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LM-11 (Orion)
Cabin Close Out Photos

Scans by Paul Fjeld from NASA negatives
provided by the Northrup Grumman History Center.
Last revised 9 July 2012.


Environmental Control System (ECS): see, also, LM News Reference Chapter 6 (18 Mb)

  (1) Water Management / LCG Temperature Controls (2.1 Mb)

  (2) Oxygen Control Module, Suit Gas Diverter, Suit Isolation (right).  LMP oxygen hoses: O2 flow from ECS (blue connector), O2 return flow to the ECS (red connector).  This is the pair closest to Panel 14 on the LMP's side of the cabin.  The more complex blue fitting nearer the camera is the MP's water hose, with channels for flow in each direction.  On the thin wall section facing the camera and just to the left of the Oxygen Control Module, the CDR's water hose is at the top below the "caution" label.  The red oxygen coupling is visible below it to the right, while the blue oxygen fitting is hidden under the water hose.  (2.1 Mb)

  (3) Suit Circuit Module:  Suit Circuit Relief, Cabin Gas Return, LiOH cannisters (2.4 Mb)

  (4) Primary and Secondary Lithium Hydroxide Canisters (2.4 Mb)

  (5) Plumbing aft of the ECS (2.0 Mb)

  (6) Water Dispenser (2.1 Mb)


  (1) Panel 1 (CDR, left), Panel 2 (LMP, right), Panel 3, Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) Display and Keyboard (DSKY), CDR's Attitude Control (left), LMP's  Thrust/Translation Controller Assembly (TTCA) (right) (2.2 Mb)

  (2) Panel 1 (left) and the lefthand side of Panel 2 and Panel 3; light shield on the window side of Panel 1 (2.1 Mb)

  (3) Panel 2 (right) and the righthand side of Panel 1 and Panel 3; light shield on the window side of Panel 2 (2.1 Mb)

  (4) DSKY.  Note the detailed information available on the fold-down pallet at the bottom of the image. (2.1 Mb)

  (5) Alignment Optical Telescope (AOT); Mani Panel and Cabin Floodlights in ceiling recesses on the left and right of the AOT (2.0 Mb)

  (6) Forward Hatch Pressure Relief Valve (1.7 Mb)

CDR Instrument Panels: 
see, also, LM News Reference Chapter 7  (3.4 Mb)

  (1) CB(11) CDR Circuit Breaker Panel, aft end viewed from slightly forward (1.8 Mb)

  (2) CB(11) CDR Circuit Breaker Panel, forward end, viewed from slightly aft, window shade in place (1.8 Mb)

  (3) CDR Thrust/Translation Controller Assembly (TTCA) (1.9 Mb)

  (4) CDR Start/Stop button, hand grip (2.0 Mb)

  (5) Panel 5, Engine Start/Stop and X-translation push buttons, mission timer/lighting controls (1.9 Mb)

  (6) Panel 8 forward section, Audio, COAS switch (2.0 Mb)

  (7) Panel 8 aft end, oblique view from inboard, Descent Propulsion Vent switches, Heater Controls, Explosive Device controls (1.9 Mb)

  (8) ORDEAL (Orbital Rate Display - Earth and Lunar) (1.9 Mb)

  (9) Crewman Optical Alignment Sight (COAS) mounted above CDR window (2.0 Mb)

LMP Instrument Panels: 
see, also, LM News Reference Chapter 7 (3.4 Mb)

  (1) CB(16) LMP Circuit Breaker Panel, aft end; Panel 14, aft section, Decent Power, Ascent Power, Comm (2.0 Mb)

  (2) CB(16) LMP Circuit Breaker Panel, forward end; Panel 14, forward section, Electrical Power, Descent Power (2.0 Mb)

  (3) Panel 12, forward section, Audio; LMP's Attitude Controller, note that the right armrest is down, probably to give a clear view of the panel (2.0 Mb)

  (4) Panel 12, center section, Communications, view from the side and slightly aft (1.9 Mb)

  (5) Panel 12, aft section, Communications Antennas (2.0 Mb)

  (6) Panel 14 aft section, Descent Power, Ascent Power, Comm (2.0 Mb)
  (7) Panel 6, Abort Guidance System, LMP TTCA, LMP's Stop pushbutton (yellow and black stripes), Attitude Control (2.0 Mb)

  (8) 16-mm Data Acquisition Camera (DAC) and battery, mounted over the LMP's window (1.9 Mb)


  (1) Utility Light Plug receptacles and swtiches.  Yellow handgrip in a recess.  The LEC pulley was hooked onto the handgrip during LEC operations. (2.0 Mb)

  (2) Procedure Decals on the open Docking Hatch (1.9 Mb)

  (3) Closed Docking Hatch (1.9 Mb)


  (1) Left bulkhead behind the CDR's station:  CDR PLSS (lower right) and two compartments for Flight Data files above it.  In the aft section, from the bottom: CDR OPS; LMP OPS; LMP Lunar Overshoes and ?; CDR Lunar Overshoes, Penetrometer Recording Drum and ?   (2.0 Mb)

  (2) Aft bulkhead, RCU units in the bottom compartment; food stowage at the top. (2.4 Mb)

  (3) Ascent Engine Cover with Velcro and snap fittings for LEVA stowage (2.4 Mb)

  (4) Film Magzines, aft of the Ascent Engine Cover (2.4 Mb)

  (5) LeftHand Side Stowage Compartment (LHSSC), immediately beneath CDR Panel 8 on the left bulkhead.  Waist tethers (2.0 Mb)

  (6) LHSSC and tether stowage (right), CDR PLSS (1.9 Mb)

  (7) PLSS O2 refill controls (1.9 Mb)

  (8) RightHand Side Stowage Compartment (RHSSC), immediately beneath LMP Panel 12 on the right bulkhead.  Waist tethers.  Members of the close-out team outside the hatch (2.0 Mb)

  (9) Interim Stowage Assembly (ISA) after installation, hanging from the ceiling immediately aft of the AOT.  Later, during LM checkout on the way out to the Moon, the ISA moved to the bulkhead behind the CDR's station. The utilty lights are stowed in the ISA.  Their yellow/gold coil cables are plugged into receptacles in the ceiling. (2.0 Mb)

 (10) Stowage hanging from the ceiling on the right side of the AOT (1.8 Mb)

 (11) View from midstep of LMP PLSS and both helmet bags.  The Equipment Transfer Bag (ETB) and the PLSS harnesses are between the PLSS and the engine cover. (1.9 Mb)

 (12) View through the open hatch of LMP PLSS, both helmet bags, and the ETB. A member of the close-out team is standing on the midstep.  The bottom of the CDR PLSS is at the upper right. Stowed beneath the CDR PLSS are the Liquid Cooled Garments (LCGs), In-Flight Coveralls, and a bag for returning the Cosmic Ray Detector  plates to Earth. (1.9 Mb)


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