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PIC 99-7

Procurement Information Circular

April 12, 1999

[Amended by PIC 99-8]


PURPOSE: To establish the requirement and procedures for submission of market research documentation, for posting to the Market Research Web Site, prior to the issuance of a solicitation for each new acquisition, except for routine construction and architect-engineer, [phrase added by PIC 99-8] in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold.

BACKGROUND: FAR Part 10 requires agencies to conduct market research before developing new requirement documents and before soliciting offers exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold. The FAR also requires agencies to document the results of market research in a manner appropriate to the size and complexity of the acquisition. Among the techniques identified in the FAR for conducting market research is reviewing the results of recent market research undertaken to meet similar or identical requirements. To facilitate this technique, a site has been added to the NASA Procurement Library (under the Pre-Solicitation Planning section []) to provide the ability to review, across the Agency, recent market research results. This site will contain market research documentation for each new NASA acquisition, except for routine construction and architect-engineer, [phrase added by PIC 99-8] in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold. This site is intended to provide an additional resource to both the technical and procurement communities in the conduct of market research.

The Market Research Web Site provides the ability to search current market research documents for the same or similar items based on the Product Service Code (PSC) or Federal Supply Code (FSC). Documents contained in this site are left in an active status for one year from the date of posting. Documents will be automatically archived one year after posting and will remain available for review for an additional year period. This site provides links to guidance documents, market research sites including the Consolidated Contracting Initiative, and a list of Center and Headquarters experts.

The goal is to have the negotiator post directly to the web site. However, at this time, posting to the web site will be done by Code HK. Therefore, the existing market research documentation must be forwarded electronically. Based on the information provided, in accordance with the following guidance, a searchable index will be created.

GUIDANCE: Prior to issuance of the solicitation for each new acquisition in, except for routine construction and architect-engineer, [phrase added by PIC 99-8] excess of the simplified acquisition threshold, the market research documentation supporting the acquisition must be submitted electronically to Code HK, (, for posting to the Market Research web site. This documentation is not restricted only to documents prepared by procurement personnel, but may include documentation prepared by the requiring activity. The market research document submitted should be a text only file with no graphics.

The e-mail, forwarding the market research documentation, shall contain: (1) a brief description of the requirement (the more precise the description the easier the search); (2) PSC or FSC; (3) Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code; (4) an indication if the acquisition is a set-aside or for a commercial item; and (5) points of contact including phone numbers or e-mail addresses. The points of contact should the technical officer and either the contracting officer or the contract specialist. Before forwarding the market research documentation to HK, contractor sensitive information, such as terms and conditions and pricing, which is not generally available, must be removed from the document.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PIC is effective as dated and will remain in effect until canceled.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: Celeste Dalton, Code HK, 202-358-1645, e-mail:


R. Scott Thompson
Director, Contract Management Division