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Al's 6 O'Clock Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2002 by Eric M. Jones.
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Last revised 13 February 2006.


Al's 6 o'clock pan (assembly by Dave Byrne) includes frames AS12-47- 6961 to 6981.

Frame 6969 shows the sunlit solar panels of Surveyor III which is sitting in the deep shadow on the far side of the crater.

The last frame, 6981, is a good picture of Pete at the MESA getting the rock box out and open.

Journal Contributor John Pfannerstill notes that changes in the shadows in Surveyor Crater over the last two hours can be seen easily in a comparison between frame 6968 in this pan and frame AS12-46- 6747, which Pete took from about the same location at 116:24:47. Note the location of the shadow near the twin craters on the south wall of Surveyor Crater.


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