Procurement Notice

October 4, 2002

contract numbering

BACKGROUND:  This PN revises the NASA FAR Supplement by making changes to the contract identification numbering scheme used by NASA.  This change is necessary for implementation of NASA’s Integrated Financial Management System. This implementation requires a change to the number of digits and sequence of characters used in the contract identification number. 




ACTION REQUIRED BY CONTRACTING OFFICERS:  All new award documents issued after October 1, 2002, must use the revised contract identification scheme.  For purposes of AMS reporting, comply with the instructions contained in PIC 02-20.


CLAUSE/PROVISION CHANGES:  This PN makes no changes to clauses or provisions.


PARTS AFFECTED:  Changes are made in Part 1804.


REPLACEMENT PAGES:  You may use the enclosed pages to replace 4:9, 4:10, 4:11, and 4:12.


TYPE OF RULE AND PUBLICATION DATE:  This PN was published as a final rule in the Federal Register (67 FR 62190 - 62191) on October 4, 2002.


HEADQUARTERS CONTACT:  Celeste Dalton, Code HK, (202) 358-1645, e-mail: cdalton@hq.nasa.gov.



R. Scott Thompson

Director, Contract Management Division




estimated reimbursement due the administration agency for the services yet to be performed for each requested function. Copies of this inventory shall be provided to the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


1804.7003-3  Notifications.

   The contracting officer of the transferring installation shall provide written notification of the planned transfer to the contractor and all agencies performing or requested to perform administration services.


1804.7003-4  Transfer.

   (a)  Upon completion of the actions described in 1804.7003-1 through 1804.7003-3, the contracting officer of the transferring installation shall issue a letter to the contractor, agencies performing contract administration functions, contracting officer representatives, and the contracting officer of the receiving installation.  This letter shall provide notification of the transfer date, termination of appointment of the contracting officer's representatives, and the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the contracting officer of the receiving installation.

   (b)  After issuing the letters described in 1804.7003-4(a), the contracting officer of the transferring installation shall send the contract file to the contracting officer of the receiving installation with a letter transferring contract responsibility.  This letter shall contain a provision for acceptance of the responsibility for the contract and its related files by the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


1804.7003-5  Retention documentation.

   The contracting officer of the transferring installation shall retain for permanent file a copy of the approvals and concurrences required by 1804.7002, the transfer acceptance letter of the contracting officer of the receiving installation, and any additional documents necessary for a complete summary of the transfer action.


1804.7004  Responsibilities of the contracting officer of the receiving installation.


1804.7004-1  Pre-transfer file review.

   The contracting officer of the receiving installation shall review the contract, letters of request, actions in process, and other related files and to request corrective action, if necessary, before the official transfer of the contract.  This review may be waived by written notification to the contracting officer of the transferring installation.


1804.7004-2  Post-transfer actions.

   The contracting officer of the receiving installation shall --

   (a)  Provide the contracting officer of the transferring installation written acceptance of contract responsibility and receipt of the contract files;

   (b)  Inform all offices affected within the installation of the receipt of the contract;

   (c)  Appoint new contracting officer's technical representatives, as necessary;

   (d)  Issue a contract modification to provide for the administrative changes resulting from the transfer action (e.g., identifying offices responsible for performing contract administration and making payment and the office to which vouchers, reports, and data are to be submitted);

   (e)  Provide copies of the contract documents to affected installation offices; and

   (f)  If appropriate, supplement the letter of request to the Government agency providing contract administration services to reflect the changes resulting from the transfer action.  The supplement may terminate or amend an existing contract administration support arrangement or may request support in additional areas.


Subpart 1804.71--Uniform Acquisition Instrument Identification


1804.7100  Scope of subpart.

   This subpart contains the procedures for uniform numbering of NASA solicitations, contracts (including letter contracts), purchase orders (including requests to other Government agencies), basic ordering agreements, other agreements between the parties involving the payment of appropriated funds or collection of funds for credit to the Treasury of the United States, and modifications or supplements to these instruments.


1804.7101  Policy.

   (a)  Contractual documents shall be numbered with approved prefixes and serial numbers as prescribed in this subpart. If other identification is required for center purposes, it shall be placed on the document in such a location as to clearly separate it from the identification number.

   (b)  The identification number shall consist of not more than 10 alpha-numeric characters positioned as prescribed in this subpart and shall be retained unchanged for the life of the particular instrument.


1804.7102  Prefixes.

(a)    Approved prefixes are as follows:







Ames Research Center                      



Dryden Flight Research Center



Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field



Goddard Space Flight Center             






Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center



John F. Kennedy Space Center           



Langley Research Center                   



George C. Marshall Space Flight Center



NASA Management Office-JPL      



John C. Stennis Space Center             




   (b)  The contract prefix shall be used for the following documents:

         (1)  Contracts, including letter contracts, indefinite-delivery contracts, utilities contracts, leases of real property and renewals.

         (2)  Easements.

         (3)  Basic ordering agreements.

         (4)  Other written agreements involving payment or receipt of funds not covered by 1804.7102(e).

   (c)  Contracts totally funded under reimbursable arrangements with the Department of Energy shall use a DEN prefix instead of the NAS prefix (e.g., DEN8- for Marshall).

   (d)  Space Act agreements awarded under the authority of Section 203(c)(5) or 203(c)(6) of the Space Act shall use an NCA prefix instead of the NAS prefix (e.g., NCA8- for Marshall).

   (e)  The purchase order prefix shall be used for purchase orders (including blanket purchase agreements) and requests to other Government agencies to furnish supplies or services.

   (f)  Solicitations shall be numbered in accordance with installation procedures, except that in all cases the identifying number shall begin with the portion of the installation's contract prefix following “NAS.”

   (g)  If a prefix is required for an installation or office not listed in this subsection, a request for a prefix assignment shall be submitted to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS).


1804.7103  Serial numbers.

   (a)  Installations shall number contracts and agreements identified in 1804.7102(b) serially by fiscal year.  The serial number shall be five digits beginning with a two-digit fiscal year identifier followed by a three digits commencing with "001" and continuing in succession.  For example, the first contracts awarded by Ames Research Center in fiscal year 1997 shall be numbered NAS2-97001 and NAS2-97002.  Fiscal year identification is optional for Space Act agreements.

   (b)  Serial numbers for purchase orders shall be assigned serially without fiscal year identification. When the series of numbers exceeds five digits (over 99,999), a new series shall be used, beginning the series with number "1" and followed by the capital letter "A."  Should additional series become necessary, they will be distinguished by the capital letters "B," "C," and so forth, as may be required, except that the letters "I" and "O" shall not be used.


1804.7104  Modifications of contracts or agreements.

   (a)  Modifications of definitive or letter contracts or agreements shall (1) bear the same identification as the contract or agreement being modified and (2) be numbered consecutively for each contract or agreement, beginning with Modification Number 1, regardless of whether the modification is accomplished by unilateral or bilateral action. Except for termination notices, modifications shall be effected by the use of Standard Form 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract.

   (b)  Definitive contracts superseding letter contracts shall retain the same contract number as that originally assigned to the letter contract.  Actions definitizing letter contracts are considered modifications and shall be assigned modification numbers in accordance with paragraph (a) of this subsection.


Subpart 1804.72--Review and Approval of Contractual Instruments


1804.7200    Contract review by Headquarters.

   (a)  Requests for approval of contracts and supplemental agreements by the Assistant Administrator for Procurement shall be submitted to the Headquarters Office of Procurement (Code HS) in sufficient time to allow a minimum of 15 days for review.

   (b)  Each request for approval shall be accompanied by (1) five copies of the contractual document, one of which has been executed by the contractor and contracting officer, and (2) the official contract file containing the appropriate documentation as set forth in FAR 4.803(a). However, for the items specified in FAR 4.803(a)10, (11), and (12), the contracting officer shall provide documentation pertaining only to the successful offeror; and, in lieu of the items specified in FAR 4.803(a)(26)(ii) and (iii), the contracting officer shall provide an index briefly describing the content of all previous modifications.

   (c)  The approval required under this section shall be made by signature of the Assistant Administrator for Procurement on the contract/supplemental agreement.


Subpart 1804.73--Procurement Requests


1804.7301  General.

   (a)  Except in unusual circumstances, the contracting office shall not issue solicitations until an approved procurement request (PR), containing a certification that funds are available, has been received. However, the contracting office may take all necessary actions up to the point of contract obligation before receipt of the PR certifying that funds are available when -

          (1)  Such action is necessary to meet critical program schedules;

          (2)  Program authority has been issued and funds to cover the acquisition will be available prior to the date set for contract award or contract modification;

          (3)  The procurement officer authorizes such action in writing before solicitation issuance; and

          (4)  The solicitation includes the clause at FAR 52.232-18, Availability of Funds. The clause shall be deleted from the resultant contract.

   (b)  The contracting office shall not issue either a draft or final solicitation until a PR, either planning or final, has been received that contains an NPG 7120.5 certification.  That certification must be made by the project or program office that initiated the PR, or the PR approval authority when there is no project or program office.  The certification must state that either -

          (1)  The requested action is not in support of programs and projects subject to the requirements of NPG 7120.5, or

          (2)  The requested action is in support of programs and projects subject to the requirements of NPG 7120.5, and -

               (i)    All NPG 7120.5 required documentation is current and has been approved; or

               (ii)   Authority to proceed without the required documentation has been granted by the Chair of the Governing Program Management Council or designee.


Subpart 1804.74--Central Contractor Registration


1804.7400  Scope.

   This subpart prescribes policies and procedures for requiring contractor registration in the DoD Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database.


1804.7401  Definitions.

            “Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database,” “Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number,” “Data Universal Numbering System+4 (DUNS+4) number,”