Procurement Information Circular

February 6, 2003



PURPOSE:  To provide guidance on the process used to establish Center specific socio-economic goals.


BACKGROUND:  Federal regulations (FAR 19.201) require federal agencies to provide all small businesses with the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in government contracting.  To achieve this objective, Government-wide socio-economic goals are established for federal agencies as percentages of their annual expenditures.  Each agency submits its proposed goals to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for approval.  The SBA approval process includes ensuring that the aggregate Government-wide statutory goals are met.  Center specific socio-economic goals are developed to facilitate accomplishment of the larger Agency goal. Further, contract specific goals facilitate the accomplishment of the Center specific and ultimately Agency-wide socio-economic goals. These goals ensure that the maximum practicable opportunities are provided for all categories of small business concerns to participate in NASA’s missions and programs. 


Individual contracting officers and contract specialists are primarily responsible for the establishment of contract specific socio-economic goals, while the establishment of Center specific goals involves interaction between the Center procurement offices, Center management, Enterprise Small Business Coordinators (Enterprises) and the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Utilization (Code K).  In the spirit of embodying the One-NASA philosophy, information regarding the process used to establish Center specific socio-economic goals may be helpful to contracting officers and contract specialists in the planning and establishment of their individual contract goals.


GUIDANCE:   Code K is responsible for issuance of a ‘Draft Goal Call Memorandum’ upon receipt bi-annually of a request from SBA (but not later than July 15), for the Agency’s proposed socio-economic goals for the next two fiscal years.  This memorandum, which is sent to Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters, Center Directors and the Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), requests information regarding socio-economic goal estimates for the next two fiscal years from each Center.  Center responses are generally due not later than August 30.


[NOTE: Typically, the issuance of the memorandum and the assignment of a response due date is contingent upon receipt of information from and any deadlines established by the SBA.  However, since this process is time critical, it is prudent to establish self-imposed deadlines, which may be more aggressive than those established by the SBA.]



Center procurement offices, typically through the small business specialists, work with procurement and the program offices to develop the initial goal estimates. These initial estimates are coordinated and approved by Center management and forwarded to the Enterprises.  The Enterprises are responsible for the submission of the goal estimates to Code K for review.


Code K reviews the goal estimates and discusses the components with the Enterprises.  If Code K determines that the goal estimates are unacceptable, negotiations are conducted with the Enterprises.  Representatives from the Center procurement organizations should be integrally involved in this process. The purpose of these negotiations is to develop acceptable goals based on historical data, current budget and operating conditions, the state of the industrial base, and anticipated procurement activity.  All negotiations should be completed by November 30.  Based upon the results of the reviews and/or negotiations, the proposed goals for the Agency are forwarded to the SBA for review, negotiation (if necessary) and approval. 


Final negotiated Agency-wide goals will be provided to Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters, Center Directors, the Director of the JPL and Center Procurement Officers or designee within 75 days of the beginning of each fiscal year.  If goals for the new fiscal year are not available within 75 days, the initial Center goal estimates submitted by the Enterprises for Code K review will be retained unless otherwise directed by the Associate Deputy Administrator for Institutions and Asset Management (Code A).


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This PIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until cancelled or superseded.


HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Yolande Harden, Code HK, (202) 358-1279, e-mail: Yolande.B.Harden@nasa.gov.




R. Scott Thompson

Director, Contract Management Division