Neil's Urban Myth

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Sketch completed 8 June 2003
Drawing Copyright by Ulrich Lotzmann. All rights reserved.
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During November 1995, a clever - and slightly risqué - story was widely circulated on the Internet concerning a statement Neil is supposed to have made during the Apollo 11 EVA. At the suggestion of several readers of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, let me state that Neil never said "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky" at any time during the mission. Indeed, on November 28, 1995, Neil wrote, "I understand that the joke is a year old. I first heard it in California delivered by (comedian) Buddy Hackett".

Ulli writes, "I did this sketch for Ken Glover and his band, 'Mr. Gorsky'. Thank you for the inspiration, Ken!"

Animated version by Ulli Lotzmann and Ken Glover.

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