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Tom Callen

Tom Callen Tom Callen has been active in the planetarium field since 1972, when he started out at the Strasenburgh Planetarium while a teenager. It was also about at that same time that his interest in the manned space program began, particularly Apollo.

After finishing up grad school, he ended up at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum's Albert Einstein Planetarium. After 13 years there, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden to help build and open Cosmonova, that country's only Imax Dome theater and most modern planetarium. He lives out in the Stockholm Archipelago on a real island (no bridges!) 35km northeast of the city with wife Mariana and daughter Annika.

When in the States on business, Callen still enjoys visits to NASM and the space-related galleries to "peer in awe-struck amazement at the history I grew up with."

September 2003