The Apollo 14 mission was the 14th in a series using Apollo flight hardware and achieved the third lunar landing. The objectives of the mission were to investigate the lunar surface near a preselected point in the Fra Mauro formation, deploy and activate an Apollo lunar surface experiments package, further develop man's capability to work in the lunar environment, and obtain photographs of candidate exploration sites.

A complete analysis of all flight data is not possible within the time allowed for preparation of this report. Therefore, report supplements will be published for certain Apollo 14 systems analyses, as shown in appendix E. This appendix also lists the current status of all Apollo mission supplements, either published or in preparation. Other supplements will be published as necessary.

In this report, all actual times prior to earth landing are elapsed time from range zero, established as the integral second before lift-off. Range zero for this mission was 21:03:02 G-m.t., January 31, 1971. The clock onboard the spacecraft was changed at 54:53:36 by adding 40 minutes and 2.90 seconds; however, the times given in this report do not reflect this clock update. Had the clock update not been performed, indications of elapsed time in the crew's data file would have been in error by the amount of the delay in lift-off since the midcourse corrections were targeted to achieve the prelaunch-desired lunar orbit insertion time. Greenwich mean time is used for all times after earth landing. All references to mileage distance are in nautical miles.

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