A Guy Waiting

Drawing Copyright by Ulrich Lotzmann. All rights reserved.

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Sketch completed 31 January 2003

From the Apollo 12 Lunar Surface Journal at 118:43:27

118:43:00 Conrad: Hey, Al, dump some of this dirt...Come here, Al.

118:43:03 Bean: Just a second, let me move this TV.

118:43:06 LM Crew: (Garbled)

118:43:08 Bean: There you go. It (the TV lens)'s wide open now, in the dark. Okay, Houston; it's wide open in the dark.

118:43:18 Gibson: Okay, Al. (Pause)

118:43:27 Conrad: Kinda feel like the guy in the shopping center waiting for his wife.

118:43:32 Bean: Okay.

118:43:33 Conrad: I'm standing here holding two bags, buddy.

118:43:36 Bean: I'm coming! Coming! (Pete giggles; Al joins in).

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