Quest for Performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft
Chapter 13: Jet Transports
[462] The introduction of the first jet transport over a quarter of a century ago marked the beginning of a transportation revolution. The modern jet transport has altered forever the travel concepts and habits of people all over the world.
An account of the technical development of the jet transport has been presented from the pioneering DeHavilland Comet of the early 1950's to the highly efficient, safe, reliable, and economical transport aircraft of today. Many of the transport aircraft currently in production will continue to be produced for many years. Improvements, modifications, and adaptations to new routes and markets will be made to current aircraft as time and circumstances change and as new technologies evolve.
Several entirely new aircraft will probably be developed in the next two decades. These new aircraft will no doubt utilize emerging new technologies in aerodynamics, structures, guidance and control, and propulsion. Improved aerodynamic design, composite structures, active controls, and engines of improved efficiency and reduced noise are only a few of the new technical developments that suggest themselves. The increased cost of fuel will place a great emphasis on energy-efficient aircraft. Accordingly, aerodynamic and propulsion-system efficiency and light structural weight will be of greater importance than ever before.