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Post-EVA-3 Activities

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 1997 by Eric M. Jones.
All rights reserved.
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Except where noted, audio clips by Roland Speth.
Last revised 27 September 2012.


[John and Charlie are near the bottom of the left-hand column on Surface Checklist page 7-1.]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 1 min 51 sec )

171:12:07 Young: Okay, the Cabin warning light's off. "Cabin pressure stable at 4.6 to 5 (psi). Use purge valve to depress PGA as req-ed (sic)".

171:12:14 Duke: We don't have to.

171:12:16 Young: We don't have to?

171:12:17 Duke: No.

[The dialog indicates that the cabin is now repressurized. The noise that began at the start of repressurization is still present, indicating that we are hearing comm noise.]
171:12:18 Young: Stand by the EV circuit breaker configuration.

171:12:20 Duke: Okay.

[They may have to turn to be able to see the circuit breaker panels. Now that the suits are deflated, this is much easier than it would have been prior to repressurization.]
171:12:22 Young: Okay. "Verify circuit breaker configuration".

171:12:27 Duke: Mine is good. I'm gonna put the Suit Fan Delta-P and the Suit Fan 2, in.

171:12:33 Young: Okay. "Suit Fan 2, closed; Suit Fan Delta-P, closed."

171:12:36 Duke: Okay, that's done.

171:12:37 Young: "ECS caution and Water Separate (means Water Separator) lights out". Okay. "Doff gloves and stow on the comm panel."

171:12:43 Duke: Turn up your Anun/Numerics, John, so we can see this thing.

171:12:47 Young: Okay.

171:12:48 Duke: Yeah, they are. (Pause)

171:12:55 Young: Man, if we get those gloves off, I don't know if we're ever gonna get them back on again.

171:12:59 Duke: Me, either. (Pause)

171:13:04 England: And, John, verify you locked the forward hatch.

171:13:08 Young: Man, I got one of them off. (Answering Tony) The forward hatch is locked!

171:13:12 England: Okay.

171:13:18 Young: (Laughing) But I don't know...If there's somebody out there that wants to come in...Are you guys pulling my leg, down there? You keep...

171:13:30 England: No, we sure don't want anybody to get in.

[All of the crews found it impossible to open the hatch - even just a little - unless the cabin pressure was 0.2 psi or less. Now that the cabin pressure is about 5 psi, it would be impossible for anybody to open it. John is amazed that someone in Houston is concerned.]
171:13:34 Young: Yeah, that's right. (Exaggerating) There's 5000 psi on that door. (Pause) At least. Whew. "Verify safety on the dump valve."

MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 56 sec )

171:13:51 Duke: Okay, it is.

171:13:54 Young: The one up top you did?

171:13:55 Duke: Wait a minute. No, I didn't get that one. Sorry, John. I was looking at the one down below.

[As indicated previously, Charlie has been using the overhead dump valve, so a check of the safety on the dump valve in the forward hatch is largely superfluous.]
171:14:00 Duke: Okay, it's safe.

171:14:02 Young: "Descent Water Valve to Open."

171:14:03 Duke: Okay, it's Open.

171:14:04 Young: "Remove purge valve, stow in purse. Disconnect OPS O2 hoses."

171:14:11 Duke: Okay.

171:14:17 Duke: Huh?

171:14:21 Young: Okay. I can't get that, Charlie.

171:14:27 Duke: I'll get it. You'll get your hands dirty.

171:14:32 Young: (Laughter) Before this is over with, those hands are going to be...

171:14:41 Duke: You know... Oh, it was already open. Had to pull it out. Okay. "Safety, Descent", we did... "Disconnect OPS hoses."

MP3 Audio Clip ( 9 min 36 sec )

171:14:56 Young: "Disconnect OPS hoses."

171:15:06 Duke: That's the wrong one. The wrong one.

171:15:12 Young: (Garbled), Charlie. Back yet?

171:15:16 Duke: Okay. Huh?

171:15:18 Young: Back yet?

171:15:19 Duke: Huh? Yeah, that's beautiful. I...

171:15:22 Young: Okay, let me get yours... The outboard one here, too.

171:15:29 Duke: Okay, yours is off. (Long Pause)

171:15:46 Duke: Okay, now we got to get the LM O2 hoses.

171:15:50 Young: Okay, let me get just one water.

171:15:52 Duke: No, we got to take... See, we get these on and...

171:15:57 Young: Okay, you're right.

171:15:58 Duke: This thing, see?

171:15:59 Young: You're right, you're right, you're right.

171:16:00 Duke: We got to depress right away.

171:16:02 Young: Okay. (Long Pause)

[Once they get hooked up to the LM ECS and to LM Comm, they will remove the PLSSs and prepare for a final equipment jettison. They are on about 2/3rds of the way down the right-hand column on Surface Checklist page 7-1.]
171:16:16 Duke: (Connecting John's LM oxygen hose) In and locked!

171:16:19 Young: It'd be a miracle if I can get that. (Long Pause)

171:16:31 Duke: Okay. Got it finally. Routed it under... Here, let me get mine off. (Long Pause) Okay, let's get everything over here. (Pause) (Garbled)

171:17:01 Young: Yeah; excuse me, Charlie.

171:17:02 Duke: Okay.

171:17:03 Young: Oops... Here we go.

171:17:09 Duke: Those things seem backwards to me, the PLSSs.

171:17:11 Young: They sure are. (Long Pause) There you go; and they're locked.

171:17:48 Duke: Okay. (Pause)

171:17:59 Young: They're locked.

171:18:00 Duke: Okay, "Suit Isol(ation Valve), both," going to Suit Flow. (Pause) Let me turn the... Ooh, that feels good. Turn the (PLSS) "Pump, Off, and the Fan, Off". Okay, "disconnect PLSS H2O from PGA, connect LM H2O".

171:18:20 Young: There goes yours. Okay, your water hose... Here it is. What a ball of spaghetti. (Pause)

171:18:35 Duke: That thing's about 95 feet long, John. (Pause)

171:18:46 Young: Okay, I got it.

171:18:47 Duke: Okay. (Pause)

171:18:54 Young: Let me get your water.

171:18:55 Duke: Yeah. (Pause)

171:19:04 Young: Is that yours?

171:19:05 Duke: Mine's right here. (Pause)

171:19:16 Young: Okay.

[They have completed Surface Checklist page 7-1 and, next, will connect to LM Comm.]
171:19:17 Duke: Okay. "Disconnect PLSS H2O from PGA." "Connect..." (Now on page 7-2) "PLSS mode, both, to off... (correcting himself) O", rather. We open the (Audio) CB (circuit breaker)s and connect to LM comm. Okay.

171:19:26 Young: Okay.

171:19:27 Duke: Tony, we're going off comm for a second.

171:19:29 England: Okay.

[Comm Break]
171:20:36 England: Okay, and, Charlie, when you get a chance, could you pull that MESA circuit breaker? (Long Pause)

171:21:10 Young: (To Charlie) Okay. Terrible, isn't it? "Audio circuit breakers, Close; Squelch, VHF B, LMP noise threshold, plus 1-1/2; Audio, CDR and LMP: VHF A to Receive; B to Off; ICS/PTT." (Pause)

171:21:42 England: And, when you get a chance up there, the MESA circuit breaker, open. (Long Pause)

171:22:13 Duke: Tony, y'all want high-bit-rate? Over.

171:22:17 England: Stand by one. Did you catch that about MESA circuit breaker?

171:22:27 Duke: It is open.

171:22:28 England: Okay, good show. No, we can't handle high-bit-rate now.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 3 min 03 sec )

[Public Affairs reports that the poor communications - and, by implication, Houston's inability to receive high-bit-rate data - is due, primarily to the fact that the LM high-gain steerable is unavailable and, also, because reception is through the 85-foot dish in Spain rather than the 210-foot dish at Goldstone, California.]

[Note, the times mentioned by the PAO Commentators are 11 minutes 48 seconds later than the corresponding transcript times because of a clock update in Houston at 118:06:31.]

[Very Long Comm Break]

MP3 Audio Clip ( 8 min 00 sec )
This clip begins with a 5 min 25 second interval with no comm.

171:32:50 Duke: Okay, Houston; Orion. We've performed the OPS checkout (near the middle of the right-hand column on page 7-2) and they are both good. John's OPS is reading 6000 (psi); mine's 6200 (psi). Over.

171:33:03 England: Okay. We copy that.

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 40 sec )
[Note, the times mentioned by the PAO Commentators are 11 minutes 48 seconds later than the corresponding transcript times because of a clock update in Houston at 118:06:31.]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 13 min 00 sec )
This clip begins with a 2 min 30 second interval with no comm.

171:38:35 Duke: (Unintentional key; John's half of the conversation is inaudible) (Joking) What are you doing with such a mess of spaghetti, there? (Pause) Yeah, the PLSS. Just for now. (Pause)

[Charlie's next transmission relates to the first item on page 7-2: "Prep for Equip Jett 1"]
171:38:59 Duke: Well, we've got to get these return items out of here. "Stow in the ISA big pocket". (Garbled) (Pause)

171:39:17 Duke: There's really not anything in there but the shovel. (Pause)

171:39:32 Duke: Yeah, I don't think it's necessary to put that back in the sack. All they're doing it for is weight. You don't have to (garbled). "Unstow scale, weigh Buddy SLSS/rock bag, and collection bags." Okay, here we go with the... First, the big rock (garbled). (Pause)

[ They are now weighing the sample containers. They will record the weights on page 2-2 of the LM Lunar Surface Checklist and will read them up to Tony after they finish.]
171:40:11 Duke: 65 pounds max, supposed to be. (Correcting himself) 35 (terrestrial pounds maximum). (Long Pause)

171:40:30 Duke: John. Yeah, number 7. (Pause)

171:40:45 Duke: We can get one rock in there, I think. (Pause)

171:40:56 Duke: Yeah? One that's been in the shade. Get that one in there, that one will go in, too. (Pause)

171:41:11 Duke: That one will go. Try it now. That's all that's in there? (Pause)

171:41:32 Duke: Baby rocks. Well, let's call it 40, and see what they say. They'll let us go with that, I'll bet you. Buddy SLSS bag is 40 (pounds). Bag 7, (garbled). Huh?

[Comm Break]
171:43:23 Duke: Houston, Orion. Over.

171:43:25 England: Go ahead, Charlie.

171:43:30 Duke: Okay. We've got some weights for you, if you're ready to copy.

171:43:33 England: All set.

171:43:37 Duke: Okay. The BSLSS rock bag, the big rocks, will weigh 40 pounds; bag 7, SCB number 7, is 33; SCB number 4 is 25; SCB number 6 is 20. I get a total out of that of about 118 (pounds). Over. (Pause)

171:44:01 England: Okay, we concur.

[Comm Break]
171:45:06 England: Okay. We're working those numbers over here. (Pause)

171:45:20 Duke: Okay, Tony, we've got a weight-saver for you. The ISA only weighs 10 (pounds).

[The maximum allowable weight on the ISA is 18 pounds.]
171:45:26 England: Okay. ISA weighs 10.

171:45:29 Duke: Actually, it weighs 8 pounds.

171:45:31 England: Okay, 8.

171:45:33 Duke: Make that 8.

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 10 min 00 sec )
This clip begins with a 51 second interval with no comm.

171:49:52 England: Hey, fellows, you have 245 pounds of rocks. (Pause) That's not including the weights of the SRCs.

171:50:05 Young: Okay, has some got to go back?

171:50:09 England: No, I think we're going to be able to find a way. You got an in-plane launch, so things look pretty good. But we're working it here. 171:50:20 Slayton: (Joking) Probably have to throw that big one away, John.

171:50:22 Young: Okay, we're getting... We're getting to the point where we got to know... (Listens to Deke) Say again?

171:50:29 Slayton: We'll probably have to throw away that big one.

171:50:39 Young: Okay. Well, we don't want to throw away any that don't need to be throwed away. That's for sure. (Pause) I tell you, there's a couple more tons (of rocks) up here we missed.

171:51:02 England: Say again, John.

171:51:07 Young: I say, there's a couple of tons up here that we didn't pick up.

[Long Comm Break]

[They are over the planned limit for samples and, in principle, would be cutting into propellant margins if they kept them all. As Tony mentions, however, the Command Module orbit is perfectly lined up so that John and Charlie wouldn't have to apply any lateral thrust to achieve the rendezvous. Nonetheless, the fact that Houston is taking a long time to make a decision about the over-limit samples is indicative of the pragmatic conservatism that motivated most operational decisions in Apollo.]

171:56:14 Young: Houston, we're about to the point (where) we're (garbled) the jettison bag.

171:56:19 England: I'm sorry, Charlie... John, say again?

171:56:25 Young: Roger. We're ready to tie up the jett bag.

171:56:28 England: Okay. We're still trying to get a decision on these rocks down here, if you could hold on one.

171:56:38 Young: Don't want to miss the launch. (Pause) I'm just kidding, Tony. Take as long as you need to, to get it right. I know how that is. (Pause)

171:57:08 Duke: Tony, if it helps you out, this morning we jettisoned the CWG (Constant Wear Garment)s, the LCGs, all of the sleep restraints, everything like that. That was a pretty big bag.

171:57:20 England: Okay.

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 13 min 19 sec )
This clip begins with a 7 min 10 second interval with no comm.

172:05:59 England: Okay, Orion. We're go with the rocks you've got.

172:06:07 Young: Outstanding. Thank you very much. Okay. We're going to press on with the old (pressure) integrity check now (on the right-hand column on page 7-3). (Long Pause)

172:06:55 Duke: Hey, Tony. We're on VOX. How do you read?

172:06:56 England: Five by, Charlie.

172:07:01 Duke: Okay. Just donning our gloves, now.

172:07:05 England: Okay. (Long Pause)

172:07:23 Young: (Garbled) (Long Pause)

172:08:10 Duke: Nope; (garbled). (Long Pause) Didn't feel like it snapped at the bottom.

172:08:28 Young: (Garbled) (Long Pause)

172:08:48 Duke: Twist it over. (Garbled; Put that under here?) Unhook it and see if it... Material caught or something. (Pause)

172:09:07 Young: Take my hat (meaning his helmet) and blow in it.

[Apparently they are unable to get one of John's wrist rings seated and John is suggesting that he take his helmet off and try to blow any offending just out of the connection.]
172:09:17 Duke: Why don't...Let's try it now. (Pause) That sounded like it was gonna go.

172:09:19 Young: I'm sure I went last time. (Long Pause)

172:09:44 Young: Take your hat off before you...

172:09:46 Duke: Yeah.

172:09:48 Young: ...I'll...

172:09:50 Duke: I'll do it. You're all suited up. Let me...

172:09:54 Young: You'll never get your hat back on. (Pause) Push the button. (Pause)

172:10:04 Duke: I'll hold that down. (Long Pause)

172:10:57 Young: Okay; Houston.

172:10:58 Duke: Give me a towel.

172:10:59 LM crew: (Garbled)

172:11:19 England: Say that again, Charlie, please.

172:11:24 LM Crew: (Garbled)

172:11:25 Duke: (To John) Go ahead.

172:11:28 Young: We've got a problem with the connectors...the wrist rings. We're going to have to take them off, and blow the dirt out of them (garbled) get them open and closed.

172:11:38 England: Okay, we copy.

172:11:40 Young: Going to have to take our helmets off to do that. (Long Pause)

MP3 Audio Clip ( 3 min 28 sec )

[Note, the times mentioned by the PAO Commentators are 11 minutes 48 seconds later than the corresponding transcript times because of a clock update in Houston at 118:06:31.]
172:12:32 Young: (Garbled) (Long Pause)

172:12:50 Young: (Garbled) Okay. There we go.

172:13:02 Duke: Okay, got it. (Long Pause)

172:13:32 Duke: Okay. Yeah, there we go. I'm locked up. Okay. We got it, Tony. And we're ready for the pressure integrity check.

172:13:41 England: Okay, good show.

172:13:49 Young: Here, let me read it to you.

172:13:50 Duke: Starting right in here.

172:13:51 Young: "(Suit) Gas Diverter (Valve), Pull to Egress. Verify."

172:13:52 Duke: Go ahead.

172:13:55 Young: "Cabin Gas Return (Valve) to Egress. Verify."

172:13:58 Duke: Go ahead.

172:13:59 Young: "Circuit Relief, Close."

172:14:00 Duke: Go ahead.

172:14:01 Young: "Press Reg A to Egress."

172:14:02 Duke: Go ahead.

172:14:03 Young: "Press Reg B Direct O2."

172:14:05 Duke: Okay, going up.

172:14:06 Young: "Monitor cuff gauge 3.7 to 4.0. Press Reg B, Egress."

172:15:13 Duke: (Garbled) 3.5.

172:15:16 Young: Okay, Charlie. Press Reg B to...

172:15:19 Duke: Okay, going to Egress. Okay?

172:15:23 Young: Yeah. "Monitor cuff gauge for 1 minute."

172:15:25 Duke: Okay. Give us a mark, Tony, when...

172:15:27 England: Okay, will do.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 1 min 18 sec )

172:15:30 Young: (Garbled) clock. (Long Pause)

172:15:43 Young: This (garbled)

172:15:45 Duke: (Laughs) Mine is too. There's point oh five. It's amazing. (Long Pause)

172:16:22 England: Okay, Orion; Mark.

172:16:28 Duke: Okay, mine went down about 1.15. Okay...

172:16:33 Young: Okay, Houston. Mine went down about 0.15.

172:16:40 Duke: Circuit Relief's going Auto.

172:16:41 Young: Okay.

172:16:43 Duke: We're coming down. (Pause)

MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 21 sec )

172:16:53 England: Okay.

172:17:06 Young: (Garbled) read in that book.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 5 min 41 sec )

172:17:14 Duke: What does it say to do, John?

172:17:14 Young: (Garbled) up here.

172:17:18 Duke: (Garbled)

172:17:20 England: Okay, and when you're ready, you're Go for Depress.

172:17:25 Young: Roger. (Long Pause) Okay. We're Go for Depress, Charlie.

172:17:50 Duke: Okay.

172:17:53 Young: Circuit breaker (Panel) 16.

172:17:56 Duke: Check.

172:17:58 Young: Cabin Repress, open.

172:18:00 Duke: Okay, it's open.

172:18:01 Young: Overhead or forward dump valve, Open, then Auto.

172:18:04 Duke: Okay, I'm getting (garbled).

172:18:05 Young: (Garbled) ought to do it. (Pause)

172:18:15 Young: Open, then Auto at three and a half. Can you hear me okay?

172:18:17 Duke: You're clipping a little bit.

172:18:19 Young: Yeah. (Garbled)

172:18:23 Duke: Okay; there it is, Auto.

[They haven't started the depressurization. Charlie is checking the valve, putting it in Auto before going to Open. He will put it back in Auto once they get down to 3.5 psi.]
172:18:26 Young: Auto.

172:18:27 Duke: Okay. Open?

172:18:28 Young: Yeah.

172:18:29 Duke: Coming down.

172:18:30 Young: Auto at 3.5.

172:18:31 Duke: Give me a hack.

172:18:33 Young: Okay; 3.9, 3.8, 3.5.

172:18:35 Duke: Okay, closed.

172:18:39 Young: Okay. (ECS) pressure locked up at 4.4. (Pause) Okay.

172:18:53 Duke: Look at it for a minute.

172:18:54 Young: Yeah, let's look at that one. Hold off (garbled).

172:19:06 Young: Okay. Why don't we go ahead and just...

172:19:07 Duke: Okay, here we go. Coming Open.

172:19:09 Young: Okay, Houston, we're depressing.

172:19:13 England: Okay. (Long Pause)

172:19:42 Young: There's 1 pound (per square inch), Charlie. (Long Pause)

172:19:59 Young: Half (a pound). (Long Pause)

172:20:29 Duke: Okay, down to a tenth. Why don't you try it (meaning the hatch) there, John? (Long Pause)

172:20:45 Young: Charlie, wait a second here.

172:20:46 Duke: (Laughing) Okay. (Long Pause)

[John may be having trouble leaning over far enough to reach the handle.]
172:21:08 Young: There it goes.

172:21:09 Duke: Yeah.

172:21:10 Young: All right. Go out, dust!

172:21:15 Duke: Okay. Wait a minute. Let me go Auto on the valve. (Pause) Okay, it is in Auto.

172:21:24 Young: Okay. "Valve to Auto. Hatch, pull open."

172:21:28 Duke: Pull open. (Pause)

[Charlie is standing behind the hatch and is probably holding it open while they position Charlie's PLSS in the hatch opening so that John can kick it out far enough that it falls to the ground. Charlie undoubtedly watches out his window.]
172:21:35 Duke: This is first. (The PLSS on) the midstep. (Pause) Kick. Got it. Cleared (the porch). Clear to the ground. (Garbled) (Pause)

172:22:03 Duke: All right, John Young's PLSS (is next to go). You do this right. (Pause) You kicked that one plum off the step! (Pause) Jet bag (is next). (Pause) All clear, John.

172:22:33 Duke: (Reviewing the checklist) Okay, "jettison the following: PLSS, PLSS, ISS." Okay; clear? "Close and lock the hatch." Jettison complete, Tony.

172:22:44 England: Okay, we copy that. (Pause)

MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 10 sec )

172:22:53 Duke: Hatch is closed and locked, Houston.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 1 min 16 sec )

172:22:56 Duke: Okay. I'm gonna go Auto (on the dump valve); valve to Auto. Repress is gonna go Auto. It is. Here we go. Circuit breaker's coming in. (Garbled) cabin lights.

172:23:12 Young: "Press Reg A and B to Cabin", Charlie, (when) "cabin pressure's increasing".

172:23:17 Duke: When it starts increasing?

172:23:19 Young: That's what it says.

172:23:21 Duke: Huh?

172:23:22 Young: "Verify, cabin pressure's increasing."

172:23:24 Duke: Okay; it is. Then Cabin? (Long Pause)

MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 11 sec )

172:24:24 Duke: It's good.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 7 min 17 sec )

172:24:26 Young: Okay; "verify it's stable at 4.6 to 5".

172:24:33 Duke: Cabin Repress, off. Cabin's still coming on up. It is 4.6.

172:24:38 Young: "Doff gloves, stow on the comm panel. Doff helmets with visors, lower shades, stow in helmet bags. Verify safety on dump valve." (Let's) verify that first.

172:24:49 Duke: I'll get it. Okay. (Long Pause)

[For the next several minutes, John and Charlie struggle to get the helmets off.]
172:25:25 Duke: Now. (Long Pause) Move that thing (garbled) press. (Pause) Okay, now. (Pause)

172:26:40 Duke: Same problem I've got. Here, let me help you. (Long Pause)

172:27:27 Duke: (Garbled) mine. (Long Pause)

172:28:06 Duke: It'll do it, if we get the (garbled) off. Never seen that before. (Long Pause)

172:28:32 Duke: That's under here, I think. (Pause)

172:28:38 Young: What?

172:28:39 Duke: Huh?

172:28:40 Young: What? (Long Pause)

172:28:54 Duke: We've got to move those things.

172:28:57 Young: I have no where to move them.

172:28:59 Duke: We'll find something here (Long Pause)

172:29:25 Young: Hurts, Charlie. (Pause)

172:29:31 Duke: Huh? (Long Pause)

172:29:54 Young: That's how far it opens, isn't it?

172:29:56 Duke: Yeah. (Pause)

172:30:06 Young: Try again. (Pause)

172:30:16 Duke: Oh, do you know what it was? Orange juice. Orange juice! Yours is the same way.

172:30:29 Young: Get those (drink) bags out of there.

172:30:31 Duke: Okay, Houston. Do you read us? Over.

172:30:35 England: Yeah, we read you fine, Charlie.

172:30:40 Duke: Okay. We had one heck of a time getting our helmets off. It turns out that this orange juice is the best cement you've ever seen. It seeped down in between the seals and the helmet and the (neck) ring, and we couldn't get the thing unlocked without a great effort, but we managed. We're both out now.

172:31:04 England: Well, we may have a new market for orange juice - glue.

172:31:09 Duke: Yeah, we'll clean them off before we re-dock here.

172:31:14 England: Okay.

172:31:16 Duke: Okay. Verify safety...Okay, we've got to stow those helmets. We've got to stow those helmets. Helmet bags. I want to clean mine off first, John; it is really... (Pause) Okay, Tony. We're going to go ICS/PTT. It'll be about 10 minutes cleaning up these helmets.

172:31:37 England: Okay.

[Long Comm Break]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 2 min 58 sec )

MP3 Audio Clip ( 6 min 06 sec )
This clip begins with 1 min 23 sec without any comm.

172:36:01 England: And, Orion; Houston. We have your bag stowage whenever you want it.

172:36:12 Young: Okay. Thank you, Tony. (Garbled)

172:36:17 England: Okay.

[Comm Break]
172:38:33 Duke: Okay, Houston. We're going through the Surface Checklist.

172:38:40 England: Okay.

[Comm Break]

[In the original flight plan they would be preparing for an eight-hour rest period prior to the launch. Because of the landing delay, most of the checklist items on pages 7-5 through 7-15 have been eliminated. They are now taking care of the "Post-EVA Cabin Clean-up" on page 7-5 before taking care of the stowage items on pages 7-6 and 7-7. John's next transmission takes care of the final, handwritten step on page 7-5.]

MP3 Audio Clip ( 1 min 11 sec )
[The NASA Public Affairs commentator notes that Gene Kranz and the White Team of flight controllers are taking over LM operations from Pete Frank and the Orange Team.]
172:41:24 Young: Okay, Houston. The PRD reading(s are): Charlie('s is), 2112...2...29. And, mine is 22060.

172:41:38 England: Okay. I missed Charlie's. Say that one again, please?

172:41:45 Young: 21129.

172:41:47 England: Okay; 21129 and 22060.

[Very Long Comm Break]

[Next, John and Charlie empty the ETB, stow the film magazines, and put cover bags - called sample containment bags - over the sample collection bags (SCBs). These checklist items are in the right-hand column on page 7-6 and at the top of the left-hand column on page 7-7.]

[Sample Containment Bags were flown on the J missions to reduce the amount of dust in the cabin and the potential problems it might cause once they get back to orbit. The Sample Collection Bags were put inside the Containment Bags. Photos of containment bags in the National Air & Space collection courtesy Allan Needell.]

[Jim Irwin, who flew as Apollo 15 LMP, takes over as LM CapCom for the launch.]

MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 52 sec )

[Note, the times mentioned by the PAO Commentators are 11 minutes 48 seconds later than the corresponding transcript times because of a clock update in Houston at 118:06:31.]
MP3 Audio Clip ( 5 min 12 sec )
The clip begins with a 2 min 55 sec period with no comm.

173:00:27 Duke: Okay, Tony. Orion here. We've got the SCBs in the sample containment bags; (Sample Collection Bag) 7 is in (Sample Containment Bag) 7, 6 is in 6, 4 is in 8. Over.

173:00:42 Irwin: Roger. Jim's on now, Charlie. Give me those bag numbers again. And we have some information for that weight summary (on Surface Checklist page 2-2) for you.

173:00:54 Duke: Okay. SCB-7 is in sample containment 7. SCB-6 is in sample containment 6. SCB-4 is in sample containment 8. Over.

173:01:09 Irwin: Okay. And I have some information for the bottom of the collection bag stowage if you don't have that information.

173:01:19 Duke: No, we don't. Go ahead.

173:01:21 Irwin: Okay. We want bag 7, of course, in cover 7. Next line, bag 4; and then the next line there is bag 5 in the RHSSC (Right-hand Side Stowage Compartment); bag 4 in the LHSSC (Left-Hand Side Stowage Compartment) and cover 8. The next line is 3 and then 6 in cover 6. Over.

[Frank and Stacey O'Brien have provided a view ( 0.7Mb ) of a RHSSC in a LM simulator taken in 2002 at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The Right Hand Side Stowage Comparment (RHSSC) is on the lower part of the side bulkhead on the LMP's side of the cabin and consists of four shelves into which various soft stowage bags have been secured. Various other bags are secured to the sides. A second photo ( 0.7Mb ) from the O'Briens show the RHSSC in more detail. The set of items shown in the CAM photo undoubtedly differs in detail from the flown set in the Apollo 16 LM.]
173:01:57 Duke: Boy, you lost me, Jim. Give me the sample containment bag numbers. That's all I need.

173:02:06 Irwin: Okay. It's a summary on the collection bag stowage down below. In those blanks, the first blank is...

173:02:14 Duke: Roger.

173:02:15 Irwin: ...bag 7. The next line there is bag 4. The next line there, we want number 5 in the right-hand side; and number 8 in the left-hand side. And the next line down, we have two blanks - it's 3 and 6. Over.

[Referring to page 2-2, bag 7 will be stowed on the aft engine cover; bag 4 on/in the LHMS; bag 5 will go in the RHSSC (Right-Hand Side Stowage Compartment); bag 8 will go in the LHSSC; and bags 3 and 6 will go in the ISA (Interim Stowage Assembly). Note that, in the on-board copy of the checklist, Charlie wrote 5 and 8 in the wrong blanks and then corrected himself with the notations "RH" and "LH".]
173:02:41 Duke: Okay, got you. Line 1 is bag 7. Line 2 is bag 4. Line 2 - line 3 is bag 5, right-hand side; 8, left-hand side. The ISA is 3 and 6.

173:02:55 Irwin: That's right.

[Comm Break]


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