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Debrief and Goodnight EVA-2 Wake-up


Mattingly About the Landing Site

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MP3 Audio Clip ( 9 min 02 sec ) by Roland Speth

131:45:33 Roosa: Okay, Ken, if you'll give us Low Altitude on the V-over-H Override.

131:45:38 Mattingly: Okay, going Low Altitude.

131:45:40 Mattingly: Mark.

131:45:41 Roosa: Okay.

[Comm Break]
131:47:56 Roosa: Okay, Ken. You can go to Center/Off position on the V-over-H Override, and you can go Auto on the High Gain.

131:48:10 Mattingly: Okay, V-over-H Override is Center/Off and the High Gain is in (Pause) Auto.

131:48:16 Roosa: Okay. (Long Pause) And, Ken. Just for your info, the field geology team are in the final phase of making their plans for EVA-2 tomorrow. So, if you've got any additional comments, why, better make them this pass because they'll (have to) have it all firmed up.

131:48:52 Mattingly: Oh, I think they're smarter than I am.

131:48:59 Roosa: Well, now. Don't get too carried away (with modesty) up there.

131:49:04 Mattingly: (Laughter) No, I would really - I'd really hope they make it to North Ray, though. I think that's going to be different than we expected it to be.

131:49:17 Roosa: Rog. (Long Pause) Okay, Ken, we are ready for Pan Camera Power to Off at this time.

131:50:16 Mattingly: Okay, Pan Camera Power is coming Off.

131:50:19 Mattingly: Mark.

131:50:20 Roosa: Okay, we got it.

[Comm Break]
131:51:56 Roosa: Hey, Ken. How did we make out in our discussion on North Ray low altitude there as far as being able to see the white albedo or not? Or, were you too far to the south?

131:52:10 Mattingly: Oh, I got ahead. It depends which rev you want to talk about. On...When I looked at her on the first day, right after DOI, there wasn't any...There was two craters, but no rays. When I went back and looked at him on landing morning, there's a slight ray. But North Ray still doesn't stand out as being the bright guy that South Ray does.

131:52:35 Roosa: Well, it's obvious I was talking about the landing day.

131:52:43 Mattingly: (Laughter) I gathered that it would be the case.

131:52:47 Roosa: Yeah, by all means.

131:52:58 Mattingly: Right now I would agree with you on anything, Stu.

131:53:01 Roosa: Yeah, I'll be quiet...

131:53:02 Mattingly: I'm here with my...

131:53:04 Roosa: I'll be quiet...

131:53:05 Mattingly: ...potato soup and my...Ah! Ah!

131:53:12 Roosa: Yeah, I ought to...I'll be quiet here and let you concentrate on your eating.

131:53:20 Mattingly: Oh, man. This is gourmet style. I got...I got the Modern Jazz Quartet playing "Porgy and Bess," and I got orange/grapefruit - some of it in the bag, some of it on the bulkheads - (and) potato soup. Man, it's real gourmet style. Even got a Beta candle.

131:53:51 Roosa: Hey, Ken. With all of that, now while ago you talked about some Casperellos - with all that Beta Candle and all that food, you don't have any such thing as a Casperette, do you?

131:54:08 Mattingly: (Laughter) No, I'm afraid I left that at home.

131:54:10 Roosa: (Laughter) All right.

131:54:14 Mattingly: That's about all this place is lacking, though. (Music in background)

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 10 min 03 sec ) by Roland Speth

132:07:14 Roosa: And, Ken, just another comment to close the loop on you on that P23s, the...Like I said before, the marking data was very good, and it came up with an horizon of 33 and loaded is a value of 28. And, after massaging all the data, decided to not change it since we've shown on the other missions that coming back...have a tendency to have a lower horizon. So, looks like we're just swinging with what we got there.

132:07:58 Mattingly: Okay, that's just fine.

[Long Comm Break]
132:11:01 Mattingly: Hey, Stu.

132:11:04 Roosa: Yeah, go ahead.

132:11:06 Mattingly: Couldn't pass up a chance to watch the landing site one more time, and so I took a quick break from chow and went and watched it. And had a couple of questions in mind and only got two of them answered. One of them is that...Counting the layers in North and South Ray, and South Ray looks different than North in that South Ray shows three distinct light and dark sequences. I suspect they're slumps, but there's at least three bands. North Ray doesn't have any of that sort of thing. It's obvious from this altitude. I took another look for the terraces and the whole area...The thing that we thought looked so distinctly different in the photographs, (that it) looked like Stone Mountain and Smoky Mountain were two different things and something came in the middle of it; and it doesn't look that way to me at all today. It looks to me like it's really all...Almost all part of the same material. And I've drawn another little mark on my map. It's just about where you folks said you thought the LM was, except a little farther over to the north. It turns out that there's one little bright speckle there that doesn't look like craters. I don't see anything except the speckle.

132:12:41 Roosa: Okay, I'm looking there. Now, go straight north of the - of the LM and a little to the west, there's three small craters there that are covered with what looks like...(covered) by a ray, now. Where are you talking from that? (Long Pause) Okay, Ken. Did you fade out, or did you stop talking? How do you read?

132:13:48 Mattingly: Oh, hey. I had you off of Vox and I forgot to push the key down, I had gotten so use to it. No, I gave you an 80 and about - oh, you were lookin in the right area. And, let me see what I can give you for coordinates on that.

132:14:21 Mattingly: How about CB 5 and 80?

132:14:28 Roosa: Okay. We've got CB 5 and 80.

132:14:34 Mattingly: Okay, and you know I'm not overhead long enough to be sure that that's what I'm looking at, but it looked to me like it had a different kind of glint to it.

132:14:38 Roosa: Okay. I'm sure they've got that.

132:14:52 Mattingly: Oh, hey, I've got one. (Long Pause) Well, I missed it. By the time I got the camera, it was gone. But that little buildup that we talked that was just to the west of Lassell, I had it spotted, and I was grabbing for the camera, and I couldn't find it again after I got back.

132:16:27 Roosa: Okay. And, Ken, if you want to go Accept, we'll uplink the jet monitor load; and, it's your choice whether you want us to initiate it or you want to initiate it.

132:16:46 Mattingly: All right, you guys can do that.

132:16:49 Roosa: Okay, we've got...Copy that.

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 11 min 58 sec ) by Roland Speth
(The clip starts at about 132:16:49.)

132:22:19 Roosa: Okay, Ken. The computer is yours. Go to Block, and the EMP is running.

132:22:32 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you very much. You guys are really helpful.

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 10 min 15 sec ) by Roland Speth

132:28:41 Roosa: And, Casper; Houston.

132:28:49 Mattingly: Be with you in a second. (Long Pause) Okay, go ahead, Stu.

132:29:09 Roosa: Okay. We're showing a little over 14 minutes to LOS; but, we're going to lose data before that. And, we'd like to get that E-memory dump just any time you're ready. We're all configured.

132:29:31 Mattingly: You got it.

132:29:34 Roosa: Okay.

[Comm Break]
132:31:51 Roosa: And, Ken, on the High Gain, we'd like Reacq(uisition). We'd like Pitch, zero; Yaw, 170.

132:32:05 Mattingly: Okay, you have Reacq; Pitch, zero; Yaw, 170.

132:32:10 Roosa: Okay.

[Comm Break]
132:35:01 Roosa: Okay, Ken, we're going to lose comm with you here shortly. And, we'd like to get your onboard readouts and if you would get your book to copy, we've got a TEI-41 pad.

132:35:35 Mattingly: Okay. Let's see. Okay, I'll give you some readouts first. Battery C is 36.7; battery B, 36.3; battery A, 36.8. I guess all you really needed out of that was battery C though. Now, you'd like the pyro's. Okay. They're...A is 36.7 and B is 36.7. (Pause)

132:36:24 Roosa: Okay. We've got all of those. Give us your RCS.

132:36:26 Mattingly: And, you'd like to have...(Hearing Stu) You want the quantities?

132:36:34 Roosa: That's affirmative.

132:36:40 Mattingly: Okay. On A (pause) 63 percent. Bravo shows 62 percent. (Pause)

132:37:08 Roosa: And, Ken; let's go Auto now with the High Gain. We're going to lose you in Reacq.

132:37:16 Mattingly: Okay. You've got Auto. Charlie is 66 and Delta is 67.

132:37:24 Roosa: Okay. We've got all of those and I'd like to give you a TEI-41 pad.

132:37:33 Mattingly: Standing by to copy.

132:37:35 Roosa: Okay, it's TEI-41: SPS/G&N, 38709; plus 0.72, plus 1.33; 155:06:58.45; plus 3355.2; plus 1151.0; minus 0235.0; 181, 095, 020; rest of the pad NA. The GDC align - same as circ. Ullage, two Jets, 17 seconds. Longitude at T: plus 173.29, assumes no LOPC-1.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 6 min 01 sec ) by Roland Speth

132:38:45 Mattingly: Okay. TEI-41: SPS/G&N 38709; plus 0.72, plus 1.33; 155:06:58.45; plus 3355.2, plus 1151.0, minus 0235.0; 181, 095, 020. Sirius and Rigel with the same numbers for circ; two jets, 17 seconds. Lambda plus 173.29 and no LOPC-1.

132:39:17 Roosa: Okay. That's a good readhack and we'd like to bid you good night and remind you that your Logic Power for the SIM bay is still on.

132:39:32 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you very much. I'll see you at the mare.

132:39:35 Roosa: Okay. And we'd like to have Reacq at LOS. And that will be Pitch, zero; Yaw, 170...

132:39:45 Mattingly: Okay, I'll get it.

132:39:48 Roosa: Okay.

132:39:49 Mattingly: I have Pitch, zero; and 170 set in.

132:39:51 Roosa: Okay. Get a good night's sleep.

132:39:56 Mattingly: Okay. Good night, Stu. Yes, sir. Thank you very much. You've been a big help.

132:40:03 Roosa: We'll see you tomorrow.

132:40:08 Mattingly: Okay.


Debrief and Goodnight Apollo 16 Journal EVA-2 Wake-up