Sustainable Development Indicator Group

Working Draft Framework, Version 2, June 4, 1996

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3.3 Social Processes

Definition: Those activities, actions, and operations that involve the interaction between people. This framework element serves as a broad placeholder for all social processes. All subcategories currently emphasize the driving forces that directly act upon an endowment. The SDI Group will eventually expand the definition to include all underlying social processes that control the driving forces.

Definition Source: None

Social Processes Categories:

3.3.1 Attrition: The reduction in a work or labor force due to retirement, dropping out of the labor force, job change, and emigration. (Definition Source: None)

3.3.2 Education and Training: The processes of developing new skills and knowledge in the individual. (Definition Source: None)

3.3.3 Experiencing: Apprehension or participation of an object, thought, emotion, or event through the senses or the mind. (Definition Source: Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary)

3.3.4 Motivational Development or Loss: Decreasing or increasing of the desire to perform an activity. (Definition Source: None)

3.3.5 Recruitment and Immigration: Expansion of the labor force through active pursuit or influx of new members. (Definition Source: None)

3.3.6 Social Conflict : Destruction or alteration of endowments by riots, war, terrorism, or other large-scale social conflicts (Definition Source: None)