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Apollo Remote Control Unit (RCU)
Status Indicators/Warning Flags

Compiled 2015 by Eric Jones and Thomas Schwagmeier.
Last revised 17 January 2015.


Top of RCU Fig2-43a
In the figure, we are looking at the front of the RCU from the astronaut's right.
The Status Indicators are located in four windows in front of the Fan Switch.
They are labeled O2, Pres(sure), Vent,  and H2O. A fifth window, labeled CO2, was never used.
See, also, Section 2.5.7 in the EMU Handbook

Status Indicators (Warning Flags): Any one of four problems
(high oxygen flow, low vent flow, low PGA pressure, or low feedwater pressure)
will cause a cylinder to rotate and reveal an illuminated warning symbol underneath
as indicated in the following table

Status Indicators
Animated GIF showing Status Indicators alternating
        between clear and flags visible

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