Procurement Information Circular

May 6, 2002



PURPOSE:  To revise PIC 02-10, Use of Federal Supply Service Schedule (FSS) Contracts, dated May 6, 2002.


BACKGROUND:  NASA IG Audit Report IG-02-014, “NASA Acquisition of Services Using the Federal Supply Schedules,” dated March 27, 2002, cited several instances in which NASA centers were not properly using FSS contracts.  PIC 02-10 as originally issued provided guidance in response to the IG findings, including how to obtain training from GSA on the use of these contracts.  Rather than have centers separately contact GSA for training as indicated in the original PIC 02-10, Code HK will coordinate all requested center training with GSA.  This revised version of PIC 02-10 is the same as the original except for paragraph 4 of the “Guidance” section.



1.  Contracting officers must consider the order of precedence in FAR 8.001 when satisfying requirements for supplies and services.


2.  When placing orders against FSS contracts, contracting officers must follow the procedures in FAR Subpart 8.4.  Please note that FAR 8.404-3, Requests for Waivers, only applies to mandatory use FSS schedules.  (The mandatory use schedules can be identified by entering “mandatory” in the search engine block at http://www.gsa.gov/.)  Currently the only mandatory use FSS schedules are--

a.  Customized Business Cards (JWOD);

b.  Airline City Pairs; and

c.  Express Domestic Small Package Delivery Service (FedEx).


3.  When placing orders against FSS services contracts, contracting officers must follow GSA’s special ordering procedures for services.  These procedures are described in the “Multiple Award Schedules Program Owner’s Manual.”  They can be accessed by entering that title in the search engine block at http://www.gsa.gov/.


4.  GSA provides no cost, on-site training on use of FSS.  Code HK is working with GSA to arrange a training schedule for each center.  Centers should contact Barbara Cephas, Code HK, 202-358-0465, email: Barbara.cephas@hq.nasa.gov on all training schedule issues.


CANCELLATION:  This PIC supersedes PIC 02-10 as originally issued.


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This PIC is effective as dated and remains in effect until cancelled or superseded.


HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Tom O’Toole, Code HK, 202-358-0478, email: thomas.otoole@hq.nasa.gov.



R. Scott Thompson

Director, Contract Management Division