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PIC 99-8

Procurement Information Circular

 April 26, 1999


PURPOSE: To correct an error in PIC 99-7, "Market Research Documentation".

BACKGROUND: PIC 99-7 provided guidance on the submission of market research documentation for posting to the Market Research Web Site. The guidance indicated that submission of documentation is required for all new acquisitions in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold.      

GUIDANCE: The requirement for submission of market research documentation does not apply to routine construction and architect-engineer services. Appropriate market research is still required for these routine acquisitions. Market research documentation supporting non-routine construction and architect-engineer services (e.g. design-build) should be submitted to Code HK prior to release of a solicitation or request for architect-engineer qualification data (Standard Forms 254 and 255). Accordingly, the phrase ",except for routine construction and architect-engineer," is added immediately before "in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold" wherever it appears in the Purpose, Background, and Guidance sections of PIC 99-7.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PIC is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: Celeste Dalton, Code HK, 202-358-1645, email:


R. Scott Thompson
Director, Contract Management Division