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Jenay Leach speaking on her experience as an Einstein Fellow at NASA.
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Graduation Cap

NASA Graduate Aeronautics Scholarship Program
This program awards two-year scholarships for individuals pursuing or planning to pursue graduate studies leading to a master's or doctoral degree in a field related to aeronautics at accredited U.S. academic institutions. The scholarship is administered through NASA's One-Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) for interns, fellows and scholars. At OSSI, students interested in NASA learning experiences can create an account from which to generate applications for multiple opportunities.

To learn more about this program and apply, you must create an OSSI account.
  1. Go to OSSI
  2. Click on the "First Time Student Users Register" button to register
  3. After creating account and logging in, click the "My Applications" tab, complete all of the items in the "Scholarship Application" AND then the items in the "Aeronautics Scholars Supplement" section.
(For a quick reference to Aeronautics Scholarship details, click here and scroll down to "NASA Graduate Aeronautics Scholarship Program." Remember, you must create an OSSI account in order to apply and submit the supplemental essays.)

Museum in a Box
Great for educators at museums, science centers and schools, Museum in a Box provides exciting hands-on/minds-on lessons with an aeronautics theme to inspire future scientists, mathematicians and engineers. The lessons are tied to all national science and math standards.
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NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI)
Eligible students can access a portfolio of NASA internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities through a single portal and a single application.
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NASA ARMD MARTI Program for College Students
The Multidisciplinary Aeronautics Research Team Initiative (MARTI) replaces the ARMD Aeronautics NASA Academy at four centers, including Ames, Armstrong, Glenn and Langley. US Citizens only; minimum rising junior in college through second year graduate study; GPA 3.2 or above; desire to work in Aerospace; engineering disciplines and related disciplines should apply. THIS IS NOT PART OF OSSI and is not found on This is an Aeronautics Research Program for students who want to experience the multi disciplinary research team environments at NASA. Applications and more information for each of the four centers is posted at

Questions from interested students or faculty can be directed to Dr. Liz Ward,

Exploring Aeronautics CD (Cover) K-12 Student/Teachers (All Resources)
NASA ARMD provides a broad range of professionally-designed learning activities and materials for students and teachers at all grade levels. These aeronautics projects have been produced in close consultation with the educational community and are designed to support the national standards for mathematics, science, geography, and technology presentation. This page also lists internship opportunities for elementary and secondary school students.
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Illustrative icon of books on a shelf.

Education Products Aligned with Standards of Learning
NASA aeronautics provides resources to educators that support the teaching of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by using aeronautics as a theme. This section matches products with national and state standards through links, searchable maps and
PDF files.
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Artifact on Display

Artifact Loan Opportunities
This program accepts proposals from educational institutions and museums to obtain NASA artifacts for loan or direct transfer.
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Jim Turner, inspecting an air-breathing rocket engine in a test bay. NASA's industry partners in developing air-breathing rocket technologies are: Aerojet Corp. of Sacramento, Calif.; Rocketdyne of Canoga Park, Calif.; Astrox Corp. of Rockville, Md.; Pennsylvania State University of University Park; and the University of Alabama in Huntsville

Higher Education
NASA creates an educational pipeline to inspire, motivate, and prepare the future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workforce by providing programs such as the Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP) and the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP).
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Part of the Student Competition Poster

Professional/Continuing Education
NASA offers a number of products of value and relevance to professionals in the aeronautics community, such as pilots, and to any adult pursuing continuing education in aeronautics or with an interest in the field.
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 Wide shot of test section of the wind tunnel.

Design Challenges/Competitions
Competitions that challenge students to create design/build solutions to real-world problems are a proven method for engaging youth in technical disciplines. NASA ARMD and other NASA Centers offer a number of aeronautics or aerospace engineering competitions, while professional societies offer additional opportunities.
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Dryden Flight Research Center

NASA Offices of Education
Each NASA Center and most of the Directorates at NASA Headquarters offer education resources specific to their research areas. These offices provide liaison between the Centers and local educational communities, and develop educational products, programs, and resources.
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Ask an Expert

General Resources
These "General Resources" Web sites are maintained by NASA or by other professional/scientific associations and universities to provide publications, course materials, and answers to frequently-asked questions about different areas of science.
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