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Procurement Information Circular

March 21, 2001


PURPOSE: To require submission of Master Buy Plans via the internet.

BACKGROUND: The requirements for submission of a Master Buy Plan are contained in NASA FAR Supplement (NFS) Subpart 1807.71. A web-based application to automate the NASA Centers' submission of Master Buy Plans to Headquarters (as required by NFS 1807.7102) was established and successfully utilized in FY2000. The application was revised in February 2001 to allow for amending existing Master Buy Plans. Manual submission or amendment of Master Buy Plans is no longer necessary or desired.

GUIDANCE: All future Master Buy Plans and amendments to Master Buy Plans must be submitted using the on-line Master Buy Plan Data System. For access to this system, contact your Center's Master Buy Plan coordinator, the Procurement Officer, or Code HS.

When new acquisitions are identified in accordance with 1807.7102-1(a), all uncompleted acquisitions selected for Headquarters review and approval from prior Master Buy Plans and amendments must be updated using the on-line Master Buy Plan Data System to indicate the current status of the individual acquisition documents.

Acquisitions identified by installations after submission of their Master Buy Plan and meeting the criteria in 1807.7102-1(a) must be submitted to Headquarters in accordance with the attached table and identified in the Remarks block as an amendment to the fiscal year Master Buy Plan submission.

Master Buy Plans and amendments to Master Buy Plans shall be prepared in accordance with the instructions in the attached table.

The NFS is being revised to recognize the on-line Master Buy Plan Database as the only acceptable method for submission and amendment of MBPs.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PIC is effective as dated, and shall remain in effect until cancelled or superseded.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: William Childs, Code HS, (202) 358-0454, email


Tom Luedtke
Associate Administrator for Procurement


Table 1807