Canceled by PIC 02-05


Procurement Information Circular

January 1, 2001


PURPOSE: To institute or continue small business set-asides under the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program.

BACKGROUND: The Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program requires NASA to use full and open competition for all solicitations in each of four designated industry groups (DIGs) if the anticipated award value exceeds the emerging small business (ESB) reserve amount. The DIGs are: construction; A&E services; refuse systems and related services; and east coast and west coast non-nuclear ship repair. The ESB reserve amount is $50,000 for A&E services and $25,000 for the other DIGs. Small business set-asides must be reinstated for solicitations above the ESB reserve amount when an annual Agency review shows that small businesses have not received -

            1. Forty percent of dollar awards in a DIG;

            2. Thirty five percent of dollar awards for any individual NAICS code within the A&E NAICS subsector even if overall goal attainment in the subsector is 40 percent; or

            3. Thirty five percent of dollar awards for any individual NAICS code within the construction NAICS subsectors even if overall goal attainment in the subsectors is 40 percent.

Set-asides apply only at those centers that have not met the applicable percentages, and the full and open competition requirement is resumed once the annual Agency review determines that the percentages have been achieved.

GUIDANCE: The annual review for the period ending September 30, 2000, indicated that Langley Research Center (LaRC) and Johnson Space Center (JSC) did not meet the 35 percent goal for A&E NAICS codes 54131 and 54133. Accordingly, LaRC and JSC must use small business set-asides for solicitations expected to exceed the ESB reserve amount for acquisitions under these NAICS codes. If acquisitions cannot be set aside as required, the contract file must contain a written justification concurred in by the procurement officer. Please note that these set-aside requirements do not apply to acquisitions reserved for emerging small businesses, 8(a) awards, or sole source awards.

CANCELLATION: This PIC supersedes PIC 99-23, dated December 3, 1999.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PIC is effective as dated, and automatically expires December 31, 2001, unless extended, superseded or canceled.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: Tom O'Toole, Code HK, (202) 358-0478,


R. Scott Thompson,
Director, Contract Management Division