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Thierry Lombry

Born on 1960, I live in Luxembourg. I am a graduate in photography, meteorology, finance, and computing. I am a certified IT auditor (CISA) among others. I worked 7 years for the Belgian Air Force (Meteo Wing), then in the field of computing for the Royal Military School (ERM) before working for the private sector, consulting for international institutions and private companies in IT field.

Thierry Lombry Currently, I work for a major bank in the field of business improvement and web channels support, merging my knowledge in finance and IT.

On the hobby side of my life, I am a certified diver (2* CMAS licence), skydiver (military licence), and amateur radio operator (ON4SKY, LX4SKY). I am a member of various associations like Royal Astronomical Society and MENSA.

I have written a book, for a general audience, "Un si├Ęcle de Physique", published in French by Aegeus. I also manage a website titled LUXORION for educational purposes.

When I have free time, I create renderings for sale to individuals or for publication in magazines.

August 2006