NASA is a key participant in the federal High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Program. As a key participant of the Federal Program, the primary purpose of NASA's HPCC Program is to extend U.S. technological leadership in high-performance computing and communications for the benefit of NASA stakeholders: the U.S. aeronautics, Earth and space sciences, and spaceborne research communities. As international competition intensifies and as scientists push back the frontiers of knowledge, leading-edge computational science is more important than ever.

The NASA Program is structured to contribute to broad Federal efforts while addressing agency-specific computational problems called Grand Challenges. NASA provides resources to develop tools to solve Grand Challenges in four HPCC project areas; the NASA Research and Education Network (NREN) supports the four projects. We encourage you to read more about the NASA HPCC Projects using the hot links on the left.

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Authorizing NASA Official:
Dr. Eugene L. Tu, Program Manager

Pat Elson

Sue Cox

Revised: 22 February 1999