Apollo 11 Multimedia

Buzz in Eagle

Digital Video Copyright © 1999 by Gary R. Neff.
All rights reserved.


This is a short film clip of Buzz Aldrin, shot in Eagle,
during a cislunar LM checkout.

This film was captured from a VHS tape that lacked any audio track. It's typically
been shown over the years, as it was filmed, upside down. The film was
shot at 6 frames per second, but displayed at 29.972 frames
per second for the TV audience. In other words, 5 times too fast.
In addition, a 3:2 pull down was done by the studio which, basically, adds
an extra frame every 4th frame. The end result was an
upside down film being shown 4 times too fast.

I captured the video at 29.972 fps.

photo of Buzz Aldrin in spacecraft

I then rotated the image 180 degrees and restored the colors as much as possible, given the source.

photo of Buzz Aldrin in spacecraft

Next, I cropped the video artifacts, removed the 3:2 pull down, and saved the resulting file
as a 320x240, 6 frames per second Quicktime movie, using the Sorenson codec. Shown at
its original frame rate, this movie is 2 1/2 minutes long.

photo of Buzz Aldrin in spacecraft

Why Sorenson? This video was over 225 megs before  compression. Sorenson, by far,
gives you the most compression while retaining much of the original quality.


This video is slightly over 5 megs, and will require
Quicktime 3, or better, to view.

"Buzz in Eagle" movie