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Littrow Crater

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Apollo 17 Landing Stie and Littrow Crater

Detail from LTO43D3 showing Littrow Crater and the Apollo 17 landing site
(Click on the image for a larger version)

Littrow Crater is named for Czech-born Joseph Johann von Littrow (1781-1840) who was a as director of the Vienna Observatory from 1819-40. The crater in the southwestern part of the Taurus Mountains that form the highlands east of Mare Serenitatis. It has a east-west rim diameter of about 30 km. The crater center is about 44 km NNE of the Apollo 17 landing site.

Joseph Johann von Littrow

Portrait of Joseph Johann von Littrow
from his 1836 Physische Astronomie (Physical Astronomy)
Scan courtesy Ulrich Lotzmann


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