PART 1841


(September 2015)





SUBPART            1841.1       APPLICABILITY

1841.103                                 Statutory and delegated authority.



1841.201                                 Policy.

1841.205                                 Separate contracts.

1841.205-70                            Acquisition of energy when purchased as a commodity.

1841.206                                 Interagency agreements.



PART 1841



Subpart 1841.1—General


1841.103  Statutory and delegated authority.


  (c)  The authority to request delegations of contracting authority from GSA is delegated to the Center Procurement Officer.  The Procurement Officer shall coordinate with the Headquarters Facilities Engineering Division before requesting this delegation of authority.


Subpart 1841.2—Acquiring Utility Services


1841.201  Policy.


  (c)  The Center or Component Facility Energy Manager shall review each acquisition of utility services for opportunities to increase the portion of energy generated from renewable sources or conventional sources with lower greenhouse gas emissions in order to assist NASA in reaching goals and in compliance with Federal energy and greenhouse gas requirements addressed in NPR 8570.1, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation.


1841.205  Separate contracts.


  (a)  Before entering into a separate contract, the contracting officer shall coordinate with the Center Energy Manager and Headquarters Facilities Engineering Division.


1841.205-70  Acquisition of energy when purchased as a commodity.


  (a)  The acquisition of energy, such as electricity and natural gas, when purchased as a commodity is considered the acquisition of supplies rather than the acquisition of utility services described in FAR Part 41.  Therefore, the contracting officer may acquire energy commodities directly under applicable authorities and FAR procedures governing the acquisition of supplies NASA Centers and Component Facilities may also participate in energy commodity procurement programs conducted by other entities, such as the GSA and the Defense Logistics Agency.  The contracting officer shall coordinate energy commodity acquisitions with the Headquarters Facilities Engineering Division.


1841.206  Interagency agreements.

A NASA Center or Component Facility located with a Department of Defense (DoD) installation may, after coordinating with the Headquarters Facilities Engineering Division, enter into an interagency agreement to reimburse the installation for utility services provided by the installation under DoD’s utility services authority.