Sustainable Development Indicator (SDI) Group
SDI Inventory, Organized by Issue
Working Draft, Version 3, October 8, 1996
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Sustainable Development Indicator Inventory

Although by no means complete, the SDI Inventory serves as an effective tool to organize a vast array of potential indicators and associated issues. Each indicator in the Inventory must relate to the SDI Framework, measure an issue of concern, and meet form and format requirements. The SDI Group selected the Proposed 1997 SDI from the SDI Inventory.

The SDI Group had to choose from a large number of indicators related or relevant to sustainable development. The Candidate SDI List currently contains about 450 indicators identified by the SDI Group, the President's Council on Sustainable Development, the United Nations Council on Sustainable Development, the Council on Environmental Quality, and various Federal agencies. A single issue often had many indicators for several different SDI Framework elements. One SDI Framework element often had many indicators linked to several issues. To fully understand these subtle relationships you can view the SDI Inventory organized by issues, SDI Framework elements, or by sponsor organization.

SDI Inventory, organized by issue

SDI Inventory, organized by SDI Framework Element

SDI Inventory, organized by sponsor organization:
Council on Environmental Quality
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Presidents Council on Sustainable Development
SDI Group
United Nations Council on Sustainable Development
Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture