Petaflops Summer Study on System Software

June 17 - 21, 1996
Bodega Bay, California

Advanced Research Projects Agency
Department Of Energy
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Security Agency
National Science Foundation

The Petaflops Summer Study on System Software (PetaSoft'96) is the next in a series of community led forums to focus on key aspects of computing technology concepts that will pave the way towards petaflops scale computing capability.

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Building on the results of previous Petaflops applications and architecture workshops, PetaSoft'96 is intended to identify critical technical challenges, promising technology directions, and evaluation metrics for the software component of future Petaflops systems.


The five day workshop will conduct a detailed examination and evaluation of the systems software concepts and techniques required to meet the requirements of proposed petaflops applications and architectures. A major driver for these meetings will be the results of the Petaflops Architecture Workshop (PAWS'96) and input from participants in NSF-sponsored point-design studies of very high performance systems. A small group of experts in key aspects of high performance and scalable programming models, libraries, and system software, architecture, and applications will be convened to investigate these issues. The workshop will include the following activities:


Participation will be by invitation. These will include Investigators of the NSF point-design studies, experts in the broad field of high performance computing, and representatives of the sponsoring agencies. Approximately 50 participants are anticipated at PetaSoft'96 including facilitating staff. Non-government employees attending PetaSoft'96 will be reimbursed for travel expenses. NSF Investigators costs will be covered as part of their grants.


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