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Procurement Notice

(November 15, 1996)


PURPOSE: To make minor changes in the NASA FAR Supplement (NFS).

BACKGROUND: The change in title conforms to the terminology and acronym commonly used for these notifications. In addition, this change clarifies that Cooperative Agreements are included in the notification requirement.

REGULATION: Section 1805.303-71 is revised as set forth in the enclosed replacement pages to the NFS.

REPLACEMENT PAGES: You may use the enclosed pages to replace TOC 5:1, 5:3 and 5:4 of the NFS.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PN is effective as dated and will remain in effect until cancelled.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: Nancy Porter, Code HS, (202) 358-0516.

Anne Guenther

Director, Contract

Management Division



(4) The dollar amount authorized for the instant action and the estimated total cost of the contract if this is different. For undefinitized contract actions, indicate the NTE or ceiling price amount;

(5) Name and address (including zip code) of the contractor;

(6) Principal work performance locations;

(7) Names and addresses of any unsuccessful offerors.

(b) The information in paragraph (a) of this section shall be provided to Code PM before transmitting a letter contract to a contractor for signature. For actions other than letter contracts, the information should be transmitted to Code PM after contractor signature, if applicable, no later than 48 hours before the planned award.

(c) For contract actions requiring Headquarters approval in accordance with 1804.72, the draft news release required by paragraph (a) of this section shall be provided to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS) with the request for approval. Code HS will forward the information to Code PM after approval.

(d) Code PM will advise the installation Public Affairs Office of the date public announcement of the contract action will be made. Installations may proceed with award and local release of the information no earlier than 4:00 P.M. ET of the date Code PM makes public announcement. If earlier award is considered appropriate, installations must request authorization from the Associate Administrator for Procurement (Code HS).

1805.303-71 Administrator's notice of significant contract actions (ANOSCAs).

(a) In addition to the public announcement requirements described in 1805.303-70, contracting officers shall notify the Administrator of the following significant actions at least five (5) workdays prior to planned public announcement of the actions:

(1) Planned contract award for competitive acquisitions of $25 million, including all priced options.

(2) Planned contract award of non-competitive awards and new work modifications of $100 million or more, including all priced options.

(3) Planned award of other actions, to include cooperative agreements resulting from a Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN), at any dollar value thought to be of significant interest to Headquarters.

(b) To provide notification to the Administrator, the contracting officer shall send the information listed in paragraphs (b)(1)-(10) of this section to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS) via facsimile transmission (202-358-4065). Immediately prior to transmission, the contracting officer shall notify Code HS by telephone (202-358-2080) of the impending transmission. In accordance with FAR 3.104-5(c), the contracting officer shall mark all pages that include source selection information with the legend "SOURCE SELECTION INFORMATION - SEE FAR 3.104." The following information shall be sent:

(1) Title and a brief nontechnical description of the work, including identification of the program or project;

(2) Identification of the contract action as either a new contract or additional supplies or services under an existing contract;

(3) Contract type (including whether a cost contract is completion or level-of-effort). For undefinitized contract actions, identify the planned contract type of the definitized instrument;

(4) The total contract value for the instant action including all priced options. Also include the Government's most probable cost. For undefinitized contract actions, indicate the NTE or ceiling price amount;

(5) The name, address, and business size status of the prime contractor and each major (over $1M) subcontractor;

(6) Small business and small disadvantaged business subcontracting goals both in dollars and percentage of the value of the action including all options;

(7) Principal work performance locations;

(8) Brief description of any unusual circumstances;

(9) The names and telephone numbers of the contracting officer and project manager; and

(10) For competitive selections only, provide on a separate attachment the names and addresses of all unsuccessful offerors and a brief explanation of the general basis for the selection.

(c) The field installation shall not proceed with any awards or announcements until Code HS has advised that the Administrator has been notified of the proposed action and the supporting information. Once this advice is received from Code HS, the field installation shall proceed with the public announcement procedures described in 1805.303-70.

Subpart 1805.4--Release of Information

1805.402 General public.

(1) Unless the head of the contracting activity determines that disclosure would be prejudicial to the interests of NASA, installation Public Affairs Offices may make public the following information on NASA acquisitions:

(i) The names of firms invited to submit offers;

(ii) The names of firms that attended any pre-bid or pre-proposal conference; and

(iii) The names of firms that submitted offers.

(2) Other requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act shall be processed in accordance with FAR 24.2 and 1824.2.

1805.403 Requests from Members of Congress.

(a) All proposed replies to congressional inquiries shall be prepared and forwarded, with full documentation, to the Headquarters Office of Legislative Affairs (Code L) for approval and release.

Subpart 1805.5--Paid Advertisements

1805.502 Authority.

Use of paid advertisements for procurement purposes (except CBD announcements) is not authorized in NASA.