Procurement Notice

July 21, 2011




PURPOSE:  This Procurement Notice adds a requirement to conduct the Center validation and verification of contract action records two times per year. 


BACKGROUND:  The Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy stresses that complete. accurate, and timely Federal procurement data are essential for ensuring that the Government has the right information when planning and awarding contracts and that the public has reliable data to track how its tax dollars are being spent. The quality of this information depends on agencies having strong internal controls for the input and validation of agency data entered in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) and other acquisition information systems.










REPLACEMENT PAGES:   You may use the enclosed pages to replace 4:5 and 4:6 of the NFS.


TYPE OF RULE AND PUBLICATION DATE:  This change does not have a significant impact beyond the internal operating procedures of NASA and does not have a significant cost or administrative impact on contractors or offerors, and therefore does not require codification in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) or publication for public comment.


HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Kerrie O’Hagan, Analysis Division, 202-358-0609; email Kerrie.o’



William P. McNally

Assistant Administrator for Procurement





PN List

Subpart 1804.5--Electronic Commerce in Contracting


1804.570 NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS).


1804.570-1 General.

   The NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) provides an electronic means for posting procurement synopses, solicitations, and associated information on the NAIS Internet site which in turn, automatically posts relevant information onto the Governmentwide point of entry (GPE).


1804.570-2 Electronic Posting System.

  (a) The NAIS Electronic Posting System (EPS) enables the NASA procurement staff to --

          (1)  Electronically create and post synopses on the NAIS Internet site and the GPE; and

          (2)  Post solicitation documents, including solicitation amendments or cancellations, source selection statements, and other procurement information on the NAIS Internet site with linked references on the GPE.

   (b) The EPS maintains an on-line index linking the posted synopses and solicitations for viewing and downloading.

   (c) The EPS shall be used to --

          (1)  Create and post all synopses in accordance with FAR Part 5 and NFS 1805; and

          (2)  Post all competitive solicitation files, excluding large construction and other drawings, for acquisitions exceeding $25,000; and

          (3) Post source selection statements in accordance with 1815.308.

   (d) The NAIS is the official site for solicitation postings which in turn, automatically posts relevant information onto the Government-wide point of entry (GPE).  In the event supporting materials, such as program libraries, cannot be reasonably accommodated by the NAIS, Internet sites external to NAIS may be established after coordination with the contracting officer.  Such sites must be linked from the NAIS business opportunities index where the solicitation resides.  External sites should not duplicate any of the files residing on the NAIS.


Subpart 1804.6--Contract Reporting


1804.604 Responsibilities.

  (c) Centers shall perform statistically-valid comparisons of FPDS data to contract files.  The Procurement Officer Certification of Procurement Data Submissions to FPDS, the FPDS Data Element Template Accuracy Rate Results and the FY FPDS Data Quality Report Details shall be submitted to the Office of Procurement, Analysis Division, by December 15th of each year.  On or about April 15th, the Analysis Division will provide the Centers with the templates for their certification documents.  Definitions and specific process requirements are as follows: 

        (i) Definitions:

        Overall Accuracy Rate – The percent of all the FPDS data elements sampled which were determined to be correct (the elements matched the corresponding data in the contract files and the data in the contract files were correct).  Only compute the overall data accuracy rate for the data elements listed in (D) for the FPDS validation, verification and certification process as required by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP).  Center validation of additional data elements must be accomplished separately.  

        Data Element Accuracy Rate – The percentage of data elements in the sampled contract action records (CARs) that were determined to be correct (i.e., the entry matched the corresponding data in the contract file and the data in the contract file was correct).  Only data elements appropriate for the type of record (or “use case”) being validated should be counted in computing the accuracy rate.  There are many data elements that are not required for certain types of records (e.g., data element 6A-Type of Contract, for a BPA Call).  Such “not required” data elements should not appear in those records and therefore can’t be validated.  Data elements that are required for the type of data being reviewed must not be blank and must be supported by information present in the contract file or contract writing system to be determined to be accurate.  Certain data elements are optional for certain record types (e.g., data element 10A-Extent Competed, is optional for a Delivery Order.  If there is a value for an optional data element, that data element must be treated as though it were required. If there is no value for an optional data element, it should be treated as though it were not required.

        Total Sample Size – This is the total number of FPDS CARs selected for comparison to the corresponding contract files.  Records will be randomly identified for each Center by the HQ Office of Procurement. 

        Percent of Total Center Procurement Spend Covered by Sample – This is computed by dividing the total obligations associated with the CARs sampled by the total obligations associated with all procurement actions at your Center (excluding grants) during the review period.

        (ii)  Procedures:

              (A)  All reportable Center actions must be entered into FPDS.  The HQ Office of Procurement will randomly select actions (excluding grants) for data validation and verification from records in the system and provide a list of actions to each Center on or about April 15th and October 15th.  The April list of actions will include awards made October 1 through March 31.  The October list will include awards made April 1 through September 30. Centers will use the lists of actions to conduct a verification and validation two times per year.  Centers can establish a schedule for completing the validation and verification as long as the verification and validation of actions is conducted two times per year and the certification and results report is provided as required in 1804.604(c).

              (B)  Each sampled CAR shall be validated against the associated contract file by an individual other than the contracting officer who awarded the contract or the person entering the contract data for that CAR.  While validation of data against the corresponding data in the contract writing system (CWS) may still occur, for the purposes of the validation and verification process, verification must be made against the official contract file for each CAR.

              (C)  The reviewer(s) must obtain sufficient information to validate any CAR data elements not contained in the contract file or CWS.  Data elements that cannot be validated shall be considered incorrect and this includes CAR data elements that match data in the contract file or CWS that the reviewer and his/her supervisor determine to be inaccurate.

              (D)  The data elements to be reviewed are identified by the names which appear on the FPDS screens and correspond to the FPDS User’s Manual and data dictionary definition which can be accessed at  The following twenty five (25) data elements shall be reviewed as a part of the data validation and verification process:                            

2A Date Signed                                                  

2C Completion Date                                           

2D Est. Ultimate Completion Date                    

2E Last Date to Order                                                    

3A Base and All Options Value                         

3B Base and Exercised Options Value               

3C Action Obligation