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Procurement Information Circular

(July 2, 1991)


PURPOSE: Distribution of property delegation instructions to procurement officers.

BACKGROUND: Delegations of property on and plant clearance to the Department of Defense (DOD) are performed in accordance with DOD regulations and procedures as amended by NASA instructions. Failure to delegate property administration means that the contracting officer has retained the internal controls responsibility for property administration and plant clearance on the contract or grant. Since only two Industrial Property Offices in the agency (Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center) are staffed and trained to perform full property administration, decisions to retain these responsibilities should not be casually made and should be coordinated during the Supply and Equipment Management Officer review of solicitations.

GUIDANCE: Procurement officers should consistently use the latest versions of the standard property delegation instructions. Enclosed are the two most recent (February 1989) standard instructions issuances which were previously distributed through the Supply and Equipment Manager0ent organization at each center. A copy of the latest (April 1987) instructions for grants is also provided. Procurement officers should assure that these delegation instructions are included when contracts are awarded, that they are acknowledged by DOD, that a copy of the DOD acknowledgement is provided to the center Industrial Property Officer, and that DOD regularly provides all of the information and documents required by the instructions.

Any modification to the standard property delegation instructions must be approved in advance by the Office of Management, Supply and Equipment Management Division (Code NIE), to maintain as much uniformity as possible. NASA has had an agreement with DOD on the elements of these standard instructions since 1979 for both property administration and plant cleara under NASA contracts. Grant and cooperative agreement instructions were added in 1984; and any proposed changes to those delegation instructions must be processed as a deviation to the Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until cancelled or superseded.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACTS. Carol E. Bennett, Code HP, (202) 453-8254; Billie E. Wilchek, Code NIE, (202) 453-2989.

Don G. Bush

Acting Assistant Administrator
for Procurement


1. Letter of Contract Administration Delegation, Special Instructions for Plant Clearance (February 1989)

2. Letter of Contract Administration Delegation, Special Instructions for Property Administration (February 1989)

3. Letter of Contract (Grant) Administration Delegation, Special instructions for Property Administration and Plant Clearance (April 1987)