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PIC 98-15

Procurement Information Circular

September 18, 1998


PURPOSE: To correct an error in PIC 98-12, "Required NF 1018 Information."

BACKGROUND: PIC 98-12 provided guidance on NF 1018 reporting for the period ending September 30, 1998. The PIC contained a sample letter to send to contractors advising them of the reporting requirements. An enclosure to the letter described the specific reporting instructions.

GUIDANCE: The information in the enclosure to the sample letter provided in PIC 98-12 included an error. In the section titled "Other Minor NF 1018 Change," the penultimate sentence states that "[i]n the case of Material, the value need only be reported if the total NASA-owned Material held is equal to or greater than $100,000." This dollar threshold does not apply to the Material reporting category, and this sentence is deleted from PIC 98-12. Reporting requirements for Material have not changed, and the guidance in NFS 1845.7101-1(b) to "report the amount for all Materials, regardless of unit cost" is still valid. Accordingly, contractors should be notified of the error in the PIC 98-12 instructions and advised to report material as in the past, without regard for unit cost or the total cost threshold inaccurately indicated in PIC 98-12.

Other information about the 1998 NF 1018 reporting requirements may be found in Q&A format at

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded.

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Scott Thompson

Director, Contract Management Division