Petaflops Architecture WorkShop

April 22 through 25, 1996
Oxnard, California

Advanced Research Projects Agency
Department Of Energy
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Security Agency
National Science Foundation

PAWS '96 was a federally sponsored workshop which identified opportunities and directions for future research in very high performance computing systems structures and technologies. The design of this, and other petaflops related workshops, is the achievement of practical petaflops scale computing in the nearest possible time-frame. The Proceedings from this Workshop are not yet available.

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The purpose of PAWS'96 is to set initial directions for early inquiry into potential petaflops scale architecture and to identify key issues and objectives that must be addressed by future advanced computing research programs towards the goal of achieving effective petaflops performance. The focus of PAWS'96 will be approximately ten proposed systems approaches which will be considered from the perspectives of architecture, applications, and system software.


The four day workshop will consist of a series of meetings to conduct a detailed examination and evaluation of a set of proposed architecture concepts for near petaflops performance. The proposed architectures will be derived from those selected as part of the NSF solicitation for point-design studies of very high performance systems. A small group of experts in key aspects of high performance system structure, operation, and use will be convened to expose the potential and implications of the proposed architecture concepts. The workshop will include the following activities:


Participation will be by invitation. These will include Investigators of the NSF point-design studies, experts in the broad field of high performance computing, and representatives of the sponsoring agencies. Approximately 50 participants are anticipated at PAWS'96 including facilitating staff. Non-government employees attending PAWS'96 will be reimbursed for travel expenses including an initial registration fee. NSF Investigators costs will be covered as part of their grants.


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