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Nail Soup

A Traditional Scandinavian Folk Tale, with thanks to Frank O'Brien.


One day, a man came into a village, and was very hungry. He went to where some women were tending a fire, and said, "Please, ladies, I am hungry and need a pot of water to make some soup."

"But of course, old man, but what are you going to make it with? You don't have any food with you."

The man smiled, and said, "But I do. I have a nail, and it makes the most wonderful soup. I would be happy to share it with you."

The ladies, of course, were skeptical. But, soon, a pot of water was boiling, and the man pulled out a small, carefully folded, piece of cloth.

"Here is the secret to my soup." He opened up the cloth, and pulled out a simple nail. "Now is the time to add it to the water!" With that, he dropped the nail in the pot. "Now, my soup is good, but it would be even better if I had an onion or two in it."

"I'll be happy to get you one", said one of the women. "And perhaps a carrot as well?"

"That would be very nice." And the onions and carrots were added to the pot.

Soon, a small crowd started to assemble. "What are you making?", one of the onlookers asked.

"Why, soup, and it's made with only a nail! It will be delicious."

The onlooker grumbled. "How can soup be delicious when made with only a nail? That's crazy! It needs some beans and potatoes to make it rich. Here, let me get you some." He went away, and returned with beans and potatoes that were quickly added. Seeing this, other villagers came with their gifts of meat, tomatoes and other vegetables. The pot literally overflowed with contributions from the people.

As the pot filled, the crowd grew larger. The soup was ready. Everyone had a bowl and more. As the old man retrieved his nail from the pot, one of the crowd exclaimed: "Thank you, old man for your soup. It was the best we have ever had. And to think, it was made with only a nail!"


And that is the story of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. My thanks to the Journal readers and volunteers, who have contributed so much.


Journal Contributor Markus Mehring notes that there is a similar German folktale known as 'Stone Soup'.


(A sequel to Nail Soup can be found at the end of this file.)

The following is a list of recent corrections and additions to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Corrections made prior to 31 May 1999 - that is, corrections already incorporated in the CD-ROM version of the Journal - are credited in the Acknowledgements section.


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Regretably, the ALSJ DVD-ROM set is no longer available.

A new book
The Apollo Guidance Computer
by Frank O'Brien
describes the AGC and its use. The book is best suited for computer science students and professionals. Although I found some parts of it challenging, I certainly got an appreciation of the impressive achievement the AGC represents.

How Apollo Flew to the Moon by AFJ Editor David Woods,
which is a well-written account of an composite mission
told from an operational - systems and procedures - point of view. A second edition includes discussion of the lunar surface activities from David's unique perspective.

Exploring the Moon by David Harland, a thorough and readable, "travelogue-style approach"
to lunar surface operations, based on the ALSJ.

All are available from onliine retailers.

ALSJ/AFJ Translations


29 March 2013

Jon Hancock has created a LM Inspection 'Mini-pan' (3.8 Mb) from AS11-36-5389-93 plus 96-99. Inclusion of both sets of Buzz's arms was unavoidable. Jon has also created a portion of Buzz's pan taken north of the LM, including the final frame of the pan, AS11-40-5916, which shows Neil on the left.

17 March 2013

Ulli Lotzmann calls attention to a 1970 interview Neil did with Patrick Moore for the BBC. Video available on YouTube.

17 December 2012

A new Journal page superimposes the Apollo landing sites on an appropriately-sized portion of the central US. In addition, we have included the growing collection of traverse maps superimposed on familiar terrestrial sites, including a new map we call Apollo 14 goes to Washington D.C.

15 November 2012

Journal Contributor Roberto Beltramini has discovered that Charlie Duke got enough overlap between the frames of his Station 13 pan to allow construction of a full-360-degree stereo version. I recommend the full-resolution, 32 Mb version.

17 October 2012

Journal Contributor Larry McGlynn has provided high-resolution photos of Dave Scott's flown EVA-1 cuff checklist (10 Mb PDF)

2 October 2012

Journal Contributor Hermann Dür has used a CM LiOH canister in his own collection to build a replica of the Apollo 13 Adapter.

14 September 2012

Journal Contributor AwE130 has identified the ring from the Contingency Sample Collector in AS11-37-5505, a photo Neil took out his window after the EVA. AwE130 also notes that, because this photo shows us where the ring ended up and frames from the 16mm film show us where Neil was when he tossed the ring under the LM, we can calculate how far he tossed it. The answer is a bit under 5.5 meters, a prodigious distance for a mere flick of a wrist! See a discussion after 109:36:07.

12 September 2012

About a year ago, NASA released recommentations for the Preservation of Historic Lunar Sites.

9 September 2012

Vlad Pustynski and Eric Jones have completed a new, detail photogrammetric mapping of the Apollo 11 site including photo locations, deployed equipment, boulders, and craters. Detailed comparisons with LROC images are also presented.

9 June 2012

The Journal chapter devoted to Apollo 12 EVA-1 preps has been changed in a number of places. Pete and Al made two mistakes, largely because they were relying more on memories from training rather than the checklists. The first mistake was that Al didn't connect Pete's PLSS O2 hoses. The second was they failure to check the setting of Pete's Push-to-Talk switch on the RCU. They discovered the switch error when they started comm checks; and the hose error after Pete donned his helmet and it started to fog up on the inside. In the mid-1990s when I was preparing the Journal for release on the web, I misinterpreted the sequence of events and wrote several comments which I now realize were wrong. In 2010, Journal Contributor Thomas Schwagmeier began a translation of the Journal into German. From the beginning, Thomas regularly e-mailed me with excellent questions about the material. Many of these have made me think. In some cases, I have learned things about Apollo that I hadn't previously understood; and in nearly all cases, Thomas's questions have led to improvements in the Journal, large and small. The changes to the EVA-1 prep chapter are only recent examples. Many Journal Contributors have played important roles in making the Journals (ALSJ and AFJ) authoritative sources of information about the missions. Thomas's contribution is particularly noteworthy because he comes at it from a perspective different form those of most Journal Contributors - that of a translator. A good translator must master not only the subject matter but also the subtleties of its expression in the original language. My continuing thanks to all the contributors for teaching me so much about Apollo ... and for helping in the effort to get it right.

9 July 2012

Paul Fjeld has provided scans of NASA negatives provided by the Northrup Grumman History Center, taken during the pre-launch LM-cabin closeouts for Apollos 12, 15, 16, and 17. I've learned a lot about the layout of the cabin while writing captions.

22 April 2012

Conventional wisdom has it that the six flags deployed on the lunar surface by the Apollo crews probably have not survived 40-plus years of exposure to unblocked solar UV and the extreme monthly temperature variations. James Fincannon, NASA Glenn, has used sunrise-to-sunset sequences of LROC images of the sites to demonstrate that, at least in the cases of Apollo 12, 16, and 17, the flags are still casting shadows. Shadows cast to the Apollo 12 and 14 errectable S-band antenna and the Apollo 14 MET are also identified.

21 April 2012

René and Lorraine Cantin have added a translation of One Small Step to Journal de la Surface Lunaire d'Apollo 11. The new entry page has been created by long-time Journal Contributor Thierry Bisiaux.

12 April 2012

The Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report states that Neil collected material with the contingency sampler from two spots. René Cantin and Eric Jones use the DAC film shot out Buzz's window to demonstrate that Neil collected the material from five spots and provide tenative identifications of the four largest rocks in the Contingency Sample as four rocks visible in the DAC film that Neil's appears to collect with the scoop.

4 April 2012

Thomas Schmagmeier has used the 5 November 2011 LROC image taken from 25-km altitude to revise his traverse diagram in the baseball and soccer overlays.

3 April 2012

During the Apollo 12 mission review done with Pete and Al in Santa Fe in 1992 for the ALSJ, Al said, "I think you said, 'That's a crater.' And I said 'Where? There's no crater.' Then we talked about it and we finally decided, 'Well, maybe it is a crater.' It wasn't so obvious that... That was the problem with running around out there (even during the EVAs). You never knew for sure - until you kind of got on the edge of it - that there was a crater. And I always felt it was discouraging when you got there that there wasn't a sign saying 'This is Head Crater'. (Laughter) Because, otherwise, I felt you looked in and you thought it was Head Crater but you could have been wrong. Each time. And you could be over here on some separate map doing stuff, (all the while) thinking you were over here. But, you know, that's what other crews got into difficulty on (that is, figuring out where they were). I remember, now, us arguing about it. Trying to decide if that was a crater. And then we finally decided it was."

Thoas Schwagmeier has documented recent work he's done prepare the site for future visitors.

8 March 2012

A spectacular new LROC image of Tranquility Base, taken from only 24 km altitude shows in crisp detail the path Neil took from the EASEP site out to Little West Crater and then back to the LM. Compare this new data with a re-analysis of the path done by Journal Contributor Scott Cruickshank in January 2009, five months before LRO was launched. Scott made good use of AS11-40-5961, the last image Neil took from the rim of Little West, and 5962, which he took on the way back to the LM, to correct errors in the route as shown in the Preliminary Science report and in a revised, 1978 map.

19 November 2011

Patrick Vantuyne has contributed new material that includes: a beautiful stereo portrait of Turning Point Rock by combining a photo taken by Gene Cernan with one taken at virtually the same time by Jack Schmitt from the other Rover seat; a mosaic featuring LROC stereo views of Turning Point Rock and the Station 6 boulder made from images M113751661L and M129086118L;

24 October 2011

We are now doing Journal updates about once a month.

7 October 2011

Thomas Schwagmeir has produced a high-resolution Apollo 12 traverse map from LROC, low-periapse image M168353795R and traverse details extracted from the Journal text.

15 September 2011

Deconvovled, enhanced versions by Journal Contributor GoneToPlaid of LROC Narrow Angle Camera images for the Apollo 11, Apollo 12, and Apollo 14 sites taken up to mid- 2010 have been added to the respective image libraries.

1 September 2011

Mpg files are now available for all the lunar surface video. Typical files are 3 minutes 25 second long and 32 Mb in size. RealVideo version are also available.

7 July 2011

Digital images of Jim Lovell's flown cuff checklist have been added, courtesy of Devon Pyle-Vowles, Collections Manager at the Adler Planetarium,Chicago, where Lovell's flown EVA gloves and cuff checklist are displayed.

7 July 2011

A digital version of the Apollo 11 Onboard audio recording for LM ascent has been added. Colin Mackellar has done a transcription, which is now part of the Journal text, starting at 124:20:05.

Colin has also provided a stereo version of the audio clip with the Onboard audio in the right channel and the Flight Director's Loop combined with the Air-to-Ground audio in the left channel.

Ken Glover has provided a 16-mm clip (9 min 10 sec, 79 Mb mpg that starts at 124:22:06

20 June 2011

Heiko Küffen has provided clips made from all the restored Apollo 11 video provided by Colin Mackellar and the Tape Search team.

15 June 2011

Heiko Küffen has refined the times given in the Journal for Apollo 11, starting with hatch opening and ending shortly after Neil's Forst Step. As noted previously in the Journal, there is a discontinuity of about one minute 35 seconds in the raw transcript from the time Neil said he was going to "step off the LM now" until he said "That's one small step". One minute of that discontinuity is due to the fact that. because of a typo, the time of the first transmission is actually 109:24:13 rather than 109:23:13. The remaining 35 second interval is clearly longer than than the actual interval on the audio tapes and what can be inferred from the video. The best defined time in the early part of the EVA is that of hatch opening. Heiko has used the recent audio clip produced by JSC to refine subsequent times. I have used the restored video to refine the times of the first step and of Neil's famous transmission.

23 May 2011

A page has been added describing the LM Tapemeter and the nearby Trust-to-Weight indicator. Both are on LM instrument panel 1, the main panel in front of the CDR, just to the right of his window.

30 December 2010

Bob Andrepont has uploaded hundreds of space documents to his Scribd webpage.

18 November 2010

Ulli Lozmann has been busy with other things since early in the year; but has now been inspired to create his first sketch for the Journal since February. Check out "Sampling on A Slope" in the Sketchbook.

18 October 2010

ALSJ Contributor GoneToPlaid has used eleven LROC images taken of the Apollo 11 landing site between 12 July 2009 and and 22 May 2010 to show how the appearance of the site from overhead changes with sun angle. Each frame has been converted to a common scale and has been deconvolved and enhanced. The WMV film ( 36 Mb begins with a presentation of the frames in the order which they were taken. The next section presents the frames in order of solar elevation, beginning with local sunrise and ending with sunset. The third sequence is ordered by solar elevation and shows as area of about 600 x 360 meters, centered on the LM. In addition to changes in the appearance of the LM, terrain features, astronaut tracks, rocks and, deployed equipment under different lighting conditions, the sequence also shows bright objects which, because each persists over two or more consecutive images, are almost certainly pieces of Mylar blown off the descent stage during LM liftoff. GoneToPaid writes, "the final sequence is a repeat of the previous sequence, but with only a one-sixth-second delay before transitioning to the next image. This helps the sequence flow smoothly from start to finish. It also provides a stronger visual effect where the viewer can clearly see the top of the LM descent stage shifting left and right, relative to the footpads, due to the changing perspective from which the LRO viewed the AP11 landing site."

6 August 2010

Ten LROC images taken of Tranquility Base on various dates from 12 July 2009 to 1 March 2010 have been added to the Apollo 11 Image Library. Eight LROC images of the Fra Mauro landing site taken from 15 July 2009 to 5 February 2010 have been added to the Apollo 14 Image Library. In each case, the first three images were taken from about 100 km altitude and the rest from altitudes between 40 and 50 km.

4 July 2010

In August 2009, Yuri Krasilnikov provided a red-blue anaglyph of the Apollo 14 site made from the July and August LROC image. "The result seems interesting to me. Of course, the shadows in the craters don't match, but the shape of surface is clear."

4 July 2010

ER*, the online nickname of an anonymous ALSJ contributor and member of Russian-language forums IXBT and Airbase, calls attention to an image of Venus in each of the five frames of the Earthrise, AS14-66-9224 to 9228. Details from the five frames have been combined as a PDF document, with each image cropped to put Venus and the crescent Earth at the same location. Thanks to Yuri Krasilnikov for calling attention to ER*'s discovery.

26 February 2010

Bogdan Tyburczy has done a simulation of the Apollo 14 SEQ Bay Pendulum. He presents a side-by-side comparison of the Apollo 14 video and the film of his terrestrial experiment ( 86 Mb mpg ), with the latter shown in real time and then at a slow speed to match the lunar pendulum period over the first few oscillations. This comparison demonstrates the effects of air drag in the terrestrial case He also shows what the Apollo 14 looks like speeded up to match the terrestiral pendulum. Hoax believers claim that the A14 pendulum was filmed in a vacuum chamber on Earth and shown to the world in 1971 at slow speed. The speeded up lunar video shows how implausible that scenario is on purely physical grounds.

3 February 2010

René and Jonathan Cantin have created an animation of the descent profile and present it side-by-side with the DAC film. The 42-Mb film is linked at 110:28:38, just after a link to the Cantins' "Collector's Edition" comparison between the DAC landing film and a high-resolution Lunar Orbiter frame.

9 December 2009

Dave Scott calls attention to the recent discovery of water in some of the green glass beads he and Jim Irwin collected at the stops they made on the lower slopes of Mt. Hadley Delta, particularly at Spur Crater. The work was done by a team from Brown University, the Carnegie Institution, and Case Western Reserve University and was reported in the 10 July 2008 issue of Nature. See a discussion following 145:39:53 in the A15LSJ.

4 November 2009

The final report ( 0.6 Mb PDF ) on the search for the original Apollo 11 video tapes recorded at Goddard, Honeysuckle Creek, and Parkes has been released. Thanks to Bill Wood and Colin Mackellar for the pdf file.

20 August 2009

A couple of years ago, suit expert Ken Thomas at Hamilton Sundstrand was able to shed some light on the subject of the two vertical rows of horizontal strips of Velcro seen on the backs of the PLSSs. I've finally - sigh - added the material.

10 July 2009

At 165:44:50, Jack Schmitt used the 500-mm lens to take an impressive mini-pan of the source region for the Station 6 boulder. Comparison with photos taken at the LM allow identification of boulders in the source region and, in an enhanced version of a portion of the mini-pan, the upper part of the boulder track.

14 June 2009

Yuri Krasilnikov has produced a stereo portrait of Shorty Crater, making use of images from Gene Cernan's color pan.

11 June 2009

In honor of the upcoming Apollo 11 Anniversary, Ed Hengeveld has created a new painting, "The Eagle Has Landed".

27 May 2009

Yuri Krasilnikov has begun producing anaglyphs, using perspective correction to good effect. An example is a portrait of the Apollo 15 Rover at the VIP site ( 172k ). This process has also enables production of some interesting animated gifs, such as a three-frame movie ( 0.6 Mb ) showing Buzz preparing to offload the passive seismometer from the lefthand compartment of the SEQ Bay.

4 May 2009

The Cantins (father and son) have also produced a "Collector's Edition", annotated landing film for Apollo 12 ( 4 min 57 sec; 30Mb ).

3 May 2009

René and Jonathan Cantin have produced a higher-resolution "Collector's Edition" of the Apollo 11 landing film ( 4 min 35 sec; 31Mb ), annotated and compared with a Lunar Orbiter image of the site.

30 April 2009

Check out Yuri Krasilnikov's documentation of the change of position of the U.S. flag from that shown in post-jettison LMP window AS14-66-9338 and in a frame from the 16-mm film taken before the RCS hot-fire check to that shown in a 16-mm frame taken after the RCS hot-fire check. The flag stayed upright during the hot-fire check but swung around from pointing just west of north to just west of south. See, also, the discussion following 131:09:46 about flag motions resulting from two cabin depressurizations for EVA-2 and the final jettison.

29 April 2009

Material from the Apollo 12 LM on-board recorder has been used to expand the landing chapter.

28 April 2009

Numerous PDF documents have been added to the Journal over the last couple of years. Most are linked from the main page of the Journal or the main pages of the individual flights.

16 February 2009

Check out Roberto Beltramini's animated gif of the Flight of the Geology Hammer made from the three frames Gene shot during EVA-3 close-out.

2 October 2008

Frank O'Brien calls attention to a read-only copy of Buzz Aldrin's Ph.D. thesis, Line-of-Sight Guidance Techniques for Manned Orbital Rendezvous ( 15 Mb ).

2 October 2008

All commentary from the six missions relative to the value of the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle has been compiled in a new file.

4 April 2008

Hiroyasu Hayashi calls attention to an image of the Apollo 11 landing site taken with the multi-band imager on-board Japan's Kaguya lunar orbiter. Most interestingly, although the image lacks sufficent resolution to show the descent stage, it does show a bright area around the known LM location, presumably cause by sweeping of the surface by the descent engine exhaust.

28 March 2008

Syd Buxton has provided a PDF version of the Apollo 11 Photography Index ( 7 Mb ) and has reformatted a number of other background documents: rotating pages where appropriate and/or adding pages missing from previous versions. The files are the Apollo 12 Photo Index ( 33 Mb ), Apollo 14 Photo Index ( 13 Mb ), Apollo 14 Preliminary Science Report ( 27 Mb ), Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report ( 54 Mb ), Apollo 16 Preliminary Science Report ( 56 Mb ), and the Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report ( 88 Mb ).

26 March 2008

René and Jonathan Cantin have created a film of the Apollo 11 Final Approach ( 10 Mb, .wmv ) that is a side-by-side composite of the landing film and Lunar Orbiter Frame 5076_h3, with a number of craters matched up in the two views.

26 February 2008

René Cantin has created of montages of Copernicus Crater ( 3.5 Mb or 84k ) and Aristarchus Crater ( 0.9 Mb or 0.2 Mb ).

17 February 2008

Dave Bohlmann has provided a PDF copy of an Engineering Notebook kept by his uncle, Rickard Bohlmann, and colleagues between April 1971 and April 1972. It is devoted to work with one or more Qualification Units of the Ground Controlled Television Assembly (GCTA) flown on Apollo 15-17.

16 February 2008

René Cantin has created a montage ( 9.2 Mb or 0.2 Mb ) showcasing Schroter's Valley.

3 February 2008

René Cantin has created a portrait of the Cobra Head ( 2.3 Mb or 0.17 Mb ), which is the head of Schroter's Valley, from AS15-92-12496 and 503; and a protrait of the rest of the Schroter's Valley ( 3.0 Mb or 0.25 Mb ) from AS15-92-12498 to 502. Mapping Camera frame A15-M-2611 ( 3.0 Mb ) provides context. See, also, René's montage ( 9.2 Mb or 0.2 Mb ) that showcases the valley.

24 January 2008

Journal Contributor Dominique Caudron notes that Charlie caught Venus just over the eastern horizon in AS6-117-18815 to 817. At the time Charlie took the pan, 1904 GMT/UTC on 23 April 1972, the Sun's azimuth and elevation were 80.5 and 46.9 degress, respectively and Venus's were 84.2 and 2.3 degrees. A vertical slice shows shadow orientations in the foreground. Venus rose at the Descartes landing site about five hours early but it was hidden by hills in the east from both Stations 11/12 and 13.

01 January 2008

Eric Nelson has produced a high-resolution anaglyph of the Apollo 15 Hadley landing site. He used 250 Mb scans of Mapping Camera frames AS15-M-0585 and 0586 which he downloaded from Arizona State University's Apollo Image Archive and cleaned to remove the effects of dust-specks. Because of the spacing of the images, vertical heights are exaggerated by about a factor of five.

01 January 2008

René Cantin has created a high-resolution, seamless portion of Jim Irwin's Station 10 pan showing a view of the Rille from South, thru West, and around to the North ( 2.3 Mb ).

31 December 2007

A digital copy of the Handbook of Pilot Operational Equipment for Manned Space Flight has been provided by the JSC FOIA Office. With thanks to them and, as well, to Ulli Lotzmann for calling attention to the document's existence.

27 December 2007

Thomas Schwagmeier has used the Apollo 11 Descent Monitoring Photomap as a template for assembling LPI lunar maps along the flight path.

15 December 2007

In 1992, Charlie Duke made a photocopy of the flown Apollo 16 LM Lunar Surface Checklist for the ALSJ. That has now been digitized and added.

06 December 2007

New material has been added to the discussion of the Crewman Optical Alignment Sight (COAS).

21 October 2007

Commentary regarding the final phase of the Apollo 11 landing when Neil took manual control and overflew West Crater has been substantially revised as a result of the contributions of Paul Fjeld and Frank O'Brien. They point out that Neil's comment during the 1991 mission review that "I had tipped it over like a helicopter and was going out to the west", was only correct is general terms. At the time Neil took over manual control, the LM was pitched back by 16 degrees. Neil reduced that to 6 to 8 degrees to slow his rate of descent and allow the LM to fly past the crater. Fjeld and O'Brien also point out that, when Buzz report that Neil was "you're pegged on horizontal velocity", he was looking at the cross-pointers, which he had set at the low multiplier as soon as Neil took manual control. The fact that the indicator was "pegged" only meant that the forward velocity was greater than 20 fps. At 102:43:26, during the interval when Neil had the LM pitched at 6 to 8 degrees, Buzz gave a computer readout of 58 fps (64 km/hr) forward velocity. All in all, the general impression that Neil had tipped the LM forward past vertical and had sped across West Crater is incorrect. In reality, what he did was slow his rate of descent and the rate at which the LM was losing forward velocity and let the spacecraft drift across the crater.

16 September 2007

We have added more than 30 new pan assemblies done by David Harland from the high-resolution scans done by NASA Johnson in 2005-6 and processed by Kipp Teague.

3 September 2007

A capability has been added for searching a Text-only version of the ALSJ that resides on a separate site. We hope to add a fully-integrated search function at a later date.

5 August 2007

Ulli Lozmann has provided a photograph he took at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2004 of the flown Apollo 12 geology scoop.

4 August 2007

Ulli Lotzmann has provided photographs of both the CDR and LMP handcontrollers ( Attitude Control Assemblies or ACAs ) flown in Antares during Apollo 14.

4 August 2007

Ulli Lotzmann has provided photographs of a flown Apollo 15 LM Utility Light Bracket and a flown Apollo 16 LM Utility Light.

24 July 2007

A page devoted to Boyd Bolts has been assembled
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann and Ken Glover.

23 July 2007

A page describing Apollo 17 subsample 76015,143, a 333-gram portion of a melt breccia Gene Cernan lifted off the top of Station 6 Block 5, has been assembled
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann and Charles Meyer (JSC).

20 July 2007

Ken Glover has provided a set of photos of Buzz's flown suit taken in September 2005. Ken's set nicely complements the set Ulli took in 2006.

17 July 2007

Sandra Wagner at JSC has provided a thorough complilation of extracts from the Mission Reports and Technical Debriefs related to dust issues ( 1.4 Mb ) The only important comment we have is that the last bullet in the first paragraph on page 33, should read "Innovative cleaning and/or contamination control technologies and techniques for cleaning crew and materials prior to ingress."

20 June 2007

Ulli Lotzmann has provided an extensive collection of photographs of the flown suits worn by Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad and Fred Haise

25 March 2007

Carl-Gustaf Edhardt treats us to the story of his repeat visit with King Carl XVI Gustaf at the palace in Stockholm. In 1976, he photographed a visit by Jim Irwin and his daughter with the King and, 2007, was invited to participate in a visit by Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang and his wife.

9 November 2006

Karl Dodenhoff has contriubed a page deal with the chest-mounted Remote Control Unit (RCU)

18 September 2006

Karl Dodenhoff, editor of My Little Space Museum has provided pages dealing with the Apollo 17 Traverse Gravimeter Experiment (TGE) and the never-flown Apollo Lunar Geological Exploration Camera (LGEC).

30 August 2006

A nearly complete set of Apollo 12 LM Lunar Surface Maps has been added.

7 August 2006

Erwin D'Hoore, Erik van Meijgaarden, and John Sarkissian have independantly discovered good stereoimages can sometimes be generated in the overlap region between adjacent frames in a pan. Examples are now scattered throughout the image libraries. Also, van Meijgaarden has used a selection of frames from Charlie Duke's fourth and sixth polarization partial pans taken on the rim of North Ray to produce a stunning red-blue anaglyph of the crater.

1 May 2006

During an Easter trip to the U.S., Ulli visited the National Air and Space Museum and, with the aid of Amanda Young and Bill Ayrey, photographed the suits worn by Neil Armstrong, Fred Haise, and Ed Mitchell during Apollos 11, 13, and 14, respectively. The images are being added to the Post-Flight sections of the respective Image Libraries.

6 April 2006

John Osborn has provided an extensive set of photographs of the one LLTV that survived to the end of the Apollo program. It is on display in the lobby of Building 2 at NASA Johnson.

21 December 2005

While examining down-Sun photo ( 12201 ) in Jim Irwin's initial Spur Crater pan, I wondered if I could find the Genesis Rock. After checking Jim's down-Sun ( 12227 ) taken before they collected it, I had no trouble locating it in 12201, as indicated in a comparison of details from both images ( 142k ). Note that I have used Photoshop Elements to adjust levels in both images to emphasize the white areas that caught Jim's attention.

12 December 2005

Phill Parker notes that Kurt Hollocher at the Geology Department, Union College, Schenectady, NY, has produced a lovely collection of thin-section photographs of selected lunar sample for his petrology course.

7 December 2005

Colin Mackellar has provided a comparison of image quality seen at the various tracking stations and at Houston ( 4.4 Mb )

29 November2005

Bob Craddock and Allan Needell at the Air and Space Museum have provided a high-resolution scan of the flown copy of Apollo 11 map LAM-2 ( 2.7 Mb ) that Mike Collins marked in his several unsuccessful attempts to spot the LM on the surface. I have extensively revised and expanded the discussion of this topic and the related one of Mike's discussion of the cluster of craters just east of P.2/6.3 on the map.

30 October 2005

The newly-available high-resolution scans from original film have spurred me to re-analyize the sequence of photographs Jack Schmitt took during the drive from Apollo 17 Station 1 to the SEP deployment site. It is clear that I had been much too hurried when I first went through the sequence in the early to mid-1990s and am much more comfortable with my new results. The sequence starts with frame AS17-136-20777.

24 October 2005

John Hargenrader of the NASA HQ History Office has scanned and formatted the Apollo 11 Technical Crew Debrief for inclusion in the Journal. Thomas Schwagmeier has provided reformatted HTML and PDF versions.

17 October 2005

Henning Conrad has noticed that the Apollo 16 Descent Stage ends up pressed farther into the lunar surface after Ascent Stage liftoff. A comparison of before and after TV images (312k; animated gif ) shows the displacements that resulted from the significant downward impulse produced by liftoff.

2 October 2005

Scans of the complete pages are being added to the online version of Judy Allton's Catalog of Apollo Lunar Surface Geological Sampling Tools and Containers, starting from the back. Where possible, images are being replaced with new, high-resolution scans.

30 September 2005

Journal Contributor Eric C. Nelson entered a superb photo of the Huntsville Saturn V second stage J-2 engine cluster to the U.S. National Park Service's 2005 'Imaging Our National Heritage' contest. Eric was awarded third prize in the Southeast Region. I've added the image to his ALSJ bio, linked above. Congratulations, Eric!

23 September 2005

Additional 10 Mb/min mpeg video clips are being added to Apollo 17;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

Ulli Lotzmann has provided close-up photographs of Charlie Duke's flown left EVA Glove.

22 September 2005

The new ALSJ banners were created by Ian Cossor.

11 September 2005

Bill Wood is producing a new, cleaned-up PDF version of the Apollo Program Summary Report ( JSC-09423, April 1975 ), incorporating appropriate digital scans from Kipp Teague Apollo Archive.

29 August 2005

Bill Wood has produced PDF versions of two reports summarizing MSFN (Manned Space Flight Network) performance during Apollo 11: Network Controller's Mission Report Apollo 11 ( 5.0 Mb PDF ) and Manned Space Flight Network (MSFN) Postmission Report on the AS-506 (Apollo 11) Mission ( 17 Mb PDF ). The roiginal documents were provided by Mike Stevens, GSFC Network Operations Manager during Apollo 11.

28 August 2005

Don McMillan has provided 3D (red-blue anaglyph) animations of the Virtual LRV deployment (5 Mb Quicktime ) and a close-up of the Walking Hinge in operation (10 Mb Quicktime ).

22 August 2005

Ken Glover has begun production of MPEG versions at about 10 Mb/minute from the Apollo 17 video digitized from the Haskin tapes. Clips are available in the EVA-3 Close-out chapter. These new versions represent a substantial improvement over the existing RealVideo versions. For Journal readers with broadband connections, these new versions are small enough to provide a good quality, quick-look overview of the video coverage, but necessarily do not approach the information content and visual impact of the large-format versions on Mark Gray's DVDs.

19 August 2005

Because of the growing number of images now available as high-resolution scans from original film (Thanks, Kipp!), I have merged the high-res and low-res sets of captions in the Apollo 17 Image Library. Please let me know about any errors. I'll do Apollo 16 next.

18 August 2005

Don McMillan has provided a Virtual LRV animation showing the operation of the Walking Hinge during deployment.

14 August 2005

Robin Wheeler has provided a 200 dpi scan of a Defense Mapping Agency 1:50,000 Lunar Topographic Orthophotomap at Taurus-LIttrow ( 6.3 Mb ).

11 August 2005

Don McMillan and Ron Creel have provided additional animations of the Virtual LRV and a short film of LRV wheel assembly tests ( 1.4 Mb .wmv file )

10 August 2005

John Dilks (K2TQN) has provided a PDF version of his February 2005 article from QST magazine concerning RCA Engineer Jack Yanosov and the development of the PLSS radio. Used with permission.

5 August 2005

Robin Wheeler has provided 200 dpi scans of three Defense Mapping Agency 1:50,000 Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps at Hadley and one at Descartes. See the respective Image Libraries.

4 August 2005

Links have been added to Jim Scotti's Cinder Lake Crater Field webpage. The USGS used explosive charges to excavate craters of various sizes that were used by the astronauts during training.

19 July 2005

Ed Hengeveld has provided single-page thumbnail sets for the Apollo 17 70 mm Hasselblad magazines. These are linked in the Image Library starting with Magazine 133.

A question from Portland Monthly writer Sierra Jenkins concerning a fragment of Oregon basalt that Jim Irwin was said to have left on the Moon at Hadley has led to a fun - and fruitful - investigation. See the caption for AS15-88-11867.

Dean Eppler at NASA Johnson has provided high-resolution photographs of two strap-on pockets currently displayed with Charlie Duke's training suit in Building B34. This investigation grew into a general study of the use of strap-on pockets by the lunar surface crews.

4 July 2005

Happy Deep Impact Day. What a way to celebrate the Fourth! Congratulations to the entire mission team on a job superbly done.

Thomas Schawgmeier has provided a re-formatted version of the Apollo 11 Final Flight Plan ( 10.5 Mb PDF ).

Larry McGlynn has provided high-resolution scans of the flown Apollo 11 Star Chart ( HTML link ), the Apollo 16 Star Chart and Star List ( 0.5 Mb ), and Apollo 16 Orbital Monitor Chart, Sheet 21 ( 376k ), showing the landing site.

Check out the story of the Apollo 15 Prime Crew's color coded Corvettes
with thanks to Ed Hengeveld, Ron Creel, Don McMillan, and Anthony Young.

15 June 2005

Ed Hengeveld has provided a group portrait of the Apollo 15 crew with their color-coded Corvettes and, in the foreground, the 1-g LRV Trainer ( 584k ).

10 June 2005

Don McMillan has used his Virtual Rover to approximate the observer/LRV/Sun configuration of AS17-134-20475, which shows an illuminated area on the high-gain antenna due to reflections off the top of the Rover TV camera. See a comparison ( 403k ). Also, check out Don's website and his Apollo Rover Poster.

9 June 2005

Mark Trotter independantly spotted the Apollo 15 Site Model at Brevard Community College and has provided photographs to supplement those contributed by Frank O'Brien.

30 May 2005

Bill Wood's Apollo TV essay is now available in Acrobat 7 format ( 12 Mb PDF ) and Acrobat 5 format ( 12 Mb PDF ), along with a variety of background documentation.

The LM Environmental Control section of the Grumman Apollo 11 News Reference is now available.

27 April 2005

A discussion of the in-suit drink bag and food stick has been added.

16 April 2005

Frank O'Brien has discovered that the large Apollo 15 site model used to provided window views for the LM simulator now resides at Brevard Community College in Florida. A discussion of the model with photographs has been assembled;
with thanks to Frank, Paul Fjeld, and Markus Mehring.

22 April 2005

Ulli Lotzmann has provided an extensive set of photos of Jack Schmitt's flown suit. Ulli took the pictures at the National Air and Space Museum's Garber Facility with guidance from Amanda Young and Bill Ayrey.

31 March 2005

Eric Nelson has created a red-blue anaglyphs for AS17-134-20394 and 395 and for AS16-106-17341 and 342. With regard to the latter pair, note that Charlie was carrying the out-fo-focus tongs (?) in the foreground which, necessarily moved with him between frames. Eric writes, "I simply stamped out the tool with nearby soil patches. I still feel something better can be done, but I need to think over the stereo composition a little more." He also used FocusMagic to remove some of the effects of Charlie's inappropriate choice of focus setting.

27 March 2005

The Apollo Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Operations Handbook has been added in two parts.

The pages from the EMU Handbook dealing with the LEVA have been adapted as a separate document.

25 March 2005

Eric Nelson has created a red-blue anaglyph from AS16-110-17866 and 17867

23 March 2005

Eric Nelson has created an alternate version ( 399k ) of a red-blue anaglyph of Neil's unintentional stereopair of East Crater. This version puts greater emphasis on vertical relief than does the earlier work ( 838k ) of Ulli Lotzmann.

About two months ago, Thomas Schwagmeier produced an elegant re-draft of the the Apollo 11 traverse map ( 238k ), which is Figure 3-16 in the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report. My apologies to Thomas for not having given proper credit at that time.

At about the same time, Thomas Schwagmeier also re-drafted the Apollo 11 Photo Map ( 196k ), which is Figure 3-15 in the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report.

22 March 2005

Working with the famous portrait of Buzz, AS11-40-5903, Eric Nelson has digitally removed the gold color of Buzz's visor ( 321k and revealed what is almost certainly a reflected image of Earth. A detailed discussion can be found in the Apollo 11 Image Library.

21 March 2005

Eric Nelson has produced a new version of his red-blue anaglyph (0.6 Mb ) of the Apollo 15 Station 10 vesicular boulder from 11185 and 86.

18 March 2005

Andrew Vignaux notes that, while advancing the film in the Hasselblad magazine before removing it from the camera body, Neil took four accidental, out-of-focus, partial self-portraits. See the discussion following 111:27:05.

4 March 2005

Don McMillan has provided a variety of updated images and animations of his Virutal Rover unfolding during deployment and of the radiator and battery covers opening.

19 February 2005

Thomas Schwagmeier has provided new OCR versions in both PDF and HTML of the following Apollo 11 transcripts: Technical Air-to-Ground, Spacecraft (PAO) Commentary, and On-board (CM) Voice.

Joe O'Dea and Thomas Schwagmeier have collaborated to produce an overlay of the Apollo 11 traverse on a football (soccer) pitch, a comparison of greater interest to readers outside North America than the prior overlay on a baseball diamond. ;-)

18 February 2005

The Apollo 13 Final CM and LM Stowage List has been added.

15 February 2005

Insights into the landing site update, Noun 69, performed on all the landings after Apollo 11, has been added to the landing chapters;
with thanks to Paul Fjeld, Larry Turoski, and Roland Suhr.

14 February 2005

Six new works have been added to Ulli Lotzmann's Apollo Sketchbook (sections 12 and 13).

Thomas Schwagmeier has created a high-quality superposition of the A11 traverse on a baseball diamond, replacing the crude version I did in November.

12 February 2005

MP3 audio clips are being added to Apollo 12
with thanks to Ken Glover.

I am slowly adding links to Apollo Exerience Reports via a dedicated page.

6 February 2005

I have added a short page about the LM dump valves and a page with links to various Apollo Experience Reports.

5 February 2005

More detailed information about the Omega Speedmaster Professional watches worn by the crews has been added;
with thanks to Lee Bailham.

29 January 2005

Scans are now available for the Apollo 16 EVA Prep and Post Cue Cards.

24 January 2005

As previsouly noted, Frank O'Brien has scanned the Delco CSM/LM Manual (180Mb ). Today I extracted the LM DSKY pages, which include descriptions of the displays and lists of the Programs, Verbs, and Nouns.

17 January 2005

We don't know if Neil purposefully took AS11-40-5957 and 5958 as a stereopair but, between the frames he did move to his right. Ulli Lotzmann has combined portions of the two photos as a red-blue stereoimage.

15 January 2005

Ed Hengeveld has located and scanned the Apollo 11 Training Summary ( 3.2 Mb PDF ).

14 December 2004

Ron Creel, who worked on Thermal Control modelling for the LRV during Apollo, has provided PDF versions of two Rover documents: 1972 NASA Marshall Technical Report TR R-401, "Mobility Performance of the Lunar Roving Vehicle", and his own 2004 presentation "Applying Thermal Control Experiences On Apollo Lunar Rover Project To Rovers For Future Space Exploration"

7 December 2004

Erik van Meijgaarden has combined AS17-134-20517 and 523 into a post-EVA-3 view of Gene's side of the cabin.

29 November 2004

Mark Gray has called attention to the little-known fact that the Lunar Equipment Conveyor was used as a safety tether during Neil's climb down the ladder and his first moments on the surface. See the discussion that begins at 109:15:45.

12 November 2004

To get an idea of how close Neil and Buzz stayed to the LM, I've overlayed a sketch version of Figure 3-16 from the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report onto a drawing of a baseball diamond. Neil's trip to East Crater has been the equivalent of a stroll from the pitcher's mound into short centerfield and back.

10 November 2004

Markus Mehring has created a richly-labeled approach map for Tranquility Base from AS11-37-5437 and an overhead map from 5447.

Markus notes that the down-Sun horizon features in AS11-40-5882 and 5882a are rim segment of the set of overlapping craters west of the landing site, as caqn be seen in a comparison with AS11-37-5447.

8 November 2004

Dean Eppler has provided photos of a recent suited field exercise he did near Meteor Crater.

Markus Mehring has provided cross-references between TARGA filenames of the low-res images done for the ALSJ by JSC and the corresponding NASA photo ID numbers.

22 October 2004

Photographs of John Young's Apollo 16 EVA-2/3 checklist are now available;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann.

18 September 2004

Bob Andrepont maintains a linked list of space-related PDF documents available on the web.

25 August 2004

At the suggestion of teacher Scott Krefetz, Ken Glover has created an MPG clip of the Apollo 14 pendulum ( 21 Mb. With thanks, as always, to Mark Gray for permission.

22 August 2004

As indicated in a detail, the central portion of either the east or west rim of West Crater can be seen in the glare of the Sun on the horizon just above center in AS11-40-5936. The indicated azimuths are derived from Figure 5-8 in the Apollo 11 Mission Report

12 July 2004

A brief NASA Dryden Flight Research Center history of the LLRV/LLTV has been added.

7 July 2004

A preliminary catalog of Apollo 16 lunar surface photos prepared by the USGS in May 1972 has been added;
with thanks to Ron Wells.

6 July 2004

The Lunar and Planetary Institute has created the Lunar Map Catalog which contains high-quality, high-resolution maps of the whole Moon and of areas of interest to the Apollo missions. Highly recommended.

I have completed addition of MP3 Audio for Apollo 17; with thanks to Dave Shaffer.

8 June 2004

After a very long delay, I have completed links in the Apollo 14 Image Library to various EVA-2 traverse maps from the USGS Professional Paper and additional maps prepared by Lennie Waugh.

1 June 2004

The White Spot Consortium has adapted and updated John Sarkissian's discussion of the spots seen in the Apollo 11 video signals from Goldstone and Parkes. These spots allow unambiguous determination of the source - Goldstone, Honeysuckle Creek, or Parkes - of the video signal used by NASA at any time during the EVA.

16 May 2004

Ron Wells has provided a searchable, PDF version of the Lunar Roving Vehicle Handbook in eight sections. A full-document version will be available in 6-8 weeks.

9 May 2004

In addition to traverse stills assembled in film-strip form which have been added to various Apollo 16 traverse chapters, Ken Glover has created an animated version ( 0.8 Mb ) of the LM-to-Station 1 traverse, with Charlie's twenty eight traverse images shown at 1 frame-per-second.

19 April 2004

Bill Wood, a retired Goldstone veteran, is accumulating background documentation for a technically-oriented, ALSJ essay on the Apollo TV and related systems. PDF versions of the documents are being added to the ALSJ as Bill gets them scanned.

9 April 2004

A detail from AS16-117-18826 gives us a clear view of John's watch. Charlie took the picture at about 169:27:30 at Station 10-prime. John's watch is set on Houston time and reads 1:20 or 1:21. A transcript time of 169:27:30 corresponds to 1:21:30 on 23 April 1972. Transcript times are known to have absolute uncertainties of a minute or more, so the agreement is quite satisfactory.

20 January 2004

Brian McInall has completed production of a PDF version of the Apollo 17 Professional Paper and has added new sections to the Apollo 16 Professional Paper.

15 January 2004

John Berry, a Honeysuckle Creek Apollo veteran, has provided scans of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 patches used on-board the recovery carrier USS Hornet.

17 December 2003

On the 100th Anniversary of the first flight of the Wright Flyer, it is my pleasure to add the Oral History interview conducted in 2001 with Neil by Stephen Ambrose and Douglas Brinkley.

11 December 2003

John Saxon and Colin Mackellar have provided a collection of 17 scans of polaroids taken off the monitor at NASA's Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station near Canberra, Australia.

Bob Fry has assembled a number of Apollo 17 pans and 500-mm sequences.

7 December 2003

A photograph of fragments from the Wright Flyer which were taken to the lunar surface in 'eagle' has been provided by the NASM Public Affairs Office for use in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Other uses of the image require approval from the NASM Public Affairs Office. See the discussion following 111:37:15;
with thanks to Steve Garber, Allan Needell, and Ken Glover.

17 November 2003

Ken Glover has produced a video clip of Jack mounting the Rover onboard the 1/6th-g airplane..

14 November 2003

Regretably, Toonse Glover passed away today. He was twelve and will be missed by his many friends around the world. Rest in Peace.

8 October 2003

Matthew Kay has transcribed and re-formatted the Apollo 15 Training Log compiled by Training Coordinator Mike Brzezinski. An annotated version is in prepepartion.

Harald Kucharek calls attention to an account of the Famous SPAN Coffee Spill in the wonderful book Apollo EECOM: Journey of a Lifetime by Sy Liebergot with David Harland.

6 October 2003

Peter Dayton has produced PDF versions of the Gene Simmons J Mission Guidebooks, 'On the Moon with Apollo 15/16/17'

Andy Chaikin has contributed frame sequences of interest from the Apollo 11 DAC mounted in Buzz's window. These are linked in the EVA chapters called One Small Step and Mobility and Photography.

15 September 2003

David Nathan has produced a superb assembly of Gene Cernan's SEP deployment partial pan.

An extract of the Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report chapter on the various lineations seen on the Apennine Front has been prepared in HTML format with good quality image scans provided by Stephen Tellier at the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

14 September 2003

Bob Fry has identified the tops of the major fragments of the Station 6 boulder in AS17-146-, a frame from Gene Cernan's Station 7 pan. This led to a search for the Station 7 boulder in the corresponding frame from Gene's Station 6 pan, AS17-140-21504.

5 September 2003

Ken Glover has completed the Apollo 14 RealVideo clips. The audio track on the Haskin tapes has problems and, with permission from Mark Gray, Ken has substituted the audio track from the Apollo 14 Complete Downlink Edition DVD set.

David Nathan has combined the existing 300 DPI scans of 21493 and 21496 into a detail from Gene's Station 6 pan showing Jack returning to the Rover with the gnomon. David writes, " I sized the photos appropriately, adjusted the color, removed dust and scratches, and touched up the line that joined the two photos. I also extended the black sky on the left. I don't think this takes away from the image. I think this will look good printed at about 24x36 inches (60X90 cm), maybe even a little bigger."

7 August 2003

David Carrier, a member of the Apollo Soil Mechanics Team, has provided some comments on the various drilling problems encountered during Apollo 15.

25 July 2003

Adam Bootle has provided a PDF version of the LM-5 Structures Handout;
with thanks to Adam and Frederic Artner.

14 July 2003

I have added the raw Apollo 11-17 Technical Air-to-Ground transcripts from the NASA HQ CD The Mission Transcript Collection (NASA SP-2000-4602);
with thanks to Steve Garber and Glen Swanson

12 July 2003

All of the Apollo 16 audio has been digitized;
with thanks to David Shaffer.

11 July 2003

Ulli Lotzmann recently discovered - on his drawing board - a depiction of Neil Armstrong's immortal greeting, "Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky", at the end of the Apollo 11 EVA. According the widely-known urban myth, Neil was thinking of a former neighbor in Wapakoneta, Ohio. This story is simply not true. Neil was actually thinking of his favorite Canadian rock band, Mr. Gorsky. The accompanying photo, taken at Glen Isle on 6 July 2003, shows (left to right) band members Michael Craig, Rod McNeil, and Ken Glover.

15 June 2003

An analysis of interactions between CapCom Bob Parker and Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt during Apollo 17 EVA-2 has been provided by Bill Clancey.

A large PDF document detailing Flight Controller assignments for missions from Apollo/Saturn 201 to Apollo 17 has been added.

22 May 2003

Audio clips are now complete for Apollo 16 up to cabin repressurization at the end of EVA-2;
with thanks to Roland Speth.

13 May 2003

With permission from Mark Gray, Ken Glover has extracted short clips from Mark's Apollo15 Complete Dowlink Edition showing Dave Scott and Jim Irwin during pre-flight training. The clips show Dave Scott attaching a raccoon tail to the Rover, Dave and Jim being helped onto the Rover, and Jim practicing trench digging.

A new Apollo 16 chapter consisting of a portion of the comm between Ken Mattingly and Stu Roosa concerning the landing site has been added. the selected portion of the conversation starts shortly after John and Charlie started their post-EVA-1 rest period.

31 March 2003

Anil Sahal has contributed a discussion of the 'fullness of the head' experienced by many astronauts in reduced gravity environments.

29 March 2003

During the Apollo 14 ALSEP Offload, Ed Mitchell gets ALSEP Package No.2 and then releases the bottom end of a deployment tape. The top end of the tape remains attached to the LM near the top of the SEQ Bay and the bottom end promptly swings down and under the spacecraft, only to re-emerge a couple of seconds later. This 'SEQ Bay Pendulum' swings back and forth a total of 18 times over a minute and a half. The average period is 4.7 seconds. On Earth, the same pendulum would have a period of 1.9 seconds. A write-up is linked at in the text after 115:11:10

28 March 2003

Stacey O'Brien has provided a photo of Frank O'Brien lying on the floor of a LM simulator to illustrate where Buzz Aldrin was during the Apollo 11 rest period. The simulator is displayed at the Cradle of Aviation Museum where Frank serves as a volunteer restoration worker.

26 March 2003

Oliver Summa has created a visualization of Taurus-Littrow after the crew's departure. A comparison of Oliver's creation with Jack Schmitt's original photo led me to check the post-liftoff orientation of the flag. Although I haven't yet checked the liftoff DAC film, it is clear that the flag behaved like a weathervane under the influence of the ascent engine exhaust.

24 March 2003

Frank O'Brien has scanned the following documents: Apollo 11 LM Descent and Ascent Photomaps, Apollo 12 CSM Landmark Maps, Apollo 15 Command Module Software, Apollo 15 LM Cue Cards, Apollo 15 LM Data Cards, Apollo 16 / 17 Rendezvous Proceedures.

21 March 2003

Descriptions of the cameras, film and general contents of the various magazines used during Apollo 11 can be found in National Space Science Data Center Report NSSDC 70-06, Apollo 11 Lunar Photography, issued April 1970.

20 March 2003

R.S. Wang notes that AS17-134-20461 was taken at 169:30:33 rather than at 169:26:36 as I had mistakenly thought when going through the Apollo 17 images in 1995.

17 March 2003

Oops! The film clip named a17f.landing.mov is actually part of the Apollo 12 landing film. The longer landing film digitization produced by Gary Neff really is Apollo 17. Sorry about that, Chief;
with thanks to Jay Windley.

11 March 2003

A large number of TV clips have been added to Apollo 14;
with thanks to Ken Glover and Mark Gray.

20 February 2003

It is my great pleasure to share a sketchbook by Ulli Lotzmann that captures much of the spirit of Apollo.

16 February 2003

Robert Yowell has provided a PDF version of a June 1970 General Electric report Lunar Roving Vehicle Crew Equipment Stowage Methods and Location

7 February 2003

John B. Charles has provided notes taken during a panel discussion at the 1997 Naval Aviation Symposium. The participants were Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Jim Lovell, Wally Schirra, and Alan Shepard.

24 January 2003

The Apollo 14 Lunar Surface checklist and Cuff Checklists have been added along with links in post-landing and the EVA-1 text chapters.

31 December 2002

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!. Sketch by Ulli Lotzmann

I apologize for not including notes here in recent months. Kipp and his team of photo scanners have been very productive and the various image libraries continue to grow.

Ulli Lotzmann has provided a December 2002 sketch of Pete Conrad with some 'stuff'.

The Alan Bean Online Gallery now resides at a dedicated site. Enjoy!

26 October 2002

A variety of photos and background documents have been added to the Journal this month.

John 'Eagle-Eye' Pfannerstill has spotted Dave Scott affixing the LRV commemorative sign to the righthand side of the console at 163:42:00

For those who have not yet dug into Mark Gray's wonderful Apollo 15 DVD set, keep an eye out for some brief snippets of TV from the drive from STation 9 to Hadley Rille, starting at 165:16:09

26 September 2002

A large number of htlm corrections have been made;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and Harald Kucharek.

24 September 2002

In an effort to improve the flow of the Journal text, I am moving such things as detailed discussions of the pans to separate HTML files I expect to complete construction of the files for all the A11, 12, and 14 pans before the end-of-September updates. Feedback would be appreciated.

17 September 2002

PDF versions of the Apollo 12 cuff checklists are now available;
with thanks to Brian McInall.

16 September 2002

The Apollo 17 site feature name "Family Mountain" is given to two different mountains in various places in the Apollo 17 literature. A discussion is now available;
with thanks to Jack Schmitt.

10 September 2002

The Station 2 chapter of the USGS Apollo 17 Professional Paper is now available;
with thanks to Brian McInall.

28 August 2002

Apollo Press Kits and Mission Reports are now available;
with thanks to Ron Wells and Glen Swanson.

Updated Video and Movie Libraries are now available for Apollo 11, 12, and 14;
with thanks to Joe O'Dea.

A discussion of a pattern of reflected sunlight that can be seen on the Apollo 17 high-gain antenna umbrella during the EVA-3 Closout is available;
with thanks to the contributors mentioned in the discussion.

18 August 2002

Neil Armstrong has provided comments on the Lunar Landing Research Facility, which have been added to the A11 Landing Chapter.

7 August 2002

Some time ago, Larrry Turoski noted that there was a total eclipse of the Sun (by Earth) 4 days after Dave Scott and Jim Irwin lifted off from Hadley. Larry was curious if any observations of the eclipse were made with the LRV TV camera. See and extract from the Apollo 15 Flight Journal at 262:16:48, provided by David Woods.

28 July 2002

Both the 15 April 1969 Preliminary version and the 1 July 1969 Final version of the Final Lunar Surface Procedures volume is available;
with thanks to Glen Swanson.

13 July 2002

Gary Neff has produced a magnificent 24fps DivX version of the A14 Landing film. It is a large file of 17 Mb. A free download of the standard DivX player is available on the Web.

28 June 2002

Ulli Lotzmann has provided a pre-flight x-ray of Neil's boots.

16 June 2002

Andy Chaikin has discovered what it was that Neil threw at 109:36:07.

11 June 2002

Links to new Apollo 17 pan assemblies by Dave Byrne are being added to the Image File and the appropriate text files.

New MP3 audio clips are being added to the Apollo 16 text chapters;
with thanks to Roland Speth.

8 June 2002

The Apollo 17 Mission Report is now available in searchable PDF format;
with thanks to Ron Wells.

19 May 2002

The Apollo 15 Photo Catalog is now available as a searchable, 2.2 Mb PDF document;
with thanks to Matt Kay

13 May 2002

Check out some new Ernie Reyes material at the end of the discussion following 120:31:33;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann.

11 May 2002

Gary Neff has digitized a film sequence (8.6Mb) showing Charlie Duke and Bob Parker participating in a shirtsleeve demonstration of the Rover deployment hardware, probably in 1971. Charlie Duke loaned me his copy of the film, from which a video tape copy was made.

10 May 2002

A new PDF version of Floyd Bennett's 'Apollo Lunar Descent and Ascent Trajectories' - finally with page 11 - and a PDF version of Bennett's longer Apollo Experience Report are now available;
with thanks to Gary Neff and Colin Fries.

Additional material has been added to the Apollo 17 post-landing discussion of LLTV training, which is now available as a separate file;
with thanks to Jack Schmitt

8 May 2002

Ulli Lotzmann notes that, in an 18 April 1969 Apollo 11 training session to which the media was invited, hand-lettered 'CDR' and 'LMP' signs were attached to the back of Neil's and Buzz's PLSS, respectively. See the discussion added to a11.5886.html

6 May 2002

The Preliminary Science Reports are now available as PDF documents for each of the six successful landing missions. These are VERY large files. as11psr.pdf, as12psr.pdf, and as14psr.pdf are each nearly 25Mb; a15psr.pdf and a16psr.pdf are about 55 Mb each; and a17psr.pdf is 87Mb. Each file is linked on the main page for the appropriate mission;
with thanks to Glen Swanson, Steve Garber, and Ron Wells

4 May 2002

Dave Byrne has completed all of the Apollo 15 pan assemblies and is now working on Apollo 17.

10 April 2002

Mike Dinn, former Deputy Director at Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station in Australia, has provided a photo of a 142-gram portion of an Apollo 11 vesicular basalt that can be seen at the Visitor's Center at the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station near Canberra. See the discussion in a11.clsout.html

8 April 2002

Additional pan assemblies have been added in Images15 and the text chapters;
with thanks to Dave Byrne.

30 March 2002

An article from the Caltech News about Lee Silver's involvement in Apollo has been added;
with thanks to Caltech News Editor Heidi Aspaturian for permission to reproduce it in the Journal.

28 March 2002

Bob Farwell has created an enhanced version of 5534 which is a post-EVA photo Neil took of shows Buzz. The 16-mm DAC is at the upper right.

25 March 2002

Assemblies of various pans have been added to images15.html and images16.html;
with thanks to Dave Byrne.

Ron Wells has created a PDF version of a very useful Boeing document describing the Apollo 17 Lunar Roving Vehicle 5.3Mb .

14 March 2002

Discussion of Gene's collection of the dust sample from the shelf on fragment 1 of the Station 6 boulder has been added;
with thanks to Sean Clipperton.

A searchable PDF version of the Apollo 17 Technical Debrief is now available;
with thanks to Ron Wells

3 March 2002

Almost all pans and pan-like sequences not previously available in the ALSJ in assembled form have been added Apollos 11, 12, and 14. Apollo 15 pans are being added;
with thanks to Dave Byrne.

18 February 2002

Assemblies of a large number of pans are being added to all the missions;
with thanks to Dave Byrne.

13 February 2002

Kipp Teague has produced very-high-resolution scans of three photos of the dark boulder on the slope of the North Massif upslope from Turning Point Rock. See the discussion and links at 127:02:28.

5 February 2002

Gene Cernan's in-suit drink valve and food stick are highlighted in a detail from an Ed Dempsey trainingphoto;
with thanks to Frederic Artner.

4 February 2002

RealVideo clips covering the first Apollo 14 EVA are being added;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

13 January 2002

The discussion of the circuit breaker broken off by Buzz's PLSS after the Apollo 11 EVA and reported at 112:56:28 has been expanded.

12 January 2002

Persistent HTML errors in cuff17 and related links have been eliminated - I hope;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux

8 January 2002

Glen Swanson, the JSC Historian, has provided a list of the geology trips taken by the Apollo astronauts, starting in March 1964.

31 December 2001

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.

J.L. Pickering has uncovered two fascinating pictures. One is a piece of pre-mission Grumman artwork for Apollo 17. This striking portrayal has a number of problems, discovery of which is left as an exercise for the reader. The second image is an un-numbered Apollo 14 training photo which shows Al Shepard and Ed Mitchell practising the collection of a football-sized rock sample. Note, also, the Florida native in the foreground. See the discussion following 117:50:12.

19 December 2001

For students interested in Analyzing John Young's 'Big Navy Salute', Ken Glover has produced a 2.7Mb MPEG clip of the two jumps, linked after 120:25:23.

Gary Neff has produced a high-quality digitization of the DAC record of Neil's Small Step. He has also combined synchronized version of the DAC and TV records in a single presentation. Both are linked after 109:22:06.

18 December 2001

Because of Glen Swanson's on-goin efforts to digitize important Apollo documents, the Apollo 17 Technical Debrief is available as a 7.9 Mb PDF document.

2 December 2001

Discussion of the LLRV/LLTV have been fine-tuned in the various landing and post-landing chapters;
with thanks to Andy Chaikin.

1 December 2001

Markus Mehring notes that my caption to AS13-62-9004 contained significant errors and pointed me to the original NASA caption, which is correct. See the images13.html file

30 November 2001

Thierry Bisiaux called attention to a section of dialog missing on the website between the end of a15.trvsta2 and the start of a15.sta2. I retrieved the missing text from the CD-ROM and placed it at the start of a15.sta2.

26 November 2001

All of the Apollo 17 cuff checklists are now available, including photocopies of Gene Cernan's flight EVA-2 checklist supplied by Max Ary, Kansas Cosmosphere. I hope to have photographic copies of the latter in the not-too-distant future.

12 November 2001

Harald Kucharek notes that while inspecting the flight Rover at the Cape, the LM crews wore EVA gloves. "This makes perfect sense as the only way they will handle the LRV on the Moon is with EVA gloves, so it is important for them to have that experience from the beginning." An example is Apollo 16 photo KSC-71P-543 showing Charlie Duke (foreground) and John Young (beyond the wheels) examining the flight Rover during its installation on the outside of the Descent stage.

27 October 2001

Bob Farwell has created a post-EVA Apollo 11 window pan covering both windows. Note the artistic license taken in the central region. A second version includes one pre-EVa image to fill a gap below Neil's window. And a third version includes a 16-mm frame showing Neil and Buzz erecting the U.S. flag.

21 October 2001

Harald Kucharek has produced a clickable version of Figure 3-15 from the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report, showing the locations from which Neil and Buzz took photographs during the EVA and the orientation of those photos. Bravo!

19 October 2001

A discussion of the Apollo 17 "dark boulder" and its prominent track on the North Massif has been added at 127:02:28.

17 October 2001

With apologies to Harald Kucharek for the very long delay, he has produced a detail from Kipp Teague's high resolution scan of 49-7278 which shows Al Bean's checklist open to pages 12 and 13.

13 October 2001

Ulli Lotzmann has produced red-blue and green-red stereo-images of AS12-57-8448, 8452, and 8455. Al Bean took these pictures with the close-up stereocamera during the Apollo 12 EVA-2 close-out.

11 October 2001

Kipp Teague has produced an mpeg clip of about 15 seconds of fortuitous video from the moving Apollo 17 LRV as Gene repositions the vehicle at the VIP site.

Short 8-mm film clips shot by Ed Dempsey during Apollo 14 training show Al Shepard and Ed Mitchell as (1) Al dons his helmet and LEVA, (2) Al and Ed deploy the MET;
with thanks to Frederic Artner and Ken Glover.

8 October 2001

A variety of typos and HTML errors have been corrected;
with thanks to Doug Bennett and Thierry Bisiaux.

5 October 2001

Ed Hengeveld has provided a digital version of the painting The Moonwalkers.

Ulli Lotzmann has produced an enhanced version of AS11-40-5894 which clearly shows that Neil has his side visor down.

2 October 2001

Mike Constantine has assembled Dave Scott's Station 8 pan and Gene Cernan's Station 1 pan.

1 October 2001

The Apollo 14 Mission Report is now available in HTML format, exception only some minor appendices to be added later.

19 September 2001

Karstein Lomundal reminds us that Charlie Duke got a little tongue-tied after Neil reported "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." See the dialog at 102:46:06.

18 September 2001

Discussions of the lat/long of the various landing sites has been revised;
with thanks to Thomas Argast, Stephen Tellier, and Bob Craddock.

11 September 2001

Accurate Apollo landing co-ordinates are available at http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/lunar_sites.html Appropriate links and corrections have been added in the Journal;
with thanks to Thomas Argast.

Mick Hyde points out that, during the SEP deployment at 123:01:25 Jack Schmitt actually sang 'I was strolling in the (pause) Taurus one day' and not "I was strolling in the (pause) park one day'. This realization explains Jack's next statement.

26 August 2001

A discussion of the color of the LMP decal on Jack Schmitt's camera, which he compared to the color of the orange soil at Shorty, has been added following 145:27:15 in a17.sta4.html.

23 August 2001

Harald Kucharek notes that the f-stop decal on the top of Al's Hasselblad magazine can be seen in a detail (scan by Kipp Teague) from Pete's picture of Al at Sharp Crater, AS12-49-7278. The large lettering reads 'Remove Darkslide Before Installing Magazine'. A rectified detail by Markus Mehring allows us to read much of the smaller lettering. Other than some details related to Surveyor photography, this A12 decal is similar to the corresponding Apollo 14 decals. Compare with the A11 decal described on the 18 August note.

18 August 2001

Allan Needell of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum has provided a clear photo by Eric Long of the f-stop decal on the top of the Apollo 11 film magazine on display in the Museum's Apollo Gallery;
with thanks to eagle-eyed Markus Mehring.

17 August 2001

Mick Hyde has provided photos of the 1761 Guinea-and-Feather apparatus that was discussed in the 30 December 2000 note below. The apparatus can be seen at the Science Museum of London along with the Adams air pump with which it was evacuated. A detail shows a feather and a one guinea coin in position for simultaneous release.

12 August 2001

Jim Scotti has produced stereo-images of (1) Surveyor III, (2) a group of boulders on the rim of Cone Crater, and (3) a second view of the Cone boulders taken from slightly to the right of the first.

10 August 2001

Ulli Lotzmann has created a stereo-image from a pair of photos, AS12-49-7318 and 7319, that Al Bean took of a sample and Pete Conrad and at the south rim of Surveyor Crater. He has also created stereo-images for Gene Cernan's Station 8 photos 22365 and 366 and 22369 and 370.

7 August 2001

Links to low-resolution scans of all the Magazine 37 Apollo 11 images are now available. This magazine includes some pre-landing images of the landing site, some out-the-window, pre-EVA pictures of the site from inside the cabin, and some post-EVA pictures from inside the cabin, including some of Neil and Buzz. Except for 37-5528 - previously available in high-resolution - none of the crew portraits are of good quality;
with thanks to Joonas Helminen, Thierry Bisiaux and Markus Mehring.

A photo has been added of the Apollo 15 crew at the U.S. Air Force Academy with one of the Academy's falcon mascots;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

1 August 2001

Ron Wells has created two new versions of the Apollo 15 Mission Report: (1) a 14.3Mb searchable PDF version and (2) non-searchable version consisting of nine smaller parts.

31 July 2001

Dan Durda has created a fascinating site with views of the Apollo landing sites from Earth and then with ever better precision down to the best pan camera frames.

28 July 2001

Kipp Teague has provided a high-res detail of Neil in deep shadow at the MESA in Buzz's photo or the ladder strut, AS11-40-5894.

26 July 2001

The discussions of the Apollo 11 photography taken between 110:31:28 and 110:42:39 in a11.mobility has been substantially improved. I had been under the impression that errors in the raw transcript were largely responsible for the mistaken impression held by many that Buzz never had the Hasselblad. However, the raw transcript at 110:31:38 clearly indicates that it was Buzz who took the plus-Z pan and this led me to re-examine other aspects of the photography. With the help of Figure 3-15 from the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report, which shows the locations from which various pictures were taken, I am now confident about the time at which Neil took the famous full-frontal portrait of Buzz and the two previous pictures. Figure 3-15 is now linked in the Journal.

24 July 2001

Ron Monsen has an on-line 3D LM Simulator which is currently undergoing "major systems tests". Windows only, unfortunately.

23 July 2001

A variety of html errors are being corrected;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and Andre Puls.

David Harland has used some of Kipp Teague's high resolution scans of images from the Apollo 15 SEVA color pan to create a mini-pan of Mt. Hadley Delta and Silver Spur.

David Harland as used high-resolution scans of AS11-40-5847 and 5848 by Kipp Teague to create a mini-pan showing the double crater below Neil's window.

18 July 2001

Ulli Lotzmann has provided a relatively recent photo of Pete Conrad on his motorcycle.

12 July 2001

David Woods calls our attention to Eugene Dorr's excellent site dealing with mission patches for Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and ASTP.

Bob Farwell has created a collage to show all twelve of the Moonwalkers at Taurus-Littrow. Bob used astronaut images from various pre-flight crew portraits.

7 July 2001

Additional discussion concerning landing radar issues has been added to a14.landing;
with thanks to Tom Neal.

29 June 2001

I have corrected some poor writing on my part in the a11.postland discussion of the fuel trapped in a line in the A11 descent stage;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

26 June 2001

Gary Neff has created a real-time version of the 1-frame-per-second film shot out the LM window from 109:37:40 until about 110:47. It is linked in a11.step.

18 June 2001

Links are being added to the Apollo 11 chapters for photographs related to the overlapping, ten-meter craters below Neil's LM window;
with thanks to Kipp Teague.

Ulli Lotzmann has located a diagram showing equipment stowage in the Apollo 15 MESA. Links are being added to the appropriate text chapters.

17 June 2001

A note related to the lack of TV coverage of the A11 LM liftoff has been added following 114:25:46 in a11.posteva;
with thanks to Jack Kozak.

15 June 2001

Karstein Lomundal notes that the LM computer's 'E-Memory' was its 'erasable memory' and not 'electronic memory' as I had written in a couple of places.

8 June 2001

A discussion from Tom Kelly's Moon Lander of the problem of fuel trapped in a line by frozen helium shortly after the Apollo 11 landing has been added to a11.postland after 103:21:10.

7 June 2001

Ken Glover has finished adding the last of the RealVideo clips to Apollo 17. Well done, amigo.

With help from NASA HQ, accessibility of the Journal for people with disabilities has been improved. Please let me know about any errors that may have slipped in.

13 April 2001

Bill Little has created a WAV file suggesting how Neil's famous words might have sounded with the 'a' been included. 13 April 2001.

A variety of corrections have been made;
with thanks to Tom Powers and Karstein Lomundal.

12 April 2001

Happy Yuri Gagarin Day!

Apollo 17 RealVideo is now available to the end of Station 9;
with thanks to Ken Glover

26 March 2001

Apollo 17 RealVideo is now available to the end of Station 8;
with thanks to Ken Glover

20 March 2001

Phill Parker has provided a new discussion of the Apollo 11 Hasselblads.

18 March 2001

RealVideo is now available to the end of Apollo 17 Station 7;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

A variety of HTML errors have been corrected;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

9 March 2001

Numerous corrections have been made to the discussion of the various U.S. flag deployments based on information in Anne M. Platoff's excellent NASA Contractor Report 'Where No Flag Has Gone Before';
with thanks to Ken Glover who called my attention to the report.

8 March 2001

Kipp Teague's digitization of the Apollo 15 landing film with synchronized audio is now linked in a15.landing. See, also, Pete Dayton's compressed version of that file.

New QuickTime clips are being added to a15.clsout3 and a15.launch:
with thanks to Peter Dayton.

RealVideo clips for all of the Apollo 17 TV up to the end of EVA-2 are now available;
with thanks to Ken Glover

3 March 2001

Lennie Waugh has assembled Charlie Duke's plus-Z pan taken at the start of EVA-3.

25 February 2001

RealVideo is now available for Apollo 17 EVA-2 Station 2, 3, and 4;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

New QuickTime clips are being added to a15.rille;
with thanks to Pete Dayton

Recent photographs of the Apollo 12 core-tube bit and geology hammer that Al Bean uses to texture his paintings are linked in a12.clsout1 and a12.halo;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann.

20 February 2001

Some long-lacking audio for the Apollo 11 launch is now available;
with thanks to Derek Henderson and Mark Percival

19 February 2001

A variety of new, high-quality image scans by Kipp Teague, J.L. Pickering and others are being linked in the imagexx files and at appropriate places in the text.

18 February 2001

HTML errors have been corrected in a14.clsout2, a14.stafg and other files; A multi-section PDF version of NASA SP-5099 'Photography Equipment and Techniques: A Survey of NASA Developments', by Albert J. Derr is now available;
with thanks to Steve Garber and Glen Swanson

16 February 2001

The PDF version of the complete Apollo 11 Flight Plan has been subdivided into five manageable section of about 2.0Mb each;
with thanks to Glen Swanson and Steve Garber.

15 February 2001

Markus Mehring's essay on the travels of the Duke Family photo is highly recommended.

4 February 2001

Ken Glover has finished making medium-res RealVideo clips for Apollo 17 EVA-1. A clip showing Al Shepard's golf shot is also available at 135:08:11.

3 February 2001

I hope that the blue screen and other problems with a11.landing and a15.trvlm1 are now gone;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and Brian Mills.

2 February 2001

A number of Ed Mitchell's Station H images which were never loaded onto the Journal site are now available. These are AS14-68-9474 to 9492.

28 January 2001

Corrections have been made to a17.sta2;
with thanks to Martin Hagmann.

Links to maps and checklist pages are being added to the Apollo 16 traverse discussions.

21 January 2001

The discussion of the Apollo 14 EVA-2 traverse has been substantially expanded;
with thanks to Lennie Waugh and Brian McInall.

The 16-mm landing film for Apollo 16 is now available;
with thanks to Gary Neff.

Labelled details from Apollo 16 Pan camera frame 4623 are being added to a16.landing and other chapters for greater clarity of the discussion.

Additional comments concerning designation of Apollo 11's black, IVA camera as a back-up to the silver, EVA camera have been added to a11.step;
with thanks to Markus Mehring and Ulli Lotzmann.

16 January 2001

Harald Kucharek calls attention to a webpage from the National Archives and Records Administration dealing with the Nixon phone call to the Apollo 11 crew. An adapted version is now part of the Journal.

14 January 2001

RealVideo is being added for Apollo 17 EVA-1, starting with a17.alsepoff;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

7 January 2001

A variety of typos and HTML errors have been fixed:
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and Mike Poliszuk.

New hi-res video clips are being added to Apollo 15;
with thanks to Pete Dayton.

31 December 2000

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a Prosperous New Millennium.

A variety of additions are being made to the Apollo 11 commentary;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann.

30 December 2000

On a historical note, while reading Christopher Hibbert's 'George III: A Personal History' (p. 194) during the Christmas holidays, I learned that King George was shown a demonstration of the fall of a feather and a one guinea coin in an evacuated tube. The demonstration was performed by one John Miller, assistant to His Majesty's Mathematical Instrument Maker, George Adams. This experiment is known as the Guinea and the Feather and foreshadows the Apollo 15 Hammer and Feather experiment.

28 December 2000

Links to various Apollo 16 traverse maps are being added to the appropriate text chapters.

18 December 2000

A note has been added after 109:16:34 concerning the second, IVA Hasselblad in the Apollo 11 LM;
with thanks to Markus Mehring.

5 December 2000

Additional details have been added to the presentation of the Apollo 12 cuff checklists
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann and Ernie Reyes.

Lennie Waugh was assembled a mini-pan showing the view out Ed Mitchell's window after the PLSS jettison. The view includes Turtle Rock, the javelin, one of the golf balls, the TV camera, the U.S. flag, the MET, the S-Band antenna, both PLSSs, the ALSEP, and the various sets of footprints made on the trips to and from the ALSEP.

30 November 2000

A variety of errors have been corrected:
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux, Harald Kucharek, and Mike Poliszuk.

29 November 2000

As far as I know, all the LMs had plaques affixed to the ladder strut, but only on Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 was it mentioned by the crews. Journal Contributor George Green reminds us that, in the Ron Howard film Apollo 13, Tom Hanks, playing Jim Lovell, is shown in the LM with a plaque. This undoubtedly represents a replacement plaque flown in the actual spacecraft because of the very late crew change. Technicians did have access to the LM until not long before launch. For example, Apollo 16 photo 72-H-425 shows a technician with the plaque for that mission on 12 April 1972, four days prior to launch. In the case of Apollo 13, it is possible that the replacement plaque (scan by Frederic Artner) was not completed in time for installation. This comment has been added to a17.clsout3.

Frederic Artner has provided an Apollo 16 training photo showing John Young (operating the handcontroller) and Charlie Duke (pointing at the TV monitor) practicing a Rover traverse two days prior to launch. The image on the monitor comes from the Landing and Ascent (L&A) facility which consists of a site model suspended above a TV which moved in response to commands from either the LM simulator or this LRV simulator.

25 November 2000

Di and I have just returned from Sydney where we had the great pleasure of attending the opening of Mike Light's Full Moon at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The show runs 'til March and I highly recommend it.

An April 1966 LM Orientation Course <2.6Mb PDF) is now available in the Journal;
courtesy Glen Swanson, JSC History.

17 November 2000

Al Shepard and Ed Mitchell had a frustrating time in their search for Cone Crater. During a recent effort to improve the discussion of this EVA, Lennie Waugh uncovered the <a14/a14-where.jpg" map of a previously unknown portion of the traverse.

15 November 2000

Ulli Lotzmann has captured - from the 16mm film shot out Al Bean's window - a frame showing Pete Conrad leaving the LM with the bolt cutters mounted on the back of his PLSS. This 16mm sequence is the only photographic record from the mission showing the bolt cutters.

13 November 2000

Harald Kucharek notes that the rear panels on the Apollo 16 Ascent stage can be seen to buckle during the first few seconds of liftoff. See the discussion and links at 175:29:50

12 November 2000

A variety of html errors have been fixed;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

A large number of html formatting errors related to the A15, 16, and 17 Real Video clips have been fixed;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek. The discussion of the Apollo 14 trek to Cone Crater in a14.staA and a14.tocone is being extensively revised and expanded;
with thanks to Lennie Waugh and Brian McInall.

11 November 2000

The complete Apollo 11 Flight Plan is available as a 10.4 Mb PDF document;
with thanks to Glen Swanson, JSC Historian.

6 November 2000

RealVideo has been added to a12.eva1prelim;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

1 November 2000

Where has the year gone!!!!

Lennie Waugh has assembled Charlie Duke's partial pan of the base of House Rock.

Markus Mehring and Mick Hyde have provided comparison material for Apollo 11 Earthrise picture AS11-44-6550.

31 October 2000

Apollo 14 document Final Lunar Surface Procedures is now linked. It is an 8Mb PDF document;
with thanks to Glen Swanson, JSC Historian.

30 October 2000

Updates available on the NASA server are current for Apollo 14 and 15.

The Nailsoup Collaboration has produced new discussions of images AS17-149-22857 and 22859 which are photos taken by Ron Evans during rendezvous showing Gene Cernan inside the LM. Check out the A17 image library.

Derek Henderson notes that a detailed account of the role played by the Parkes Radio Observatory, Australia, in the reception of the Apollo 11 TV signal has been compiled by John Sarkissian. I recommend this site highly and, also, a new Australian film "The Dish" which deals with some of the same material. The film takes considerable liberties with events in Australia; and the characters are clearly fictitious. But the result is a film that is both funny and moving. Di and I both enjoyed it thoroughly. An assessment of the historical accuracy - or lack thereof - of the film and a summary of the contribution of NASA's Honeysuckle Creek receiving station - a contribution almost completely ignored in the film - has been written by Mike Dinn, who was Deputy Directory of Honeysuckle Creek during the Apollo years.

A 115-gram fragment of Apollo 14 sample 1431, a breccia, has become a NASA display sample and was photographed by Kipp Teague while on exhibit at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia on 28 October 2000.

26 October 2000

Errors in the links to Peter Dayton's Apollo 17 clips for Station 6, 7, and 8 have been fixed;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

24 October 2000

Adam Bootle has adapted an article from the Apollo Lunar Module News Reference (1968) on the Crewman Optical Alignment Sight (COAS).

Gary Neff has adapted an article on the Cross-Pointers from the LM Apollo Operations Handbook, Vol. 1.

22 October 2000

Markus Mehring has produced a rectified close-up of Neil's reflection in Buzz's visor in AS11-40-5903. "I scanned the best and largest print I had available, removed the roughly 5 degree tilt that the original has in relation to the horizon, mirrored it, adjusted color in order to somewhat get rid of the golden tint of the visor, and reprojected it flat in order to kill as much spherical appearance as tolerable - hence the smear on the edges, which is impossible to avoid."

David Woods calls our attention to a lovely discussion in the Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report of the Hammer and Feather experiment. That discussion has been included at the end of the sequence following 167:21:58.

19 October 2000

Jon Hancock has used one of Neil's pictures of Buzz on the footpad along with two taken a few seconds earlier of the area under the descent stage to create a mini-pan.

Lennie Waugh has assembled a post-EVA-3 mini-pan showing the tracks Jack Schmitt made carrying the ALSEP packages out to the ALSEP site and those he made when he made on other runs. See the discussion and links at 121:34:39.

18 October 2000

A variety of corrections have been made to the Apollo 14 chapters;
with thanks to Stephanie Hanus.

An Apollo 15 photo which shows the attachment point in the LM cabin overhead for the clothesline-style LEC. See the discussion in a15.lrvdep;
with thanks to Gary Neff, John Duncan, and Gary Kitmacher.

16 October 2000

Updates available on the NASA server are now current for Apollo 12.

12 October 2000

Harald Kucharek has just alerted me to some marvelous work by Jim Scotti in locating photographs showing the A17 geology hammer in flight after Jack Schmitt threw it in the general direction of the ALSEP site, a photo showing a spray of dust thrown up by the hammer's impact, and post-EVA photos taken out the LM windows showing the hammer at its final resting place. See the discussion at 170:29:44

11 October 2000

Chris Gainor notes that Gene Kranz discusses the Singing Wheel, a flight controller's after-work hangout, on p.152 in 'Failure is Not an Option'. The Wheel is mentioned in a16.eva2post.

10 October 2000

A variety of broken links have been fixed;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

A variety of Apollo 15 corrections have been made;
with thanks to Mike Poliszuk.

9 October 2000

Updates available on the NASA server are now current for Apollo 11 and Apollo 17.

A discussion has bee added of the song 'Tiptoe through the Tulips', sung by Jack Schmitt at Apollo 17's Station 9;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek for the suggestion.

6 October 2000

A variety of corrections have been made in Apollo 17;
with thanks to Stephanie Hanus.

5 October 2000

Adam Bootle has assembled three 500-mm strips of Hadley Rille taken by Dave Scott at about 165:28:46.

3 October 2000

Owen Merrick, Brian McInall, and Markus Mehring have called my attention to the fact that we can see Buzz peering over at Neil in a detail from Kipp Teague's high-resolution version of AS11-40-5875. See the discussion at 110:10:33 for more details for Apollophiles.

2 October 2000

Updates available on the NASA server are now current for Apollo 16.

29 September 2000

Missing caption sequences in Apollo 16 magazines 108, 109, and 110 have been added in images16.

26 September 2000

New video clips have been added to a17.sta8;
with thanks to Pete Dayton.

New video clips are being added to a11.step;
with thanks to Rob Godwin and Ken Glover.

25 September 2000

Updates available on the NASA server are now current for Apollo 15.

24 September 2000

New video clips have been added to a17.sta6 and a17.sta7:
with thanks to Pete Dayton.

Marv Hein has scanned and formatted MIT Instrumentation Laboratory Document E-1344, Apollo Guidance and Navigation: Considerations of Apollo IMU Gimbal Lock by David Hoag, April 1963. It is linked in www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/gimbals.html

22 September 2000

Adam Bootle has assembled a discussion of the Alignment Optical Telescope (AOT).

18 September 2000

Updates available on the NASA server are now current for Apollo 14.

16 September 2000

The faulty version of a16v.1240739.mov, showing Charlie collecting Big Muley, has been replaced;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and Pete Dayton.

New video clips have been added to a17.trvsta4 and a17.sta5;
with thanks to Pete Dayton.

12 September 2000

Updates are now current for Apollo 11 and Apollo 12.

Ken Glover had completed the conversion of the Apollo 16 video to Real Video. Well done, Ken!

8 September 2000

Mick Hyde has produced an MPEG clip of the Apollo 15 lunar lift-off as seen from the LMP window. (1 min 02 sec; 1.9Mb) and of the descent (1 min 39 sec; 3.0 Mb)

A good copy of a16v.1665417.rm has been reloaded;
with thanks to Gary Matylewicz.

A number of very interesting Apollo 13 training photos are now linked in images13.html:
with thanks to Kipp Teague and Ed Hengeveld.

6 September 2000

Marv Hein continues to produce VR versions of various pans. Check the imagexx.html files for availability.

Links are being made in the text and the various imagexx files to high-resolution scans by Kipp Teague and others. Check the imagexx.html files.

5 September 2000

Updates are current for Apollo 16 and Apollo 17.

31 August 2000

A variety of errors are being fixed;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek and Thierry Bisiaux.

30 August 2000

Marv Hein has created a VR version of Al Shepard's Station B-1 pan from the assembled pan by David Harland.

28 August 2000

New sections are being added to the Apollo 17 Professional Paper;
with thanks to Brian McInall.

Ken Glover's Apollo 16 RealVideo clips are now being added to a16.house_rock.html. All video

Very short (1 min and less), 1-2 Mb high-quality QuickTime clips are being added to a17.alsepoff, and a17.alsepdep;
with thanks to Peter Dayton.

Very short (1 min and less), 4-7 Mb highest-quality MPEG clips are being added to a11.step, a11.mobility, a15.clsout2, a15.clsout3, a16.sta9, a16.sta10, a17.clsout2, a17.clsout3, a17.sta6, and a17.launch;
with thanks to Kipp Teague. For more clips that have not yet been linked to the ALSJ, visit Kipp's Apollo Archive.

14 August 2000

Corrections have been made in this corrections file;
with thanks to Tom Powers.

Numerous corrections are being made to the Apollo 15 and 16 files;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

13 August 2000

Numerous images from Kipp Teague's collection are being added to the imagesxx files, along with appropriate links in the text files;
with thanks to Kipp Teague, Ed Hengeveld, Ricardo Salamé, J. L. Pickering, and Scott Cornish.

QuickTime Video Clips are being added to the Apollo 17 files
with thanks to Peter Dayton.

Various broken links are being corrected;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux

1 August 2000

Harald Kucharek notes that, in Kipp Teague's very-high-resolution version of AS12-49-7278, we see that Al Bean's cuff checklist is open to pages 12/13.

27 July 2000

Fred Martin was a real time participant in the effort to understand the program alarms that occurred during the Apollo 11 descent and to make sure that there was no repetition during the ascent. He has provided a discussion of these events.

A frame taken during the first seconds of the ascent taken with the 16-mm camera mounted in Jack Schmitt's window shows the Descent Stage, the ALSEP instruments and various tracks between the two sites, especially those made by Jack Schmitt as he carried the ALSEP packages out to the eventual deployment site. See the dialog starting at 118:50:53;
with thanks to Brian McInall.

All of the Apollo 16 EVA-2 video is now available;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

26 July 2000

New hi-res video clips are being added to a16.sta1, a16.sta2, a16.sta4:
with thanks to Pete Dayton.

23 July 2000

Harald Kucharek notes that, in his book Failure is not an Option, Gene Kranz says that 'Stay NoStay' originated with Howard Tindall in one instance from the legendary series of Tindallgrams: "Once we get to the Moon, does Go mean 'Stay' on the surface, and does NoGo mean abort from the surface? I think the Go NoGo decision should be changed to Stay NoStay or something like this." Tindall can be seen standing, third from the left, next to Deke Slayton, in Apollo 13 photo S70-35013.

17 July 2000

The long-lost drawing of the surface marks made by the Surveyor III footpads and scoop has been located;
with thanks to Marv Hein and the ever-persistent Thierry Bisiaux.

Various corrections are underway;
with thanks Mike Poliszuk.

16 July 2000

We have six new hi-res video clips. 'The Hammer and the Feather' at 167:22:06 in Apollo 15; and a 'Navy Salute' at 120:25:02, 'Something Pulled Loose' at 121:21:21, 'Fell Down' at 121:29:52, 'Rammer-Jammer' at 121:52:04, and 'Don't think it's going in too well' at 146:49:41 in Apollo 16;
with thanks to Pete Dayton.

14 July 2000

David Harland has provided a photo for alsj.funpix showing Toonseman Glover with Toonse's friend, John Young.

12 July 2000

An error in images17 has been corrected. As can be seen by reading the various figure captions, Apollo 17 magazine 134/B was not only used by Jack Schmitt during EVA-1 but, also, by Gene Cernan during both EVA-1 and EVA-3;
with thanks to Richard Orloff.

11 July 2000

A diagram and discussion of the Interim Stowage Assembly are being added to apollo.glossary and other files;
with thanks to David Woods.

Markus Mehring has provided a corrected version of help.html and a rectified photo of a label that was one each of the Hasselblad magazines. The label reads 'Remove Darkslide / Before Installing Magazine'.

10 July 2000

Richard Orloff notes that it is Bill Anders at the left in Apollo 11 photo KSC-69PC-368.

9 July 2000

Pete Dayton has begun production of short .mov clips from the Apollo TV to complement the far more complete RealVideo clips being produced by Ken Glover. Pete's work will focus on short sequences highlighting sequences of exceptional interest for those without RealVideo capability or who wish to download particular clips. The first clip shows John Young retrieving dropped sample bags at the rim of North Ray Crater at about 166:57:55.

Selected RealVideo clips are being added to Apollo 11;
with thanks to Ken glover and Rob Godwin. The complete A11 video is available in Rob's "Apollo 11 - The NASA Mission Reports".

8 July 2000

Adam Bootle has assembled a vertical sequence of 500-mm photos of Mt. Hadley taken from Station 6 and a vertical sequence of the west wall of Hadley Rille taken from Station 9a.

The correct spelling of 'Madalyn Murray O'Hair' replaces erroneous spellings in a number of places;
with thanks to Chris Gainor.

Corrections to the technical description of the LLTV have been made in a number of places;
with thanks to Chris Gainor and Ed Hengeveld

7 July 2000

Di and I are back from a little R&R in Sydney where we had the thrill of spending a couple of hours examining in great detail an Aussie-built reproduction of Captain Cook's Endeavour. The replica has just returned to Australia at the end of a four-year circumnavigation of the globe, with stops at numerous ports. The Apollo 15 Command Module was named for this first Endeavour and a fragment believed to be from the original flew to the Moon with the crew. After Cook's voyage, Endeavour was sold by the British Navy and is believed to have sunk at New Port, Rhode Island. Subsequent research suggests that wreck from which the fragment was recovered may have been that of Resolution, Cook's Command vessel on the second and third voyages, which - astonishingly - also met its end at Newport. Appropriate notes are being added to the Apollo 15 text.

A correction has been made to the caption of AS16-113-18335 in images.16;
with thanks to Richard Orloff.

2 July 2000

Addition of Apollo 16 video is now complete to the end of Station 6;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

1 July 2000

Explanations of various cultural references - sock it to me (a16.lrvdep), Scrooge (a12.clsout1) - are being added:
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

30 June 2000

Doug Starfield pointed me at a 1997 obituary for Marcus Langseth, the P.I. on the Heat Flow experiment. Appropriate links are being added to Apollos 15, 16, and 17.

28 June 2000

A variety of html errors and others have been fixed;
with thanks to Tomas Lundberg.

27 June 2000

A discussion and diagrams concerning gimbal lock and Mike Collins' wish for a 'fourth gimbal for Christmas' have been added to a11.postland;
with thanks to Paul Fjeld and Tom Neal.

Corrections have been made to lrvhand, apollo.glossary, and a11.summary;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

24 June 2000

Many of the pages in the Apollo 12 checklists feature small cartoons which, we now know, were drawn by Ernie Reyes, a member of the crew operations team and responsible for stowing various items in both the Command Module and the Lunar Module;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann.

22 June 2000

Garry Tee has contributed a personal story about the re-entry of Apollo 14, which can be found at the end of a14.launch.

21 June 2000

Corrections from error lists compiled by Harald Kucharek - aka Big Brother - continue to be made.

19 June 2000

A correction has been made to a16.eva1prep. Jim Lovell was, of course, the first Commander to have distinguishing stripes on his suit;
with thanks to Derek Henderson.

Additional comments regarding Dick Gordon's visual sighting of Intrepid on the lunar surface have been added to a12.eva1prep;
with thanks to Glen Swanson.

A comment on Joe Allen's reference to the debate over manned versus unmanned space exploration has been added to a15.sta2;
with thanks to Olivier Dulieu.

17 June 2000

A comment has been added to a17.sta1 at 122:32:24 concerning perceptions of shadow length;
with thanks to David Harland.

Matt Gibbons has produced a fun treatment of a Hadley Rille pan that he calls Shooting the Rapids

Corrections and commentary have been added to a15.landing;
with thanks to Mike Poliszuk.

15 June 2000

Brian McInall has produced assembled versions of the five Apollo 11 pans. See the Images file.

Apollo 16 EVA-2 video is now being added;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

14 June 2000

An image of the Omega Speedmaster Professional wristwatches used by all the Gemini and Apollo astronauts has been added in appropriate places throughout the Journal;
with thanks to Marv Hein.

9 June 2000

A comment about Al Bean's passion for ketchup has been added to a12.postland;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann.

8 June 2000

I have been off-line for about ten days due to a bad logic board in my iMac. I apologize to those who have been suffering withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of new Apollo 16 video clips. ;-)

24 May 2000

RealVideo is currently being added to a16.sta2;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

Corrections from error lists compiled by Harald Kucharek continue to be made.

22 May 2000

Adam Bootle has assembled a portion of a pan that Charlie Duke took from north of the A16 LM at the start of EVA-2.

A correction has been made to alsj.funpix;
with thanks to Tom and Audrey Powers.

19 May 2000

A little fine-tuning and error correction has been done to the new discussion and maps for the Apollo 15 EVA-2 traverse;
with thanks to Ken Rattee.

18 May 2000

The Apollo 17 Photo Index has been added to the Journal;
with thanks to Ron Wells.

16 May 2000

New scans by Kipp Teague are being added to the Journal. A marvelous example is AS14-66-9338, taken by Ed Mitchell after PLSS jettison which shows the tracks he and Al Shepard made during the outbound and inbound traverses to the ALSEP deployment site.

15 May 2000

Links have been added in images11 to new scans by Kipp Teague.

14 May 2000

A variety of broken links have been repaired;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

Corrections have been made to a15.eva1wake and a15.seva;
with thanks to Mike Poliszuk.

8 May 2000

An html error in a15.sta8 has been fixed;
with thanks to Lennie Waugh

Numerous corrections are being made throughout the Journal;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

7 May 2000

RealVideo is now available up to the end of a16.deepcore;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

5 May 2000

A sequencing error in the reproductions of the Apollo 12 cuff checklists has been sorted out;
with thanks to Ulli Lotzmann and Al and Leslie Bean.

26 April 2000

Ken Glover has scanned NASA photo S67-33609, which shows Ken Mattingly (left) and Neil Armstrong (right) during a geology filed trip in Iceland in 1967. Ken scanned the image from Gene Simmon's 'On the Moon with Apollo 16 - A Guidebook to the Descartes Region'.

24 April 2000

RealVideo clips are being added to a16.lrvload.html;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

Ken Glover has extracted a RealVideo clip from the NASA film 'In the Mountains of the Moon' showing Ed Fendell operating the Rover TV during the Station 2 activities.

21 April 2000

The Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Procedures volume is now available.

20 April 2000

All of the Apollo 15 video is now available;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

The missing page LMP-29 from Charlie Duke's EVA-1 checklist has been restored;
with thanks to Derek Henderson and others.

A comment relating a problem of mixed units during Apollo 12 and the recent loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter has been added to a12.posteva1.html after 120:53:57;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

Corrections have been made in a11.clsout, a11.mobility, a11.postland, a11.step;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

13 April 2000

The addition of Apollo 15 RealVideo clips is now complete thru the end of a15.clsout3 and are now being added to a15.launch;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

9 April 2000

Gary Neff has produced a film clip of Buzz in Eagle during the checkout in lunar orbit.

HTML errors in a15.trvlm3 have been corrected. The Real video links in that chapter should now work;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

7 April 2000

Mauro Freschi has produced a glorious Super Patch for the entire Apollo program.

Danny Caes notes that the figurine called "Fallen Astronaut" which was left at the Apollo 15 VIP site by Dave Scott was the work of Belgian artist Paul van Hoeydonck. See the discussion in a15.clsout3.

31 March 2000

Corrections have been made to apollo.biblio, apollo.engin and to the 24 January entry below;
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

28 March 2000

Ken Rattee has produced an excellent new map of the Apollo 15 EVA-2 traverse. Ken noticed that the corresponding map in the contains significant errors and undertook a detailed comparison of the LRV nav readouts and the crew description of the features they passed during both the outbound and inbound portions of the traverse. To support Ken's analysis, I have extracted details of Pan Camera frame 9809 showing the northern, central, and southern portions of the traverse. Links to Ken's map, the Pan Camera details, and to maps taken from the Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Procedures volume have been added to the relevant chapters along with new and/or revised commentary. The relevant chapters are a15.postland, a15.postseva, a15.elbowtrv, a15.trvsta2, a15.trvsta6, a15.sta6a, a15.trvsta4, a15.trvlm2. David Harland also contributed to the new discussion with regard to the notable crater in the east wall of Last Crater which can be seen in a Dave Scott SEVA pan.

26 March 2000

All of the Apollo 15 video to the end of Station 10 is now available;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

19 March 2000

The discussion of John Young's Great Sneak at Station 9 has been improved - I hope;
with very belated thanks to David Harland.

16 March 2000

Ulli Lotzmann has provided an irreverent portrait, 108-KSC-369C-317/8, of the All-Navy crew of Apollo 12 taken on 22 October 1969; a detail of AS12-47-6921 showing Pete at the Central Station with the magnetometer in the foreground and the smaller of the two mounds in the background; NASA photo S69-39600 showing Pete Conrad and Al Bean, and, behind them, their backups, Dave Scott (behind Al) and Jim Irwin, monitoring Apollo 11 activities after the landing; and photo S69-34035 showing Pete Conrad and Al Bean examining the Passive Seismometer. The fact that they are wearing white gloves, caps, etc suggests that this is the flight hardware. The object in the foreground is the folded-up Hand Tool Carrier (HTC).

During preparation of the ALSJ, I was under the impression that the boots had been brought back to Earth and that Al used his to texture his painting in later years. In a 1999 fax to Ulrich Lotzmann, Alan assures us that both pairs of lunar boots are "still on the Moon". He uses duplicates to texture his paintings.

14 March 2000

Apollo 15 video is now available in a15.sta9;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

12 March 2000

Apollo 15 video is now available in a15.coreextract.html up to the end of TV transmissions during operations at the LM prior to the EVA-3 traverse;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

11 March 2000

Amanda Young at the National Air and Space Museum has confirmed that the Apollo 12 rock box on display is Serial Number 1008.

9 March 2000

Gary Neff's version of the Apollo 17 Landing movie is now available after 112:58:45 in a17.landing.

A note about pre-flight plans to jettison the Apollo 11 lunar boots has been added to a11.evaprep after 108:32:40
with thanks to Harald Kucharek.

7 March 2000

Steve Cybulski correctly points out that the Gemini 12 crew did not attempt a first orbit rendezvous. An error has been corrected in apollo.precurs.

2 March 2000

Links to the LRV Operations Handbook have been added to a15.lrvdep, a15.lrvload and other relevant Apollo 15 chapters;
with thanks to Ry Alford.

Corrections have been made to images11 and images17;
with thanks to Richard Orloff.

1 March 2000

Our first grandchild, Lolita Dianne Olle, was born at 12:13 this morning, Eastern Australia Time. She is named for her grandmothers and, of course, my Dianne is "over the Moon"! The last of the Apollo 15 EVA-2 RealVideo clips have been added to a15.sta8 and a15.clsout2;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

20 February 2000

Addition of Apollo 15 Real Video clips has been completed to the end of a15.heatflow2;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

17 February 2000

Figures 4-6, 14-41, 14-42, 14-43, and 14-44, from the Apollo 15 Mission Report are now available and are linked in a15.alsepdep, a15.heatflow2, and images15 as appropriate.

Mick Hyde has provided a screen shot showing the non-default settings that should be used for RealPlayer G2 version 6.

15 February 2000

Ulrich Lotzmann has provided a detail from AS12-46-6728 which shows the lens of the 16-mm DAC behind Al Bean's window, and a detail from 6727 which shows the TV camera on the MESA. Ulli notes that the TV camera is upside down, which is a result of Pete having moved it at 115:43:38 in a12.eva1prelim.

Additional captions have been added to surface12.html and an error in a16.eva1prep has been fixed;
with thanks to Derek Henderson.

13 February 2000

A 1968 discussion of the Lunar Flyer has been added to a15.elbowtrv;
with thanks to Mick Hyde.

The Apollo 15 collection of RealVideo is now complete to the end of a15.spur. Further clips are now being added to a15.heatflow2;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

A reasonably good image of Al Worden doing his EVA is available from a 16-mm film shot by Dave Scott from the hatch. The image is S71-43202 and is linked in images15;
with thanks to Adam Bootle.

12 February 2000

John Pfannerstill has produced three hi-res scans from Apollo 16 Pan Camera frame 4623 showing the northern area up to North Ray Crater, the central area around the LM, and the area south to South Ray Crater and Stone Mountain. A detail shows the craters visited on the EVA-1 traverse. Links have also been added to a16.window and a16.trvsta1.

An error recently introduced in a11.step has been fixed;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and John Burton.

11 February 2000

Real Audio is being added to Apollo 17, starting just prior to PDI at 112:48:56 in a17.landing;
with thanks to Gordon Roxburgh.

Ulli Lotzmann has provided photos of an Apollo 12 rock box, probably 1008, and of the Surveyor III TV camera, both on display at the National Air and Space Museum.

10 February 2000

Ron Wells has provided improved versions of his high resolution scan of Apollo 17 Pan Camera frame 2309 and of the labeled version.

I have created a detail of the area of the Apollo 16 Pan Camera frame that shows the LM and the EVA-1 traverse.

7 February 2000

Corrections have been made to a17.sta9 and new versions of the images a14.2ls1-eva2.gif and Schmitt-Brett.gif have been uploaded;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

Markus Mehring suggests that the fact that the LEC attachment was at the top of the LM cabin may explain why the LMPs didn't remember much about the attachment, it having rarely been directly in their field-of-view. See a11.step.

6 February 2000

The broken link to Adam Bootle's Air force Salute has been fixed in alsj.funpix.html. In addition, Adam points out that the astronaut shown in ap12-KSC-69PC-546 is Al Bean and not Pete Conrad, based on the evidence of the dirt on astronaut's right leg.

5 February 2000

All of the Apollo 15 Station 6 video is now available as RealVideo clips
with thanks to Ken Glover.

A picture of Fred Haise doing geology training for Apollo 13 has been added to a14.crew, a14.eva2prep, and a12.clsout2;
with thanks to Adam Bootle

4 February 2000

Karl Dodenhoff has located a drawing showing details of the operation and LM-cabin attachment of the Lunar Equipment Conveyor (LEC);
with thanks to Karl, Ken Glover, Gary Neff, and Greg Bondar.

John Burton, Chris Gainor, and Ulrich Lotzmann have pointed out that Neil and Buzz did, indeed, have name tags on the backs of their PLSSs. See the discussion following 109:52:27

Lotzmann also notes that, like Buzz, Neil saluted after the end of President Nixon's remarks at 110:18:21 in a11.mobility.

3 February 2000

John Pfannerstill has scanned a portion of Apollo 15 Pan Camera frame 9430, which was taken during CSM Rev 27 at 23:52:54.7 GMT on 31 July 1971 from an altitude of 102.82 km. The Ground Elapsed Time was 130:18:54, which was during the period after EVA-1 when Dave and Jim were recharging their PLSSs.

31 January 2000

Corrections have been made to a16.window;
with thanks to Derek Henderson.

RealVideo clips are now available for a16.sta6abv;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

30 January 2000

John Pfannerstill has provided a hi-res scan of a mosaic covering the Fra Mauro site Relevant links have been added to the a14.landing and the chapters covering the A14 EVA-2 traverse.

29 January 2000

Corrections have been made to a14.crew;
with thanks to Jodi Gendrich.

A link error to the first RealVideo file in a15.alsepdep has been fixed;
with thanks to Lennie Waugh.

Corrections have been made to a12.landing, a12.tvtrbls, a12.launch, and a15.landing;
with thanks to Tomas Lundberg.

24 January 2000

Fortunately, Ken glover has not been distracted by the tennis and all of the Apollo 15 EVA-1 video is now available.

John Pfannerstill has provided a high-resolution scan of a composite of Lunar Orbiter photos showing the Apollo 12 landing site. A lower-res version provides reference and a detail shows Head Crater and the larger of the two mounds on the north rim.

17 January 2000

The Australian Open Tennis Championships start today and my output will probably be down a bit over the next couple of weeks. ;-)

16 January 2000

A number of missing - and long overdue - links to Apollo 17 RealVideo clips have been added to various EVA-3 chapters;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux and apologies to Mick Hyde.

15 January 2000

One of Ken Glover's new RealVideo clips shows Jim Irwin as he tries to attach the SIDE cable to the Central Station. Jim looses his balance and spins around as he tries to catch himself. Because Dave has already attached the heatflow cable, it is easy to imagine that Jim narrowly missed a loss like the one experienced during Apollo 16.

14 January 2000

Addition of the available TV to the end of a15.sta2 is complete
with thanks to Ken Glover.

I have always had trouble seeing the Snowman and in understanding how it got its name, but now have a hypothesis, which is discussed at 110:05:16 in a12.landing.

13 January 2000

Some changes in speaker identification have been made immediately following the Apollo 12 touchdown. As I discussed with Pete and Al during our 1991 review of the mission, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the two voices and even they sometimes had trouble making identifications The present changes were suggested by Tomas Lundberg.

We now have a picture of the pliers used by Pete and Al to repair the scale that broke while they were weighing samples following the first Apollo 12 EVA; with thanks to Ulrich Lotzmann.

7 January 2000

Addition of the available TV to a15.elbow is complete;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

6 January 2000

Gary Neff's excellent discussion of the Apollo 12 16-mm landing movie is now available on the NASA HQ server and is linked in a12.landing. In addition, Gary and I are now confident in the transcription of Pete's remark at 110:29:27, shortly after seeing Surveyor Crater at P64. Previously, I hadn't been able to "hear" what Pete said and had "garbled" instead of "targeted". As soon as Gary drew my attention to the possibility, I knew that was right. Good ears, Gary!

All the existing video for a15.trv1prep and a15.elbowtrv is now linked in those chapters;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

Grant Heiken has provided a copy of a signed document formalizing a series of bets between Jack Schmitt and Robin Brett concerning the answers to specific geologic questions to be answered by Apollo 17. I have linked the document in the Apollo 15 transcript because of a discussion there about another Schmitt bet that resulted in the naming of St. George Crater at the Hadley site.

2 January 2000

Happy New Year!

All available video for the Apollo 15 surface operations covered in a15.lrvdep and lrvload has been linked. Work has begun on trv1prep;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

Numerous undefined anchors are being corrected;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux

30 December 1999

I have begun to upload new versions of various files which have been corrected by Mike Poliszuk to remove all instances of links not putting images, etc on a new page. I will not list the individual files here. The process is going to take several weeks.
Thanks Mike.

29 December 1999

RealVideo Clips have been added to a15.lrvdep thru installation of the LCRU on the Rover;
with thanks to Ken Glover.

A comment on the likely effect of reflected sunlight at high solar elevations on suit temperatures has been added to a12.trvhead.html;
with thanks to Phil Karn.

A note regarding the source of the Playmate pictures in the A12 cuff checklists has been added to a12.halo.html;
with thanks to dedicated researcher Ken Glover.

22 December 1999

A factual error at 113:21:01 in the Apollo 14 commentary regarding the drink port in the bubble helmet has been corrected, with thanks to Mike Poliszuk and Dave Scott. The drink ports were intended for emergency use only and were never used.

While on the subject of 'Dual Photos', Adam Bootle has created a lovely fun picture showing Dave Scott (right) and Jim Irwin (left) saluting for the camera at Hadley.

20 December 1999

Corrections have been made to a17.sta6, a17.sta8, and a17.clsout3;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

As has been pointed out by Cedomir Igaly, Damir Lozovina, Karl Dodenhoff, and other readers, the Apollo 17 video stills no longer exist. The non-functional links have been removed from video17.

Eric Nelson has produced a red/blue stereoview of a portion of the Station 10 boulder with very large vesicles.

18 December 1999

RealVideo clips have been added, starting at 120:11:56.

17 December 1999

A comment by USGS geologist Gerald Schaber - for whom Schaber Hill at the Hadley site is named - has been added at 123:48:21 concerning the small, glassy crater and associated rock fragment photographed by Scott and Irwin during the return to the LM at the end of EVA-1.

16 December 1999

Four new RealVideo clips have been added, starting at 120:00:31.

14 December 1999

Ken Glover is producing a series of RealVideo clips, starting with the first TV of A15 EVA-1 at 119:52:36. Please let me know if you have either success or frustration playing the clips. With apologies in advance to anyone who experiences the latter.

12 December 1999

In response to a question by Eric Nelson to the sci.space.history newsgroup, I have digitized an October 12, 1972 Bell Labs memo which shows expected views of the Scarp from the LM windows and from three points along the EVA-2 outbound traverse to Hole-in-the-Wall.

Ken Glover has produced two new RealVideo clips. One shows Jack Schmitt throwing the geology hammer at the end of A17 EVA-3. The other shows the accidental heat-flow cable breakage during the A16 ALSEP deployment.

4 December 1999

An additional segment of Jim Irwin's Station 10 pan has been added at 166:18:56;with belated thanks to David Harland.CDR-15, for the infamous 'Station 8' activities is now link;
with thanks to Frank O'Brien.

3 December 1999

A variety of html errors and typos are being corrected;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux, Cedomir Igaly, Damir Lozovina, Karl Dodenhoff, and Brian Lawrence.

2 December 1999

Ken Glover has produced a short RealVideo clip showing Jack Schmitt taking a pan at Station 6 and another clip showing Jack and Gene sampling at Station 8. Real Player G2 - available via a free download - is required to play the clips.

30 November 1999

Gary Neff has produced a high quality version of the Apollo 12 16mm film shot during the landing. The file is very large at (10Mb). Depending your available modem speed, etc., this download can take an hour or more. We advise doing a download to hard disk of both the movie file and the landing chapter so that they can be reviewed off-line.

29 November 1999

Gary Neff notes that Figure 5-6 in the Apollo 11 Mission Report, which presents the pitch and roll information for the final phase, is mis-labeled. The titles of the two charts are reversed. The top chart actually shows pitch angle and the bottom chart shows roll angle.

Markus Mehring has produced a detail from AS16-114-18436 showing the list of targets for the UV camera.

28 November 1999

Adam Bootle sends a 'fun picture' of Pete Conrad and Al Bean posing next to Surveyor III.

Mauro Freschi Furlan has provided a re-labeled photo of the top of the Remote Control Unit (RCU).

25 November 1999

Corrections have been made to lrvhand.html;
with thanks to Lennie Waugh, Cedomir Igaly, Damir Lozovina, and Karl Dodenhoff

23 November 1999

Jørgen Bak notes that, in images11.html, I incorrectly stated that there are four images showing Neil on AS11-40. There are five, not counting the photo showing Neil reflected in Buzz's visor. The five are 5886, 5894, 5895, 5896, and 5916.

22 November 1999

An additional Dave Scott comment on the playing of the Air Force Song during the Apollo 15 LM launch has been added;
with thanks to David Woods.

Markus Mehring has produced a rectified version of AS16-117-18841, which shows the Duke family portrait Charlie left on the lunar surface at the Descartes landing site.

20 November 1999

Information on the famous LM "Parker" valves has been added to a12.landing, a14.postland, a16.landing, and a17.landing;
with thanks to Frank O'Brien and Neville Kidger. Neville works for Parker-Hannifin PLC and it was a unit of that company that made the valves. They were the propellant isolation or shut-off valves in the LM RCS.

Detail about the operation of the LM 16mm sequence camera during the Apollo 11 landing has been added to a11.landing;
with thanks to Mike Caplinger, who is the systems engineer at Malin Space Science Systems for the Mars Descent Imager on-board the Polar Lander.

16 November 1999

Corrections have been made to a15.trvsta6;
with thanks to David Harland.

I have been making numerous cosmetic corrections;
with thanks to Brian Lawrence.

8 November 1999

Comments about the Low-Level or Propellant Quantity Light have been added to a12.landing along with a link to a pertinent Tindallgram;
with thanks to Mike Harney and Paul Fjeld.

All pages from the Lunar Rover Operations Handbook are now available.

1 November 1999

Kipp Teague has produced a detail scan of the A15 Red Bible.

30 October 1999

Keith Wilson has discovered that Apollo 15 photo AS15-88-11901 shows a red bible that Dave Scott left propped against the handcontroller on the LRV at the VIP site at the end of EVA-3. See the notes following 167:49:38

I have been digitizing the Lunar Roving Vehicle Operations Handbook, portions of which are now available at http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/lrvhand.html

14 October 1999

Simon Atkinson notes that the astronaut standing on top of Tracy's rock in David Harland's marvelous Geology 101 is really Jim Irwin and not Dave Scott.

For a number of years I have believed that Charlie Duke took the pan containing frames AS16-116-18592 to 18614. Bob Fry has just pointed out that the astronaut in frame 18607 does not have red stripes on his suit and, therefore, must be Charlie. I have reviewed the Apollo 16 video and find abundant evidence that John had his camera throughout the Station 11 activities and, therefore, that it was he that took the pan. Way to go, Bob!

11 October 1999

Corrections have been made to surcl.html, plss.html, a11.clsout, a11.mobility, video11;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

23 September 1999

George Giusti has made a plausible connection between the Lunar Sounder and the Orange Soil at Shorty that may have the basis of Gene Cernan's thought, at the moment of discovery, that the sounder might get some useful data. A comment has been added to a17.sta4;
with thanks to George Giusti

22 September 1999

David Harland has assembled the portion of John Young's Station 1 pan showing both Flag and Plum craters and the isthmus between them.

David Harland has combined two frames from the Geophone 3 pan, AS17-147-22560 and 561, to make a portrait of Geophone Rock.

21 September 1999

A link has been added to apollo.biblio to a NASA HQ site containing various technical diagrams and drawings for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Scanning was done by Journal Contributor Kipp Teague.

Biographies have been added to apollo.acknoldg.html for Journal Contributors Markus Mehring and Thierry Bisiaux.

Corrections have been made to a11.landing, audio12, a12.landing, audio14, a14.landing, a15.postseva, a15.sta6abv, a15.sta6crtr, a15.summary, a15.trv1prep, a15.trvlm1, a15.trvsta6, a16.alsepoff, a16.lrvdep, a16.summary, a16.trvlm1, a17.lrvdep, a17.postland, a17.sta1;
with thanks to Brian Lawrence.

A link has been added in apollo.biblio to James Tomayko's Computers in Spaceflight: The NASA Experience

19 September 1999

A note about a warning label on the Hasselblad cameras about not touching the Reseau plate has been added to a12.surveyor;
with thanks to Markus Mehring.

17 September 1999

David Harland has assembled Al Shepard's Station B1 pan.

16 September 1999

Corrections have been made to a14.trvstaf, a14.stafg, a14.clsout2, a14.launch, a15eva2wake, a15.eva2prep;
with thanks to David Harland.

Corrections have been made to a12.surveyor;
with thanks to Markus Mehring.

15 September 1999

Biographical material about the late Eugene Shoemaker has been added to a14.staA, a15.lrvload, a15.eva1post, a17.sta2;
with thanks to Ron Wells.

In a recent exchange of e-mail, Kipp Teague, Wil Taylor, and I realized that the buckled panels on the rear of the Apollo 16 LM that Charlie Duke photographed early in EVA-1 became even more stressed during lift-off than they had during the landing, as can be seen in a comparison of 113-18331 and 122-19533

14 September 1999

Corrections have been made to a14.staA, a14.tocone;
with thanks to David Harland.

13 September 1999

Corrections have been made to a15.trvlm3, a16.lrvload, a16.sta5, a16.lrvdep, a17.deepcore, a17.trvsta4;
with thanks to Thierry Bisiaux.

Michael Trachtenberg notes that the picture of Gene Cernan in a17.crew is his formal Apollo 10 portrait.

9 September 1999

Corrections have been made to a12.clsout2, a12.eva1prelim, a12.halo, a12.landing, a12.postland, a14.alsepdep, images14, a15.eva1prep;
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A post-Apollo comment from PAO's Brian Duff on the lack of colorful language during Apollo 12 has been added to a12.eva1prelim;
with thanks to Andy Chaikin.

7 September 1999

Corrections have been made to a11.clsout, a11.mobility, a11.summary;
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6 September 1999

Additional information has been added to the imagesxx.html files;
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28 August 1999

Numerous minor correction have been made to various files;
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Notes on Neil Armstrong's use of his side visor during the contingency sample collection has been added to a11.step and a12.trvhead;
with thanks to Andy Chaikin.

Comments on the North Complex at the Apollo 15 site have been added to a15.trvlm2.html;
with thanks to geologist Gerald Schaber, for whom Schaber Hill is named.

26 August 1999

An error in a14.crew has been corrected;
with thanks to Jack Kozak.

References to Winston Churchill's 13 May 1940 "Victory" speech before the House of Commons have been added to a17.site, a17.eva2wake, and a17.trvsta5, and ;
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24 August 1999

Corrections and additions have been made to a15.coreextract, a15.trvsta6, a17.eva1post, a17.trvsta2;
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19 August 1999

Di and I are now settled - more or less - in Australia and I am slowly getting back to work on the Journal.

I have just added the sad news of Pete Conrad's death to a12.crew.

Great News from Ken Glover! He has the ALSJ CDs and is starting to mail copies to folks who have pre-ordered. The price is $US40 plus shipping. My thanks to Ken and Frank O'Brien who honchoed the production, and to Brian Lawrence, Markus Mehring, and Thierry Bisiaux who worked their butts off during April and May getting the Journal ready for publication.


The Awful Truth About Nail Soup

A Shocking Exposé by Frank O'Brien


Little did the villagers realize that Nail Soup contains powerful, addictive drugs and that the consequences of eating but a single bowl are inevitably tragic.

The time is the present, but the setting is more like that of "1984"....

Eric McGreedy - for this is the old man's true name - has enslaved legions of unsuspecting idealists and daily forces them to do his bidding as he builds an vast empire known only as "ALSJ", a empire dedicated to the accumulation of a immense store of arcane knowledge . "Ex Luna Insomnia" is the cruel slogan crudely carved into the portals of his numerous sweatshops.

Toiling late into the night, and under brutal conditions, pathetic souls endure what they have come to call "ALSJ Agony", feverishly churning out pans and scans and clips. Others, with thick glasses and failing sight, the inevitable results of long nights spent working in monastic cells lit by only solitary candles, proofread every one of the millions of words generated. One of the readers is asked why he toils so hard.

"We feel a kinship with the scanning people. Their work is so hard and thankless. Their only company is the quiet whine of the scanner and the soft chatter of a hard drive. The lucky ones work with pictures and get to see new and different images every day!"

Scene: Another Journal sweatshop. A lowly figure pushes forward, out from the bleak masses....

"More gruel, sir. Please"

"More gruel?! Away with you!"

Ooppss..sorry.... Wrong clip...... OK, here it is.....

Scene: Another Journal sweatshop. A lowly figure pushes forward, out from the bleak masses...

"More documents to scan, sir. Please."

Slowly, McGreedy turns his hunched frame around. "More documents?!? Bah!"

"Please, sir. If you would, sir."

Annoyed, McGreedy rummages though his waistcoat pockets. Finally, he pulls out a torn and crumpled scrap of paper. Barely legible are the words "Surface Checklist". Throwing the wad of paper in the corner, he grouses, "There. Now be off with you!"

Scene: The NASA computer room. The computation engines are humming mightily. Sweat pouring off their bodies, bleary-eyed workers stoke the systems, shoveling more and more data into the already overwhelmed machines. A bos'n whistle sounds.

"McGreedy to Engineering. What's going on down there? I need more disk space!"

The Chief Engineer, the brave Woody, answers in his characteristic Scottish brogue.

"Cap'n, I canna give you any more. The systems are gonna blow!"

To be continued.........