Procurement Information Circular

November 28, 2005



PURPOSE:  To provide guidance on the transition from the NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) application called the Interim Subcontract Reporting System (iSRS) to the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) Electronic Subcontract Reporting System (eSRS).


BACKGROUND:  NASA implemented iSRS and issued PIC 04-06 on March 10, 2004.  On November 3, 2005, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) issued an Update on the Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System, announcing the Initial Operating Capability of eSRS and mandating its use by NASA and other agencies immediately.  The OFPP memorandum is attached. See also the public announcement at


GUIDANCE:  Effective immediately, contractors required to report subcontract performance data in accordance with FAR 52.219-9, “Small Business Subcontracting Plan”, and 19.704, “Subcontracting plan requirements”, will now use eSRS instead of iSRS to report.  The iSRS web site now redirects them to for that purpose.  The following notice is posted:

The NASA interim Subcontracting Reporting System (iSRS) was shut down effective October 31, 2005. A new Government-wide system, Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) ( achieved initial operating capability on October 28, 2005.  eSRS was developed to receive SF294 and SF 295 type data. The Office of Management and Budget, Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) memos dated October 18, 2004, March 18, 2005, and November 3, 2005, respectively, directs [sic] all Federal agencies not to accept individual and summary data for the reporting period ending September 30, 2005.

If you have entered your data into the NASA iSRS for September 30, 2005, you are required to re-enter that data into eSRS. Contractors are granted a 60 day extension (reports are due on December 31, 2005) to do so.  

For Additional information, please contact Shirley Perez at (202)358-2088,


While the eSRS electronic submission process is mandated, the standard FAR clauses call for delivery of SF 294 and SF 295 reports.  Each center is required to assure that all SF 294 and SF 295 data is entered into the database.  Where contractors do not voluntarily do so, it is up to the center procurement officer to determine how best this can be accomplished.  This is the same policy that was effected in PIC 04-06, and it will remain in effect until FAR is amended.  (A case has been drafted by SBA and it is under review.) 


CANCELLATION:  This PIC supersedes PIC 04-06, dated March 10, 2004.


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This PIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until the FAR is amended.


HEADQUARTERS CONTACTS:  For eSRS: Shirley Perez, (202) 358-2088, email: or Ron Crider, (202) 358-0428, email:; for this PIC: Patrick Flynn, (202) 358-0460, e-mail:



James Balinskas

Director, Contract Management Division