1811


1811.002  Policy.

   (b)  Implementation of the Metric Conversion Act of 1975, as amended, must be in accordance with NPD 8010.2, Use of the Metric System of Measurements in NASA Programs.

   (h) For Space Flight and Ground Support Programs and Projects, the Program or Project Technical Authority(ies) (See NPR 7120.5) must certify that the Technical Standards and Specifications cited in any solicitation or award are:  1) the most recent version, 2) tailored to the needs of the project and its elements, and 3) registered with the NASA Standards Update Notification System (SUNS) at  Exceptions must be approved by the Technical Authorities, and attached hereto.

   (i) For procurements which include space communications and navigation (SCaN) capabilities, the Program or Project Technical Authorities (See NPD 8074) must certify that the requirement has been coordinated with the SCaN Office in the Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD).


Subpart 1811.1--Selecting and Developing Requirements Documents


1811.101  Order of precedence for requirements documents.

(a) Safeguards to ensure safety, security, and environmental protection must be included, as applicable, in requirements documents.

  (b)(1) Requirements for the use of energy efficient motor vehicles will be established in accordance with NPR 6200.1, “NASA Transportation and General Traffic Management”.

   (b)(2) Requirements for the use of environmentally preferable products will be established in accordance with NPR 8830.1, “Affirmative Procurement Plan for Environmentally Preferable Products.”  Requirements for the use of energy and water efficient products and the use of renewable energy technology will be established in accordance with NPR 8570.1, “Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Technologies and Practices.”


1811.107  Solicitation provisions.

   (b)  NASA uses the categorical method to report its use of voluntary consensus standards.  Therefore, use of the provisions at 52.211-7 is not required.  However, contracting officers must include in draft RFPs (DRFPs) the information required by 1815.201(c)(6)(A).


Subpart 1811.4--Delivery or Performance Schedules


1811.403  Supplies or services.

   (a)(3) Contract delivery or perfor­mance schedules must not be express­ed in terms of a notice of award.  A notice of award as a specific docu­ment, separate from the award docu­ment itself, is not a contractual document and shall not be used as a reference point for contract perfor­mance.  See 1814.408 for additional information on notices of award.


1811.403-70  Packaging, handling, and transportation.

   (a)  NPR 6000.1,"Requirements for Packaging, Handling, and Transportation for Aeronautical and Space Systems, Equipment, and Associated Components" provides guidance for shipment of certain NASA items.

   (b)  Contracting officers, with the advice of the requiring activity and the Center Transportation Officer, must include a designation of each deliverable item, or groupings of deliverable items, as Class I, II, III, or IV for the purposes of contractor compliance with the NPR.


1811.404  Contract clauses.

   (a)(2)  FAR 52.211-8, Time of Deliv­ery, Alter­nates II and III, must not be used in NASA contracts.

       (3)  FAR 52.211-9, Desired and Re­quired Time of Delivery, Alternates II and III, must not be used in NASA contracts.


1811.404-70  NASA contract clauses.

   The clause at 1852.211-70, Packaging, Handling, and Transportation, must be included in solicitations for contracts for deliverable items, including software, designated as Class I (mission essential), Class II (delicate or sensitive), or Class III (requires special handling or monitoring).


Subpart 1811.5--Liquidated Damages


1811.501  Policy.

   (d) The procurement officer must forward recom­menda­tions concerning remission of liquidated damages to the Headquarters Office of Procure­ment (Code HS).


Subpart 1811.6--Priorities and Allocations

1811.600 Scope of subpart.

 The Defense Priorities and Allocations System (15 CFR Part 700) may be viewed at

1811.602  General.

   (c)  The Department of Defense is the "Dele­gate Agency" for NASA.  The Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HK) must coordi­nate with DOD, as necessary, to ensure that any DOD require­ments are met.


1811.603  Procedures.

   (e)(i)   Rated orders may be used by NASA only as provided in Section 700.17 of the DPAS (15 CFR 700.17) and subject to the limitations provided in Section 700.18 of the DPAS (15 CFR 700.18).  Priority ratings are assigned on individual contracts and purchase orders by the contracting officer.

      (ii) NASA rated orders may only be assigned a DO rating, unless NASA has obtained a DX rating from the Department of Defense.

      (iii) The following program identification symbols may be used on NASA rated con­tracts and purchase orders for equipment and services that support authorized programs (see Schedule I of the DPAS):

         A1 -  Aircraft

         A2 -  Missiles

         A3 -  Ships

         A5 -  Weapons

         A6 -  Ammunition

         A7 -  Electronic and Communi­cations Equipment

         B1 -  Military Building Sup­plies

         B8 -  Production Equipment (For Contractor's Account)

         B9 -  Production Equipment (Government-Owned)

         C2 -  Construction

         C3 -  Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies for Facili­ties

         C9 -  Miscellaneous/Other

   (g)  Installation requests for as­sistance shall be directed to the Headquarters Office of Procure­ment (Code HK).