Procurement Information Circular

December 20, 2006



PURPOSE:  To provide guidance to the NASA procurement community on the use of a revised NASA Form (NF) 1430, Letter of Contract Administration Delegation, General, when delegating work to the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). 


BACKGROUND:  NASA FAR Supplement 1842.202 (d)(ii) requires contracting officers to prepare and forward NF 1430 to the contract administration office to delegate contract administration functions.  DCMA has advised that despite the NFS requirement, the letters of delegation are submitted in various formats, which often leads DCMA to question exactly what is being delegated.   


GUIDANCE: A new universal letter of delegation (LOD) format has been developed and is attached.  The format is intended to enhance the contract administration process, including the desired customer outcomes, and shall be utilized by all NASA Centers.  Although quite lengthy, the new LOD is not difficult to complete, and should alleviate many of the uncertainties DCMA has about what was really being delegated.  It should also ensure that NASA is not charged for services it doesn’t require, only those requested.  


The LOD has four appendices covering the delegation of Contract Administration, Quality Assurance, Property Administration, and Plant Clearance.  Only those appendices that are being delegated are required to be completed by the contracting officer and forwarded to DCMA. Appendices that are not being delegated should not be forwarded.  


Appendix A (NF 1430A) is for Contract Administration, and lists all contract administration functions included in FAR 42.202.  Applicable blocks should be marked with a D if delegated or an R if retained.  However, to preclude contracting officers from having to check more than 70 boxes, we have included a “default” box at the beginning of this section.  This block identifies the 33 functions retained by NASA, and, if checked, delegates all other functions.  If this block is selected, the remaining part of the Appendix does NOT have to be annotated with a “D” or “R”.


Appendix B (NF 1430B) is for Quality Assurance, and has been reviewed by the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA).  Its contents are derived from NPR 8735.2A, Management of Government Quality Assurance Functions for NASA Contracts, and fall under the technical cognizance of the NASA Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer.  Questions regarding Appendix B of the LOD shall be referred to HQ OSMA. 


When Quality Assurance is being delegated to DCMA, the contracting officer should forward this appendix to the appropriate office for completion.  It should then be returned to the contracting officer for forwarding to DCMA.


Appendices C and D (NFs 1430C and 1430D) are for Property Administration and Plant Clearance, respectively, and have been reviewed by the Logistics Management Division Contract Property Manager.  Like Appendix B, when either of these areas is being delegated, they should be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for completion and returned to the contracting officer for forwarding to DCMA.


DCMA is currently working on the implementation and deployment of an Electronic Contract Administration Request System (ECARS), which will allow NASA contracting officers to submit the new LOD electronically.  When the system is operational, DCMA will provide training to NASA on its use.  Until then, an electronic copy of the new LOD form must be submitted via e-mail.


A Procurement Notice implementing the new LOD requirements will be issued to incorporate these requirements in the NFS. 


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This PIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded.


HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Lou Becker, Office of Procurement, (202) 358-4593, e-mail: 



James A. Balinskas

Director, Contract Management Division



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