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Apollo 16 LRV Seatbelt

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The images below were captured by Ulli Lotzmann from 16-mm film taken during the 4 April 1972 LM/LRV checkout. Note that because, on Earth, the suits are more compressed than they will be in the weaker lunar gravity field, belt length and fit were checked in 1/6th-g aircraft flights. I do not know if the same belt length was used in the LM/LRV checkout. If so, they would not have fitted as tightly during the checkout as they did in the 1/6th-g aircraft or on the Moon.

Seatbelt fitting in KC-135
John Young (seated) and Charlie Duke in the KC-135 aircraft flying 1/6th-g parabolas to determine the correct seatbelt lengths for use on the Moon. Full size version S71-56483.
John Young holds his seatbelt
Charlie Duke (left) watches John Young prepare to fasten the CDR's seatbelt. The long metal hook at bottom center will hook over the side handrail.
John pulls belt across his lap
With guidance from Charlie, John uses the box containing the latching mechanics to pull the belt across his lap.
John positions hook
John puts the belt hook on the side handrail.
John pulls latch lever up
John pulls the latch lever up.
John seats latch lever
John seats the latch lever.


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