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Procurement Notice

September 21, 1999


PURPOSE: To remove brand name or equal guidance no longer necessary as a result of FAR changes contained in Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 97-12.

BACKGROUND: FAC 97-12, dated June 17, 1999, contains guidance for use of brand name or equal procedures at FAR 11.4, Use of brand name or equal purchase descriptions, and a corresponding solicitation provision at FAR 52.211-6, Brand Name or Equal. The NASA FAR Supplement already has almost identical guidance at 1811.104-70, Brand name or equal purchase descriptions, and a solicitation provision at 1852.211-70, Brand Name or Equal

REGULATION: Changes are made in Parts 1811, 1812, 1813, 1816, 1837, 1842, 1847, and 1852 as set forth in the enclosed replacement pages.

REPLACEMENT PAGES: You may use the enclosed pages to replace Structure Page 1, Structure Page 2, Part 1811, Part 1812, 13:3, 16:11, 16:12, 37:1, 37:2, 42:3, 42:4, Part 1847, 52:1, 52:2, 52-91, and 52-92.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: This PN was published a final rule in the Federal Register (64 FR 51078-51079, September 21, 1999).

EFFECTIVE DATE: This PN is effective as dated and shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded.

HEADQUARTERS CONTACT: Jim Dolvin, Code HK, (202) 358-1279, or email:

R. Scott Thompson
Director, Contract Management Division





1801.1 Purpose, Authority, Issuance

1801.2 Administration

1801.3 Agency Acquisition Regulations

1801.4 Deviations from the FAR

1801.6 Career Development, Contracting Authority, and Responsibilities

1801.7 Determinations and Findings


1802.1 Definitions


1803.1 Safeguards

1803.2 Contractor Gratuities to Government Personnel

1803.3 Reports of Suspected Antitrust Violations

1803.5 Other Improper Business Practices

1803.6 Contracts with Government Employees or Organizations Owned or Controlled by Them

1803.7 Voiding and Rescinding Contracts

1803.8 Limitation on the Payment of Funds to Influence Federal Transactions


1804.1 Contract Execution

1804.2 Contract Distribution

1804.4 Safeguarding Classified Information Within Industry

1804.5 Electronic Commerce in Contracting

1804.6 Contract Reporting

1804.8 Government Contract Files

1804.9 Taxpayer Identification Number Information

1804.70 Transfer of Contracting Office Responsibility

1804.71 Uniform Acquisition Instrument Identification

1804.72 Review and Approval of Contractual Instruments

1804.73 Procurement Requests



1805.1 Dissemination of Information

1805.2 Synopses of Proposed Contracts

1805.3 Synopses of Contract Awards

1805.4 Release of Information

1805.5 Paid Advertisements


1806.2 Full and Open Competition After Exclusion of Sources

1806.3 Other Than Full and Open Competition

1806.5 Competition Advocates


1807.1 Acquisition Plans

1807.2 Planning for the Purchase of Supplies in Economic Quantities

1807.3 Contractor Versus Government Performance

1807.5 Inherently Governmental Functions

1807.70 Consolidated Contracting

1807.71 Master Buy Plan

1807.72 Acquisition Forecasting


1808.1 Excess Personal Property

1808.4 Federal Supply Schedules

1808.6 Acquisition from Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

1808.7 Acquisition from Nonprofit Agencies Employing People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

1808.8 Acquisition of Printing and Related Supplies

1808.11 Leasing of Motor Vehicles


1809.1 Responsible Prospective Contractors

1809.2 Qualifications Requirements

1809.4 Debarment, Suspension, and Ineligibility

1809.5 Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest

1809.6 Contractor Team Arrangements



1811.4 Delivery of Performance Schedules

1811.5 Liquidated Damages

1811.6 Priorities and Allocations


1812.1 Acquisition of Commercial Items-General

PART 1811


1811.002 Policy.


1811.403 Supplies or services.

1811.404 Contract clauses.


1811.502 Policy.


1811.602 General.

1811.603 Procedures.


PART 1811

1811.002 Policy.

(b) Implementation of the Metric Conversion Act of 1975, as amended, shall be in accordance with NPD 8010.2B, Use of the Metric System of Measurements in NASA Programs.

Subpart 1811.4--Delivery or Performance Schedules

1811.403 Supplies or services.

(a)(3) Contract delivery or performance schedules shall not be expressed in terms of a notice of award. A notice of award as a specific document, separate from the award document itself, is not a contractual document and shall not be used as a reference point for contract performance. See 1814.408 for additional information on notices of award.

1811.404 Contract clauses.

(a)(2) FAR 52.211-8, Time of Delivery, Alternates II and III, shall not be used in NASA contracts.

(3) FAR 52.211-9, Desired and Required Time of Delivery, Alternates II and III, shall not be used in NASA contracts.

Subpart 1811.5--Liquidated Damages

1811.502 Policy.

(d) The procurement officer shall forward recommendations concerning remission of liquidated damages to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS).

Subpart 1811.6--Priorities and Allocations

1811.602 General.

(c) The Department of Defense is the "Delegate Agency" for NASA. The Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS) shall coordinate with DOD, as necessary, to ensure that any DOD requirements are met.

1811.603 Procedures.

(e)(i) The use of priority ratings on NASA contracts and purchase orders is mandatory except as noted in paragraph (e)(ii) of this section. Priority ratings are assigned on individual contracts and purchase orders by the contracting officer.

(ii) Priority ratings will not be issued for the following:

(A) Items ordered or requisitioned from the GSA Federal Supply Service.

(B) Items for plant improvement, expansion, or construction, unless they will be physically incorporated into a construction project covered by a rated order, or unless NASA has obtained specific priority rating authority.

(C) Production or construction equipment or items to be used for the manufacture of production equipment, unless NASA has obtained specific priority rating authority.

(D) Items falling under the jurisdiction of agencies other than NASA's Delegate Agency. These are: petroleum, gas, solid fuel, electric power, and all other forms of energy; food; civil transportation and the movement of persons and property by all modes; minerals; water; housing facilities; health facilities; radio-isotopes, stable isotopes, source material and special nuclear material produced in Government-owned plants or facilities operated by or for the Department of Energy; communication services; copper raw materials; crushed stone; gravel; sand; scrap; slag; central steam heat; and waste paper.

(iii) All other NASA orders shall be assigned a DO rating, unless NASA has obtained a DX rating from the Delegate Agency.

(iv) The program identification numbers (DPAS, 15 CFR Part 700, SCH L.) to be used by NASA are as follows:

A1 Aircraft

A2 Missiles

A3 Ships

A5 Weapons

A6 Ammunition

A7 Electronic and Communications Equipment

B1 Military Building Supplies

B8 Production Equipment (For Contractor's Account)

B9 Production Equipment (Government-Owned)

C2 Construction

C3 Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies for Facilities

C9 Miscellaneous/Other

(g) Installation requests for assistance shall be directed to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS).

PART 1812



1812.102 Applicability.


1812.301 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses for the acquisition of commercial items.

1812.302 Tailoring of provisions and clauses for the acquisition of commercial items.


1812.404 Warranties.


1812.7000;Prohibition on guaranteed customer bases for new commercial space hardware or services.


PART 1812

Subpart 1812.1--Acquisition of Commercial Items--General

1812.102 Applicability.

(c) For the acquisition of commercial items of any value, the MidRange procedures described in NFS part 1871 may be used to the extent they are consistent and compliant with FAR part 12 and NFS part 1812. Unless specifically stated, in any conflict between these parts the descending order of precedence is FAR part 12, part 1812, and part 1871.

Subpart 1812.3--Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses for the Acquisition of Commercial Items

1812.301 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses for the acquisition of commercial items.

(f)(i) The following clauses are authorized for use in acquisitions of commercial items when required by the clause prescription:

(A) 1852.214-71, Grouping for Aggregate Award.

(B) 1852.214-72, Full Quantities.

(C) 1852.215-84, Ombudsman.

(D) 1852.219-75, Small Business Subcontracting Reporting.

(E) 1852.219-76, NASA 8 Percent Goal.

(F) 1852.223-71, Frequency Authorization.

(G) 1852.228-72, Cross-Waiver of Liability for Space Shuttle Services.

(H) 1852.228-76, Cross-Waiver of Liability for Space Station Activities.

(I ) 1852.228-78, Cross-Waiver of Liability for NASA Expendable Launch Vehicles.

(J) 1852.246-72, Material Inspection and Receiving Report.

(ii) No other provisions and clauses prescribed in the NFS or center documents shall be used in acquisitions of commercial items, except as permitted by FAR 12.302.

1812.302 Tailoring of provisions and clauses for the acquisition of commercial items.

(c) The Associate Administrator for Procurement (Code HS) is the approval authority for waivers. Requests shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with 1801.471.

Subpart 1812.4--Unique Requirements Regarding Terms and Conditions for Commercial Items

1812.404 Warranties.

(b) In acquisitions under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold specified in FAR Part 13, no express warranty should be required other than the offeror's commercial warranty.

Subpart 1812.70 -- Commercial Space Hardware or Services

1812.7000 Prohibition on guaranteed customer bases for new commercial space hardware or services.

Public Law 102-139, title III, Section 2459d, prohibits NASA from awarding a contract with an expected duration of more than one year if the primary effect of the contract is to provide a guaranteed customer base for, or establish an anchor tenancy in, new commercial space hardware or services. Exception to this prohibition may be authorized only by an appropriations Act specifically providing otherwise.

card statements indicating whether item receipt has occurred. For purchases above the micro-purchase threshold, see 1813.106-3(b)(3)(ii).

1813.301-71 Reserved.

1813.301-72 Approving official.

The approving official is the individual who reviews and approves a cardholder's monthly statement of purchases. The approving official shall be the cardholder's immediate or higher level supervisor; in no case shall cardholders approve their own statement of purchases. Unless center procedures otherwise provide for their designation, the procurement officer shall designate approving officials.

1813.301-73 Program officials.

(a) The Langley Research Center, Office of Procurement (Code AG), is the agency program coordinator.

(b) The procurement officer shall identify the center program coordinator and the center billing office point of contact, and provide their names to the agency program coordinator.

1813.302 Purchase orders.

1813.302-1 General.

(a) See 1813.003(h).

1813.302-70 Purchase orders under section 8(a) of the Small Business Act.

Purchase orders made using simplified acquisition procedures are authorized for 8(a) acquisitions under the simplified acquisition threshold.

1813.303 Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

1813.303-3 Preparation of BPAs.

(a)(4) Non-GS-1102 or -1105 personnel shall not be authorized to place individual orders under a BPA in an amount greater than $5,000. For sole source orders above $2,500, a contracting officer's determination is required in accordance with FAR 13.106-1(b)(1).

1813.307 Forms.

(b) Installations may use locally prescribed forms.

(c) Installations may use locally prescribed forms.

(d) The SF 44 may be used for purchases of aviation fuel and oil of $10,000 or less.

incentives, use Alternate I. When the clause is used in a fixed-price award fee contract, it shall be modified to delete references to base fee and to reflect the contract type.

(f) As provided at 1816.402-270, the contracting officer shall insert a clause substantially as stated at 1852.216-88, Performance Incentive, when the primary deliverable(s) is (are) hardware and total estimated cost and fee is greater than $25 million. A clause substantially as stated at 1852.216-88 may be included in lower dollar value hardware contracts with the approval of the procurement officer.

Subpart 1816.5--Indefinite-Delivery Contracts

1816.504 Indefinite quantity contracts.

(a)(4)(ii) ID/IQ service contract values and task order values shall be expressed only in dollars.

1816.505 Ordering.

(a)(2) Task and delivery orders shall be issued by the contracting officer.

(b)(6) The Agency and installation ombudsmen designated in accordance with 1815.70 shall review complaints from contractors on task order contracts and delivery order contracts.

1816.505-70 Task ordering.

(a) The contracting officer shall, to the maximum extent possible, state task order requirements in terms of functions and the related performance and quality standards such that the standards may be objectively measured.

(b) To the maximum extent possible, contracting officers shall solicit contractor task plans to use as the basis for finalizing task order requirements and enable evaluation and pricing of the contractor's proposed work on a performance based approach as described in 1816.404-270(a).

(c) Task order contract type shall be individually determined, based on the nature of each task order's requirements.

(1) Task orders may be grouped by contract type for administrative convenience (e.g., all CPIF orders, all FFP orders, etc.) for contractor progress and cost reporting.

(2) Under multiple awards, solicitations for individual task plans shall request the same pricing structure from all offerors.

(d) Any undefinitized task order issued under paragraph (f) of the clause at 1852.216-80, Task Ordering Procedure, shall be treated and reported as an undefinitized contract action in accordance with 1843-70.

1816.506-70 NASA contract clause.

Insert the clause at 1852.216-80, Task Ordering Procedure, in solicitations and contracts when an indefinite-delivery, task order contract is contemplated. The clause is applicable to both fixed-price and cost-reimbursement type contracts. If the contract does not require 533M reporting (see NPG 9501.2, NASA Contractor Financial Management Reporting System), use the clause with its Alternate I.

Subpart 1816.6--Time-and-Materials, Labor-Hour, and Letter Contracts

1816.603 Letter contracts.

1816.603-370 Approvals.

(a) All requests for authority to issue a letter contract shall include the following:

(1) Proposed contractor's name and address.

(2) Location where contract is to be performed.

(3) Contract number, including modification number, if applicable.

(4) Brief description of the work or services to be performed.

(5) Performance period or delivery schedule.

(6) Amount of letter contract.

(7) Performance period of letter contract.

(8) Estimated total amount of definitive contract.

(9) Type of definitive contract to be executed.

(10) A statement that the definitive contract will contain all required clauses or identification of specific clause deviations that have been approved.

(11) A statement as to the necessity and advantage to the Government of the proposed letter contract.

(12) The definitization schedule described in FAR 16.603-2(c) expected to be negotiated with the contractor.

(b) Requests for authority to issue letter contracts having an estimated definitive contract amount equal to or greater than the Master Buy Plan submission thresholds of 1807.7101 (or modifications thereto) shall be signed by the procurement officer and submitted to the Associate Administrator for Procurement (Code HS) for approval.

(c) Authority to approve the issuance of letter contracts below the Master Buy Plan submission thresholds specified in 1807.7101 is delegated to the procurement officer.

(d) Any modification of an undefinitized letter contract approved by a procurement officer in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section that increases the estimated definitized contract amount to or above the Master Buy Plan submission thresholds must have the prior approval of the Associate Administrator for Procurement (Code HS).

PART 1837



1837.101 Definitions.

1837.104 Personal services contracts.

1837.110 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

1837.110-70 NASA solicitation provision and contract clauses.

1837.170 Pension portability.


1837.203 Policy.

1837.204 Guidelines for determining availability of personnel.


1837.7000 Acquisition of off-the-shelf training courses.

1837.7001 Acquisition of new training courses.

PART 1837

Subpart 1837.1--Service Contracts--General

1837.101 Definitions.

"Pension portability" means the recognition and continuation in a successor service contract of the predecessor service contract employees' pension rights and benefits.

1837.104 Personal services contracts.

(b) Section 203(c)(9) of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2473(c)(9)) authorizes NASA "to obtain services as authorized by Section 3109 of Title 5, United States Code." It is NASA policy to obtain the personal services of experts and consultants by appointment rather than by contract. The policies, responsibilities, and procedures pertaining to the appointment of experts and consultants are in NMI 3304.1G.

1837.110 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

1837.110-70 NASA solicitation provision and contract clauses.

(a) The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1852.237-70, Emergency Evacuation Procedures, in solicitations and contracts for on-site support services where emergency evacuations of the NASA installation may occur, e.g., snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or other emergencies.

(b) The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1852.237-71, Pension Portability, in solicitations, contracts or negotiated contract modifications for additional work when the procurement officer makes the determination in 1837.170(a)(2).

1837.170 Pension portability.

(a) It is NASA's policy not to require pension portability in service contracts. However, pension portability requirements may be included in solicitations, contracts, or contract modifications for additional work under the following conditions:

(1)(i) There is a continuing need for the same or similar services for a minimum of five years (inclusive of options), and, if the contractor changes, a high percentage of the predecessor contractor's employees are expected to remain with the program; or

(ii) The employees under a predecessor contract were covered by a portable pension plan, a follow-on contract or a contract consolidating existing services is awarded, and the total contract period covered by the plan covers a minimum of five years (including both the predecessor and successor contracts); and

(2) The procurement officer determines in writing, with full supporting rationale, that such a requirement is in the Government's best interest. The procurement officer shall maintain a record of all such determinations.

(b) When pension portability is required, the plan shall comply with the requirements of the clause at 1852.237-71, Pension Portability, (see 1837.110-70(b)), and the contract shall also include a clear description of the plan, including service, pay, liabilities, vesting, termination, and benefits from prior contracts.

Subpart 1837.2--Advisory and Assistance Services

1837.203 Policy.

(c) Advisory and assistance services of individual experts and consultants shall normally be obtained by appointment rather than by contract (see NPD 3000.1, Management of Human Resources).

1837.204 Guidelines for determining availability of personnel.

(a)(i) Outside peer review evaluators may be used to evaluate SBIR, STTR, NRA, AO, and unsolicited proposals without making the determination of non-availability.

(ii) For all other actions, the NASA official one level above the NASA program official responsible for the evaluation shall make the determination, with the concurrence of the legal office. The contracting officer shall ensure that a copy of the determination is in the contract file prior to issuance of a solicitation.

(b) The official designated in paragraph (a)(ii) of this section is responsible for the actions required in FAR 37.204(b).

(c) The agreement shall be made by the program official responsible for the evaluation and the contracting officer.

(e) The Associate Administrator for Procurement (Code HS) is the approval authority for class determinations. The class determination request shall include the assessment required by FAR 37.204(b).

major program cutbacks or expansions, changes in locations of major programs, and sizable new acquisitions should be considered in the assessment.

(b) A summary, including a negative summary, of the Center's assessment shall be submitted by the procurement officer to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HK) by not later than January 15 and June 15 of the fiscal year. The summary shall include--

(1) A description of the change in work requirements or delegation pattern;

(2) The estimated duration of the impact;

(3) The results of discussions with affected DOD contract administration offices including agreement and disagreements on the predicted impact on DOD in terms of changes in manpower requirements or other costs; and

(4) Any other significant impact on DOD or NASA resources or contract performance risk.

1842.170 Assignment of NASA personnel at contractor plants.

(a)(1) NASA personnel normally shall not be assigned at or near a contractor's facility to perform any contract administration functions listed in FAR 42.302(a). Before such an assignment is made, a written request shall be forwarded to the cognizant program director for approval with the concurrence of the Associate Administrator for Procurement (Code HS). The following supporting information shall be forwarded with the request to make the assignment:

(i) A statement of the special circumstances that necessitate the assignment.

(ii) The contract administration services to be performed.

(iii) A summary of any discussions held with the cognizant contract administration organization.

(iv) A staffing plan covering three years or such shorter period as may be appropriate.

(2) The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to NASA audit personnel assigned to the field installations, to NASA technical personnel covered by 1842.101 and paragraph (b) of this section, unless they are performing any contract administration functions listed in FAR 42.302(a), or to personnel assigned to contractors' plants on NASA or other Federal installations.

(b) NASA may assign technical personnel (such as quality assurance, reliability, or engineering representatives) to contractors' plants or laboratories to provide direct liaison with NASA and technical assistance and guidance to the contractor and DOD. The duties and responsibilities of these technical representatives shall be clearly defined and shall not conflict with, duplicate, or overlap with functions delegated to DOD personnel. NASA shall advise appropriate DOD and contractor organizations of the duties and responsibilities of NASA technical personnel.

(c) When a NASA resident office, including any assigned technical personnel, and a DOD contract administration office are performing contract administration functions for NASA contracts at the same contractor's facility, the two offices shall execute a written agreement clearly establishing the relationship between the two organizations and the contractor. The agreement should eliminate duplication in the performance of contract administration functions and minimize procedural misunderstandings between the two organizations. Such agreements shall be consistent with existing delegations to the contract administration offices concerned and shall specify the relationship of NASA nonprocurement resident personnel to their DOD and contractor counterparts if such personnel will be involved in any aspect of contract administration.

Subpart 1842.2--Contract Administration Services

1842.202 Assignment of contract administration.

(b) Withholding normal functions.

(i) The following functions are normally retained by the contracting office.

(A) Approval of the final voucher (FAR 42.302(a)(7)).

(B) Countersigning NASA Form 456, Notice of Contract Costs Suspended and/or Disapproved (FAR 42.302(a)(8)).

(C) Issuance of decisions under the disputes clause (FAR 42.302(a)(10)).

(D) Contract payment (FAR 42.302(a)(13)).

(E) Execution of supplemental agreements involving spare parts or other items selected through provisioning procedures. However, delegation of the negotiation of supplemental agreements for spare parts and other items and forwarding for approval and signature of the NASA contracting officer is permitted (FAR 42.302(a)(22)).

(F) Execution of supplemental agreements definitizing change orders (see FAR 42.302(b)(1)).

(G) Issuing termination notices and executing supplemental agreements for settlement of termination for default or for convenience of the Government. However, delegation of the negotiation of termination settlements and forwarding for approval and signature of the NASA contracting officer is permitted using NASA Form 1432 (FAR 42.302(a)(23)).

(H) Consent to placement of subcontracts under FAR 42.302(a)(51). (See 1844.202-1(a)).

(d) Transmittal and documentation. In addition to the instructions at FAR 42.202(d)(1) through (4), contracting officers shall--

(i) Send delegations to DOD contract administration offices in accordance with the instructions in the DOD Directory of Contract Administration Services Components (DLAH 4105.4).

(ii) At time of contract award, prepare and forward NASA Form 1430, Letter of Contract Administration Delegation, General, to the contract administration office. NASA Form 1430A, Letter of Contract Administration, Special Instructions, will supplement the NASA Form 1430, to modify previously delegated functions and provide additional or particular information considered necessary to ensure clear understanding of all delegated functions.

(iii) Forward NASA Form 1431, Letter of Acceptance of Contract Administration, with each NASA Form 1430 or 1430A. Contracting officers shall use the returned NASA Form 1431 as contract file documentation that the delegation has been accepted, modified or rejected by the contract administration office and as a reference for points of contact for each of the functional areas delegated.

(iv) Use NASA Form 1433, Letter of Audit Delegation, to delegate the audit function and to amend previous delegations. Distribute copies of the contract and NASA Form 1433 as follows:

(A) Audit office: One copy of the contract and three NASA Forms 1433. When the Department of Health and Human Services is designated as the audit office, item 12 on NASA Form 1433 shall be marked "Not applicable."

(B) Contractor: One NASA Form 1433.

(C) Cognizant NASA fiscal or financial management office: One NASA Form 1433.

(v) For contracts with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), audits are automatically arranged by the Department of Defense Production (Canada) (DDP) in accordance with agreements between NASA and DDP. Audit reports are furnished to DDP. Upon advice from DDP, CCC will certify the invoice and forward it with Standard Form 1034, Public Voucher, to the contracting officer for further processing and transmittal to the fiscal or financial management officer.

PART 1847



1847.200 Scope of subpart.

1847.200-70 Charter of aircraft.


1847.304 Determination of delivery terms.

1847.304-3 Shipments from CONUS for overseas delivery.

1847.304-370 NASA export privilege.

1847.305 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

1847.305-10 Packing, marking, and consignment instructions.

1847.305-13 Transit arrangements.

1847.305-70 NASA contract clauses.


1847.506 Procedures.


1847.7001 Contract clause.


PART 1847

Subpart 1847.2--Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services

1847.200 Scope of subpart.

1847.200-70 Charter of aircraft.

When acquiring aircraft by charter, contracting officers shall comply with NPG 7900.3, Aircraft Operations Management.

Subpart 1847.3--Transportation in Supply Contracts

1847.304 Determination of delivery terms.

1847.304-3 Shipments from CONUS for overseas delivery.

1847.304-370 NASA export privilege.

NASA has export licensing privileges for moving commodities to foreign destinations. Contracting officers shall request the advice of the Center Export Administrator to ensure full and appropriate use is made of these privileges.

1847.305 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

1847.305-10 Packing, marking, and consignment instructions.

In contracts providing for delivery f.o.b. origin and shipment under Government bills of lading, consignment instructions may be limited to the mail address of the consignee (receiving activity), provided the contract instructions state: "Shipment other than mail shall be consigned as indicated on the Government bill of lading furnished to the contractor."

1847.305-13 Transit arrangements.

(a)(3)(ii) When the provision at FAR 52.247-56 is used, the solicitation shall state that offers will be evaluated on the basis of the lowest overall cost to the Government, including transportation costs to NASA from point of origin to final destination, taking into account any applicable transit privileges.

1847.305-70 NASA contract clauses.

(a) The contracting officer may insert a clause substantially as stated at 1852.247-72, Advance Notice of Shipment, in solicitations and contracts when the f.o.b. point is destination and special Government assistance is required in the delivery or receipt of the items.

(b) The contracting officer may insert a clause substantially as stated at 1852.247-73, Shipment by Government Bills of Lading, in f.o.b. origin solicitations and contracts.

Subpart 1847.5--Ocean Transportation by U.S.-Flag Vessels

1847.506 Procedures.

(d)(i) The transportation officer in each installation shall establish and maintain a register to reflect adherence to the Cargo Preference Act. The register shall contain data related to shipments made by the installation and by NASA contractors. Where no transportation officer is available, it shall be maintained by the contracting office. The register shall contain pertinent details of ocean shipments including, but not limited to, the ports of origin and destination of shipments, commodity descriptions, gross weight, freight revenue, name of vessel, operator of vessel, and date of loading. The register shall be maintained current and organized so that adherence to the Cargo Preference Act can be ascertained at all times. To the maximum practicable extent, compliance with the 50-percent minimum requirements of the Cargo Preference Act shall be maintained on a quarter-year basis; any deficiencies in maintaining compliance shall be corrected by the end of the calendar year.

(ii) On the basis of the registers maintained under paragraph (d)(i) of this section, the official maintaining the register shall submit quarterly reports reflecting ocean shipments to the Division of National Cargo, Office of Market Development, Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation, Washington, DC, 20590. Negative reports are required when applicable.

Subpart 1847.70--Protection of the Florida Manatee

1847.7001 Contract clause.

The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1852.247-71, Protection of the Florida Manatee, in solicitations and contracts when deliveries or vessel operations, dockside work, or disassembly functions under the contract will involve use of waterways inhabited by manatees. The clause shall also be included in applicable subcontracts (including vendor deliveries).

PART 1852


1852.000 Scope of part.


1852.101 Using Part 52.

1852.103 Identification of provisions and clauses.

1852.103-70 Identification of modified provisions and clauses.

1852.104 Procedures for modifying and completing provisions and clauses.


1852.204-75 Security Classification Requirements.

1852.204-76 Security Requirements for Unclassified Automated Information Resources.

1852.208-81 Restrictions on Printing and Duplicating.

1852.209-70 Product Removal from Qualified Products List.

1852.209-71 Limitation of Future Contracting.

1852.209-72 Composition of the Contractor.

1852.214-70 Caution to Offerors Furnishing Descriptive Literature.

1852.214-71 Grouping for Aggregate Award.

1852.214-72 Full Quantities.

1852.215-77 Preproposal/Pre-bid Conference.

1852.215-78 Make or Buy Program Requirements.

1852.215-79 Price Adjustment for "Make-or-Buy" Changes.

1852.215-81 Proposal Page Limitations.

1852.215-84 Ombudsman.

1852.216-73 Estimated Cost and Cost Sharing.

1852.216-74 Estimated Cost and Fixed Fee.

1852.216-75 Payment of Fixed Fee.

1852.216-76 Award Fee for Service Contracts.

1852.216-77 Award Fee for End Item Contracts.

1852.216-78 Firm Fixed Price.

1852.216-80 Task Ordering Procedure.

1852.216-81 Estimated Cost.

1852.216-83 Fixed Price Incentive.

1852.216-84 Estimated Cost and Incentive Fee.

1852.216-85 Estimated Cost and Award Fee.

1852.216-87 Submission of Vouchers for Payment.

1852.216-88 Performance Incentive.

1852.216-89 Assignment and Release Forms.

1852.217-70 Property Administration and Reporting.

1852.219-73 Small Business Subcontracting Plan.

1852.219-74 Use of Rural Area Small Businesses.

1852.219-75 Small Business Subcontracting Reporting.

1852.219-76 NASA 8 Percent Goal.

1852.219-77 NASA Mentor-Protégé Program.

1852.219-79 Mentor Requirements and Evaluation.

1852.223-70 Safety and Health.

1852.223-71 Frequency Authorization.

1852.223-73 Safety and Health Plan.

1852.223-74 Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workforce.

1852.225-71 Nondomestic Construction Materials.

1852.225-73 Duty-Free Entry Supplies.

1852.227-11 Patent Rights--Retention by the Contractor (Short Form).

1852.227-14 Rights in Data--General.

1852.227-17 Rights in Data--Special Works.

1852.227-19 Commercial Computer Software--Restricted Rights.

1852.227-70 New Technology.

1852.227-71 Requests for Waiver of Rights to Inventions.

1852.227-72 Designation of New Technology Representative and Patent Representative.

1852.227-84 Patent Rights Clauses.

1852.227-85 Invention Reporting and Rights--Foreign.

1852.227-86 Commercial Computer Software--Licensing.

1852.227-87 Transfer of Technical Data Under Space Station International Agreements.

1852.228-70 Aircraft Ground and Flight Risk.

1852.228-71 Aircraft Flight Risks.

1852.228-72 Cross-Waiver of Liability for Space Shuttle Services.

1852.228-73 Bid Bond.

1852.228-75 Minimum Insurance Coverage.

1852.228-76 Cross-Waiver of Liability for Space Station Activities.

1852.228-78 Cross-Waiver of Liability for NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Launches.

1852.231-70 Precontract Costs.

1852.231-71 Determination of Compensation Reasonableness.

1852.232-70 NASA Modification of FAR 52.232-12.

1852.232-77 Limitation of Funds (Fixed-Price Contract).

1852.232-79 Payment for On-Site Preparatory Costs.

1852.232-81 Contract Funding.

1852.232-82 Submission of Requests for Progress Payments.

1852.233-70 Protests to NASA.

1852.214-70 Caution to Offerors Furnishing Descriptive Literature.

As prescribed in 1814.201-670(a), insert the following provision:


Bidders are cautioned against furnishing as a part of their bids descriptive literature that includes language reserving to the bidder the right to deviate from the requirements of the invitation for bids. Statements that "Data are subject to change without notice," "Prices subject to change without notice," or words having a similar effect are examples of such reservation. The Government will reject as nonresponsive any bid that incorporates literature containing such language or any bid that must be evaluated by using literature containing such language. Bidders should clearly label any submissions of descriptive literature not intended to form a part of a bid as such in order to preclude any need for the Government to interpret the bidder's intent in submitting descriptive literature. [See FAR 14.202-5.]

(End of provision)

1852.214-71 Grouping for Aggregate Award.

As prescribed in 1814.201-670(c), insert the following provision:

(MARCH 1989)

(a) The Government will evaluate offers and make award on a basis of the aggregate offers for items

[Insert the item numbers and/or descriptions].

The Government will not consider an offer for quantities less than those specified for these items.

(b) If this is an invitation for bids, the Government will reject as nonresponsive a bid that is not made on the total quantities for all of the items specified in paragraph (a) of this section.

(End of provision)

1852.214-72 Full Quantities.

As prescribed in 1814.201-670(b), insert the following provision:


The Government will not consider an offer for quantities of items less than those specified. If this is an invitation for bids, the Government will reject as nonresponsive a bid that is not made on full quantities.

(End of provision)