PetaFLOPS Frontier '95

Even as the Federal HPCC Program works towards achieving teraFLOPS computing, far-sighted individuals in government, academia and industry have realized that teraFLOPS - level computing systems will be inadequate to address many scientific and engineering problems that exist now, let alone applications that may, and most assuredly will, arise in the future. As a result, the high performance computing community is examinng the feasibility of achieving petaFLOPS - level computing over a 20 year period.

The PetaFLOP Frontier Workshop was part of a deliberate and on-going process to define the long range future of high performance computing here in the United States. The one-day workshop included presentations in architecture, technology, applications, and algorithms and participants ranged from government, academia, and industry.

Overview of Presentations

Conference Proceedings and Technical Report

The Space Data and Computing Division (SDCD) staff were instrumental in the success of Frontiers '95 as noted in the SDCD Highlights SDCD was well-represented on the overall Frontiers '95 committee, and members were very active participants in the PetaFLOPS Frontier Workshop.

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Authorizing NASA Official: Bill Feiereisen, Program Manager, NASA HPCC Program
Senior Editor: Thomas Sterling

Curators: Michele O'Connell (, Lawrence Picha (,

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