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The needs of important applications are the motivation for designing and building PetaFLOPS machines.

The 1995 PetaFLOPS Computing Summer School/Workshop was held August 14 - 23, 1995, Bodega Bay, California. This Summer Study focused on Applications and Algorithms Challenges for PetaFLOPS Computing.

The characteristics of potential PetaFLOPS scale applications can be used to guide other research areas such as: devices, architectures, and software for PetaFLOPS computers.

Applications Requiring PetaFLOPS Scale Computing

Applications Area I

Applications Area II

Applications Area III

Applications Area IV

Applications Area V

Architecture (Hardware) and Software of PetaFLOPS Machines

Software technology is the system component that bridges the gap between applications and computing hardware. It includes tools for application development as well as software components that regulate system operation and the allocation of system resources. On top of the actual hardware system, these components combine to build a "virtual system" that is effective and pleasant for programmers and end-users to use, and also makes efficient use of the underlying hardware resources.

Software Technology Issues:

Scaling Behavior of Applications

Questions for PF Architects

Discussion Issues I

Discussion Issues II

Goals for the Applications Group

Speculative Applications

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