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Procurement Notice

(October 18, I995)


PURPOSE: To revise the frequency of Standard Form (SF) 295 reporting from quarterly to semiannually.

BACKGROUND: Under 48 CFR 1852.21975, NASA has required the submission of quarterly reports using Standard Form (SF) 295. The SF 295 gives the Agency a summary of subcontracts awarded under the Agency's contracts. The reports have been used by NASA to chart the Agency's progress in achieving a statutorily required small disadvantaged business goal. Annual reporting is not frequent enough to determine the extent of small disadvantaged business participation in NASA programs. However, in the interest of regulatory reform, NASA is reducing the frequency of SF 295 reports from quarterly to semiannually. NASA will also continue to rely on semiannual SF 294 reports of subcontracting activity under individual contracts. The SF 294 enables the Agency to administer subcontracting plans by monitoring the prime contractor's achievement of subcontracting goals under individual contracts.

Contracting officers are required to insert the clause at 1852.21975, as revised, in all applicable solicitations and contracts. Current contracts containing subcontracting plans shall also be amended to require semiannual submission of the SF 295.

REGULATION: Parts 1819 and 1852 are amended as set forth in the enclosed replacement pages to the NFS.

REPLACEMENT PAGES: You may use the enclosed pages to replace 19:7 1,5235,5236,52 111, and 52112 of the NFS.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: This PN has been published as a final rule in the Federal Register (60 FR 53880 53881, October 18, 1995).

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PN is effective as dated, and shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: Carol Saric, Code HK, (202) 358-0476.

Anne Guenther

Director, Contract Management





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