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+ NASA Research Announcement Awards (Click to open and close panel)
California State University, Long Beach Metrics for Operator Situation Awareness, Workload, and Performance in Automated Separation Assurance Systems
CSSI, Inc. A Method for System Performance Evaluation from Air/Ground Application Performance Under Various Operational Concepts
CSSI, Inc. The Development of Concepts of Operation and Algorithms to support Dynamic Airspace Allocation as a Function of Equipage, Traffic Density and Weather
George Mason University Analysis of Next Generation Air Transportation System Sensitivity to Gaming
Georgia Institute of Technology A Conceptual and Computational Framework for Identifying and Predicting the Performance of Novel Airspace Concepts of Operation
Georgia Tech Research Corp. Approaches to Traffic Flow Management in the Presence of Uncertainty
Intelligent Automation, Inc. Multi-Fidelity Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Models to Support Next Generation Air Transportation System Concepts
L-3 Communications Corp. Feasibility and Benefit Assessment of a Concept of Operations for Collaborative Traffic Flow Management
L-3 Communications Corp. Analysis and Comparison of Capabilities and Requirements for Aircraft Trajectory Prediction Technologies
L-3 Communications Titan Corp. Development of Algorithms and Techniques for Trajectory Prediction Accuracy and Uncertainty Estimation
L-3 Communications Titan Corp. Trajectory Flexibility Preservation and Constraint Minimization for Distributed Air Traffic Management with Self-Limiting Traffic Complexity
Logistics Management Institute Safety Analysis of Today’s Separation Assurance Function
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cognitively Based Traffic Complexity Metrics for Future Next Generation Air Transportation System Concepts of Operations
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Optimization of Super-Density Multi-Airport Terminal Area Systems in the Presence of Uncertainty
Metron Aviation, Inc. Mitigation of Weather Impacts in Dense Terminal Airspace
Metron Aviation, Inc. Translation of Weather Information to Traffic Flow Management Impacts
Metron Aviation, Inc. Overall Airspace Organization and Dynamic Airspace Allocation Schemes
Mosaic ATM, Inc. Modeling Non-Convective Weather Impacts on En Route Traffic Flow Management
Mosaic ATM, Inc. Assessment of Concepts and Algorithms for Dynamic Airspace Allocation
Mosaic ATM, Inc. Investigating the Nature of and Methods for Managing Metroplex Operations
Optimal Synthesis, Inc. Multi-Resolution Queuing Models for Analyzing the Impact of Trajectory Uncertainty and Precision on Next Generation Air Transportation System Flow Efficiency
Optimal Synthesis, Inc. Open-Source based Software Systems for Linking Disparate Software Components
Purdue University Analysis and Development of Strategic and Tactical Separation Assurance Algorithms
Purdue University Transition to Super Density Operations Capability – 2015 Timeframe
Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems Weather Scenarios Generator and Server for the Airspace and Traffic Operations Simulation
Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems A Four Dimensional Dynamic Required Navigation Performance Construct to Support NextGen Concepts
San Jose State University Computational Models of Human Workload: Definition, Refinement, Integration, and Validation in Fast-time National Airspace Simulations
San Jose State University Identification of Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Air Traffic Control and Pilot Performance Parameters for Human Performance Model Development in the Transitional Airspace
San Jose State University Identification, Characterization, and Prioritization of Human Performance Issues and Research in the Transition to Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)
Sensis Seagull Technology Center Integration of Weather Data into Airspace and Traffic Operations Simulation (ATOS) for Trajectory Based Operations Research
Sensis Seagull Technology Center Linking Airspace Modeling and Simulation Tools of Variable Fidelity and System Scope
Stanford University Integrating Collision Avoidance and Tactical Air Traffic Control Tools
The University of Virginia Multi-scale Tools for Airspace Modeling and Design
University of California, Berkeley A Unified Approach to Strategic Models and Performance Evaluation for Traffic Flow Management
University of California, Berkeley Advanced Stochastic Network Queuing Models of the Impact of 4-Dimensional Trajectory Precision on Aviation System Performance
University of California, Santa Cruz Concepts and Algorithms for Automated Separation Assurance
University of Maryland, College Park Dynamic, Stochastic Models for Managing Air Traffic Flows
University of Minnesota A Unified Approach to the Documentation, Analysis, and Cross-Comparison of Trajectory Predictors
Washington State University Control-theoretic Design and Numerical Evaluation of Traffic Flow Management Strategies under Uncertainty

+ Formal Agreements (Click to open and close panel)
Type Title Partner(s)
Memorandum of Understanding A Partnership to Achieve Goals in Aviation and Space Transportation Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Memorandum of Understanding Support of FAA R&D Field Offices at NASA Research Centers FAA
Memorandum of Understanding JView Visualization Support for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate (AFRL/IF)
Non-reimbursable. Space Act Agreement For Definition of Trajectory Requirements and ATM Architecture Design Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions
Non-reimbursable. Space Act Agreement Collaborative research in the area of ADS-B Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems
Non-reimbursable. Space Act Agreement Arrival Management; 3D-PAM Boeing Company
Non-reimbursable. Space Act Agreement In-flight advanced flight deck display usability study InformArt, Inc.

+ Formal Agreements/U.S. Government and Industry (Click to open and close panel)
Agency Title/Focus
FAA Four-Dimensional Flight Management to Support the NextGen System
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service Support of Research to Correlate Weather and NAS Performance For NASA’s Airspace System Program
FAA Support for FAA R&D Field Offices at Ames and Langley Research Centers
FAA/NASA/UPS Aircraft Trajectory Data Feed To Support En Route Metering Concept Validation
United States Air Force Support NASA air traffic automation activities by providing data analysis, integrating various weather products with ATM tools
FAA Establish roles and responsibilities for NASA and FAA in a collaborative effort to develop the NextGen system. (Establishes coordination for Research Transition Teams)
DOT Volpe Research Center Technical support and collaboration in the development of nominal and 0ff-nominal scenarios for use in modeling and simulation of the current National Airspace System and NextGen concepts

+ Research Transition Teams (Click to open and close panel)
NASA, along with the FAA, has established three Research Transition Teams (RTTs) to help identify research and development needed for NextGen implementation and to ensure that the research is conducted and effectively transitioned to the implementing agency. RTTs that the Project is supporting are:

• Efficient Flow into Congested Airspace RTT
• Multi-Sector Planner RTT
• Dynamic Airspace Configuration RTT


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