Expired October 17, 1997

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Procurement Information Circular

(July 17, 1989)


PURPOSE. To assign administration of grants and contracts and JPL subcontracts at the University of California at Berkeley, the Space Sciences Laboratory, to the Office of Naval Research.

BACKGROUND: It has been NASA policy to assign administration of contracts and grants with the Space Sciences Laboratory, to the Office of Naval Research. This PIC continues that policy and updates the related procedures.


1. General Delegation

All functions as noted below for NASA contracts and grants and JPL subcontracts at the Space Sciences Laboratory of the University of California shall be delegated to: Office of Naval Research, Richmond Field Station, Richmond, California, 94804. Phone: (415) 231-9567.

2. Contracts and Subcontracts

In addition to the normal administrative and close-out functions prescribed by FAR 42.302(a), the processing of interim vouchers, as appropriate, under cost reimbursement contracts shall be delegated by a special instruction on the NF 1430A.

3. Grants and Cooperative Agreements

The delegation shall be made according to the procedures of the Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook (NHB 5800.1, para. 508(c)), and shall include property administration and close-out (para. 508(d)). In accordance with paragraph 508(e), an additional NF 1430A containing the following statement shall be used:

Functional area: "Grant management. All other functions are withheld."

Special instructions: "ONR is authorized to maintain an overview of

Space Sciences Laboratory grants and cooperative agreements, as


"a. Ensuring reports and documents required by NHB 5800.1 are submitted;

"b. Reviewing and processing interim vouchers; and

"c. Ensuring grantee actions ' requiring grant officer's approval are submitted to the appropriate grant officer in accordance with NHB 5800.1."

EFFECTIVE DATE. This PIC is effective as dated and automatically expires on January 31, 1990, unless extended, cancelled, or superseded.

CANCELLATION. This PIC supersedes PIC 196-9, dated July 25, 1986, which is hereby cancelled.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Questions or comments should be directed to Ed McClelland, Code- 14M, (202) 453-8995.

S. J. Evans

Assistant Administrator for Procurement